Handsome CEO’s Darling Wife

Chapter 32


The cousins and their sons were stunned by the bloodiness of their own nephew. Soon they started to panic. As soon as they were able to clear their heads, they began to flee. They even forgot about Mu Cheng and left him there.

After they left, Mu Liang came to stop his grandpa’s acting. Grandpa Mu Cheng felt sorry for his cousins’ greed and fate. He left everything to Mu Liang and went home to watch the show.

Soon two of his cousins came for forgiveness. They were the masterminds who planned Mu Jin’s car accident. Mu Liang took them to his second grandpa’s villa and let them saw their families’ dead bodies.

At first, they were shocked. Then they started to cry loudly and cursed Mu Liang and his father.

Mu Liang looked at them mockingly. When they called him ‘monster’ he had a disdainful smile with full of mockery. That’s when he said, “When second grandma made my dad drink poison, you saw what happened to second grandpa’s family. You people still dared to sabotage my dad’s car. You initiated the show and I’ll end it. But I’ll let you live till everything is destroyed. I’ll let you see before your death what massacre you had begun. You wanted a game, let’s play then. Just don’t dare to forget, everything happened because you started it. The blame is on you.”

After saying what he wanted to say, Mu Liang left. Those uncles couldn’t bury their families’ body. They were held captive.

Some of the Mu Families tried to ask for help from powerful businessmen or ministers of other countries but all was in vein.

No one dared to go against powerful Mu Corporation no matter who was in charge. If one can kill his own relatives, there was no one he couldn’t kill. ‘Who doesn’t fear death and power?’ They thought.

After getting zero help from others, they fled wherever they could. Some hid in caves, some in mountains, and some in woods. Those who were brave enough, used private planes or yachts to leave. Most of their families got killed. Those who still had families; they left them alone and fled on their own. But all had same fate in the end and that was death.

Their planes crashed, yacht was destroyed. Who used public planes and landed safely in China or America, were vanished from airport without any trace. There was not a single clue behind the incidents. The families which were left alone, Mu Liang didn’t touch them. Moreover he gave them huge amount of money and sent them in other countries.

In the meantime, those two uncles cried and begged to kill them but no gangsters touched their single hair but they let them know the news of their relatives’ death and made some juicy stories. They couldn’t handle such terrific torture. In the end, they became historical and Mu Liang put them on a small mental clinic in a rural area and planted some bugs to keep eyes on them.

This was how the bloody chapter of Mu Family ended.

No matter what others think of sudden disappearance of majority of Mu Family, they didn’t had the courage to utter a word. Furthermore, everyone tried to forget the bloody chapter.

Mu Cheng was worried about his grandson who participated in such bloody game of power. But Mu Liang was calm about it. All he could care about his family. Mu Cheng took over the business till his son recovered and when Mu Jin recovered fully, Mu Liang went to Oxford University to study and left Underworld to let Mu Chen handle because Mu Jin again took the throne of the Mu Corporation.

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