Handsome CEO’s Darling Wife

Chapter 49

Chapter 49: ONE LAST TIME

A young waiter served them desserts and while doing that she secretly glanced at Ju Long. Ju Long might be a secretary but he could be compared to any model. His dress code was very professional and he black locks made his pale face very attractive. Many women fell under his spell looking at his thin pink lips and dark eyes. His gorgeous look helped him multiple times to get business contract. Since then, he was called ‘Flower of Mu Corporation’ by the employees. Sometimes Mu Feng would joke about it too.

Louise gave her a stern look before she asked Ju Long, “Did you buy ticket for me?”

Ju Long nodded, “Yes. Your flight is at midnight.” Then he gave her an envelope.

“Perfect. It’ll take four to five days to finish this project in New York. I’ll come back then to finish that unfinished business.” Louise had a bite of the strawberry dessert.

“You were brave enough to come at the crucial moment. It must be hard for you.” Ju Long understood she was very busy. She came to another country for another project while her billion dollar project was about to end. If her absence made something wrong she would not only lose billion dollars but also her reputation. she risked everything to come here. ‘Was it all for Mu Feng?’ Ju Long thought.

“Well, you don’t have to blame anyone for that. I really wanted to meet Feng. So I wanted to come here, even it was for sixteen hours.” Louise replied.

‘Just as I thought.’ Ju Long thought bitterly. He realized no matter how unimportant the work was, as long as it was from Mu Feng’s family she would never refuge it. Moreover Mu Feng didn’t continue to contact her. So it was a good opportunity for her. Who would have thought that while she was here Mu Feng would be out of the country. “So you are really going to confess to him?” Ju Long wanted to be sure.

“I think I waited long enough.” Louise finished her dessert and looked at her friend, “I want to end it. I want to end this torture. I know he won’t say ‘no’ to me.”

Seeing her over confidence Ju Long’s back straightened up. “How do you know that he won’t reject you?” He asked carefully.

“Based on the fact that he never said ‘no’ to me in the past, I know he can’t able to see my pain.” Louise wiped her lips with tissue.

Ju Long didn’t say anything anymore. He knew why Mu Feng never said ‘no’ to her. Because every time he wanted to say ‘no’, Ju Long would signal him not to so that. The one who spoiled her was not Mu Feng, rather Ju Long.

‘Ok then, I’ll pursue her one last time. One last time I’ll try to make her look at me.’ He promised to himself. Then he stood up. “I’ll take you to the car. Let’s go.”

Louise smiled at him and nodded, “Sure, I need some rest. Let’s meet in the evening.”

They went out and headed to the office garage. After the car left with Louise, Ju Long went to the office. He had lots of work to finish and he couldn’t leave all to his boss.

When he entered his boss’s room he saw one third of work had been done. He was amazed by Mu Liang’s capability. Ju Long was out for thirty minutes and Mu Liang finished the hardest work which normally took whole day to finish for a normal person. He also smiled by the kind gesture when he saw the easiest works were left for him to finish. His boss treated him really well.

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