Handsome CEO’s Darling Wife

Chapter 9


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“My brother didn’t lie.”

A voice came from the door. Mu Feng was leaning against the door frame.

Mu Feng is the brother of Mu Liang, second young master of Mu household. He is the king of European Underworld. He seems jolly all the time but when he gets serious he is the coldest murderer.

Mu Liang has another brother. Mu Chen, a famous actor in Hollywood. He is very famous in China too.

Mu Feng smirked, “Lu Feng, still kicking a good life, eh?”

“Mu Feng, do you think I forgave you for what you did last time?” Lu Feng gritted his teeth.

“Lu Feng , you need charm to hold your girlfriend you know. Why blaming me for seducing your girlfriend. Wasn’t that our fault for not being as charming as me?” Mu Feng mocked.

“Mu Feng, you….”

“Stop it! Both of you.”A cold voice calmed the stormy room. Mu Liang sighed. ‘Why they have the same name?’

Mu Feng went to the point. He looked at Lu Feng.

“You said brother lied about her parents. You are wrong. Hua Lan’s life is not as simple as you think. Her mother isn’t Zhuang Lei but her twin sister Zhuang Zhen. That’s why Zhuang Lei and Hau Lan’s faces are similar. As for her father, I still didn’t get any clue.”

Lu Feng seemed to understand a lot thing all together after the explanation.

“So that’s why her so called parents didn’t make a fuss about her missing! How can they be cruel? They raised her, didn’t they? Then why….Don’t tell me it’s because of that guy?”

Mu Feng smirked again. “That’s exactly what you think. I mean she loves the guy who married her sister. What if she snatched away her sister’s happiness? As parents they only cared about their own daughter’s happiness. They didn’t think about the girl who sacrificed almost everything for her sister and so called family.” His face twisted.

Now Mu Liang opened his mouth, “Did you finish what I asked you to do?”

His bother nodded. “Yes, I gave them some false information. Hope they fall into my trap ad will never look for my dear future sister-in-law. Speaking of her, how’s she doing?”

“Doing great. Is ‘he’ still looking for her?” Mu Liang asked.

Mu Feng frowned. “I don’t get it. He’s the one who hurt her by marrying her sister. It was totally intentional no matter how I look into this. Then why is he so desperate on searching for her corpse.”

Lu Feng’s eyebrows went up. He remarked, “Don’t tell me he seriously fell for her after watching her

sacrifice for so long only to make him happy?”

“I’m more worried about my brother. If she gets her memory back what will happen you think? I mean, she took 3 bullets and still jumped like a kangaroo. This is called power of love. Unbelievable!”

Suddenly the temperature of the room went down to minus four.

‘Opps! I should get out before everything goes into massacre. Curse that blabber mouth!’ Lu Feng gulped and got up.

“I have something to do so I’m leaving first.” He hurriedly left.

‘Coward!’ Mu Feng cursed him inwardly.

“Feng.” As the cold voice came from his front side Mu Feng gulped.

“Yes big brother?”

“We can’t let her know the past.”

“Yes brother.”

“Destroy the very last information about her.”

‘Let’s see how you manage to get away from me then.’

Mu Liang hated himself for doing it. But he had been watching her for 2 years 7 months. He saw how painful she was, how she was being treated by her so-called family.

He gritted his teeth. As long as she’s here, she won’t feel the pain again. He won’t let her feel the feeling of sorrow and despair ever again.

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