Handsome CEO’s Darling Wife

Chapter 45


As Mu Liang and Mu Lan were talking to each other, they didn’t see the reaction of the poor bodyguard beside them. Hugo Muller had been working under Mu Liang for five years. He never saw a woman except Mu Madams in this mansion; neither had he seen his boss taking so sweetly with others. Today he got to see not only his boss brought a woman, he was even talking with her sweetly and for the first time in his life, he saw his boss was smiling so tenderly. Hugo Muller’s jaw dropped to the ground. ‘Is he really my boss? Or someone else is wearing boss’s mask to fool me?’ He was truly confused.

Maybe, gods from heaven couldn’t bear his pain, finally they made Mu Liang and Mu Lan notice that someone else was with them.

Mu Liang gave his attention towards his bodyguard and ignored poor Hugo’s reaction. Mu Liang opened his mouth, “She is Mu Lan, young mistress of the Mu Household. From now on, you’ll take care of her outside.”

Hearing same cold voice like before Hugo was practically felt relieved. He realized that this was his boss. The shocking news was that his boss got himself a woman and it didn’t seem like a forced marriage. ‘This woman seems quite graceful and less talkative. She is conscious of her surroundings. Last time, the girl which was chose by the Elder was over bearing. The way I see it, looks like boss really dotes on her. Is she the girl he chased almost three years ago?’ Thinking about that Hugo Muller bowed and said, “Yes, boss.”

Mu Lan looked at Mu Liang and asked excitedly, “Where are the puppies? I want to see the puppies.”

Seeing her glittering eyes Mu Ling couldn’t take his eyes off of her. His heart raced. He tried to calm him heart and told her, “Let Oscar and Lucy become your friend first. Then you might be able to play with their children.” He smiled.

Their beautiful moment was destroyed by a sudden phone call. Displeased Mu Liang looked at his phone and saw the name of the caller. It was Louise Fontaine.

He excused himself from Mu Lan and went further away from her and answered the call. “Yes.” His answer was short.

A girly voice waved through the cell phone, “Mr. Mu, I just got in the car you told me to. I’m heading towards your mansion. It will take thirty minutes.”

“OK.” Again Mu Liang kept his reply short. Hugo Muller was now convinced that this was his real boss.

Mu Liang looked at his beloved, “I’ll head to work in thirty minutes. If you want to go somewhere, ask Hugo. He’ll guide you anywhere you want to go.” Then he dismissed himself from her and signaled Hugo to follow him.

While they were walking, Mu Liang ordered him, “Don’t let her go to the business area. Always stay close to her. Don’t let your guard down. She has been a target of Chinese Underground. Also she is suffering from amnesia, so keep your curiosity to yourself. Don’t even let a leaf touch her.” Then he gave Hugo a cold look.

Hugo Muller looked despondent. ‘Boss, your last order is quite irrational.’ But he didn’t dare to utter a word. He understood that his boss took her very seriously, so he had to be attentive when he had to guard her. He was still curious why Chinese Underground would target her but he knew that his boss would never tell him and this woman had amnesia. He wished that there would be someone to quench his thirst of curiosity. He thought of second master. However he was in Switzerland.

Hugo gave a deep sigh and went back to the vegetable garden where he had to guard Mu Lan.


Beloved Readers, today I experienced what revolution is like. I don’t know if you guys know the situation of Bangladesh or not.

Today I was really scared to death. I’m proud of the students who started this revolution against our undisciplined government and law. They are not even eighteen years old but they made the traffic law for betterment in two days which our police couldn’t do in 47 years.

However, I was shaken by the nasty works of the government. I’m glad that I reached home safely and soundly after one hour of tireless walk.

I don’t have anyone to express this aching feeling of mine. So I’m sharing with you guys. Hope you don’t mind.

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