Handsome CEO’s Darling Wife

Chapter 47

Chapter 47: AWKWARD

Years ago, when Mu Feng, Louise Fontaine and Ju Long were still in school together, they had a good bond. Who knew this friendship would turn into a triangle love story?

Back then Louise Fontaine was totally charmed by Mu Feng who had zero idea of her feelings towards him. He had a good future as an actor but he compromised for his brother and took over the European Underworld. He started to pursue women and became an infamous womanizer.

It hurt Louise to watch him with women every day. There were many times she saved him from his exes. He never dated anyone more than five days. So Louise didn’t care much.

But one day, at the birthday party of a friend, Mu Feng met a girl and was totally obsessed with her. Then Louise got alarmed. He looked so serious while dating her that he let go off his womanizer attitude.

After months later, Louise saw Mu Feng was sleeping with another woman who wasn’t his girlfriend and that hurt Louise to the core. The respect, the trust Louise had for Mu Feng was broken into pieces. Ju Long was there to comfort her. When the news spread like fire, as usual Mu Feng broke up with his girlfriend and he came back to normal.

Ju Long looked very inferior and loved to read books. However, under his bookworm face, he had a good communication skill and there were hardly any news that would slip from his ears. That’s how he got to know the connection between Mu Feng and the Underworld. Therefore he applied for secretary position in Mu Corporation. But Mu Liang saw through his true capability. In the end, Ju Long became Mu Liang’s assistant without his friends knowing.

When Louise and Mu Feng got the news after their graduation they were surprised first but congratulated him later. After that, Louise soon pursued her career s an interior designer, and they all parted. Little did they know that Ju Long did all those hard work so that one day Louise would look at him. Even for once. However, it was all Ju Long’s wishful thinking. Even though they were apart for many years, they were still in contact and their friendship was ever lasting.

– – – – – – – –

Now that they meet again, Ju Long spoiled everything.

While sitting inside the car Louise looked at the documents with bitterness. Mu Liang looked like he had no interest in the whole world and opened his laptop to start working. The one who was in the most awkward position was Ju Long.

He wanted to cut off his head though he didn’t know what he did wrong to make his friend upset. He simply tried to act formal in front of those chancellor and dean.

It’s not that Louise Fontaine didn’t understand Ju Long’s gesture. She didn’t even know why she was upset. Also she vaguely heard Mu Liang say ‘old love’ she was really confused after hearing that. The first thing that came into her mind was, ‘Was he mocking her?’

In contrast, Mu Liang was enjoying their show. He was already feeling happy thinking of Mu Lan’s surprised face. so he didn’t spoil the fun and quietly observed them with a serious face.

Soon the car reached the office and Ju Long and Mu Liang went out. The driver was about to start the engine to take Louise back to mansion Ju Long stopped him. Then looked at his long-time-crush “Let’s talk.”

Mu Liang looked back and smirked so lightly that anyone who would see that could think of it a hallucination.

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