Handsome CEO’s Darling Wife

Chapter 300 INTERVIEW 03

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This is the third interview of "Handsome CEO's Darling Wife".

Weiwei: Happy New Year pretty sisters and handsome brothers. I'm Yu Weiwei. I know everyone remembers me. Today, here with me in the studio, we have four beautiful sisters.. in this studio there are four beautiful sisters with me. Let me call upon my Disney Princess Mulan jiejie, Qi Ying jiejie, Yan Su jiejie and Xue Lin jiejie with a loud round of applause please. This is all of yours first time here in the studio, isn't it? Please say 'hello' to your loyal Readers.

Mu Lan: Hi everyone, thank you very much for supporting me and Liang Liang. I owe you Lovely Readers big time. Happy new year. Hope you all enjoyed your day.

Qi Ying: Hello Loyal Readers, you have my gratitude for being a part of this long journey.

Yan Su: Oh my Reader Dears, I missed you so much. I hope you guys are enjoying this lovey-dovey novel.

Xue Lin: Happy new year.

Mu Lan: Are you all set to start the interview? Because our Happy-go-lucky Author isn't here yet.

Weiwei: Our Author jiejie, had a heartbreak. She got some personal issues. Let's wait for it. She will wait some romantic chapters for us.

Mu Lan: Oh, you mean my brother? How is he?

Weiwei: Brother-in-law is waiting for us in China. But you and I have such a bond that we cannot let go of each other.

Mu Lan: Aww… you are so sweet.

Xue Lin: Weiwei should stay at the Mu Mansion for a while because it wouldn't be fun if she leaves.

Yan Su: Haha… I'm also of the same opinion. If Weiwei wouldn't be so attached to Lan Dear, we or the Readers wouldn't have so much fun.

Mu Lan: It's all Liang Liang's fault for not controlling himself. He doesn't have any control and pounce over me. [feeling shy shy] But now suddenly, he changed his attitude. I don't know what is author gping to do about it.

Xue Lin: I'm also controlling many things from the sideline, so everyone should blame me for that.

Weiwei: Am I an outcast? Please tell me, Yan Su jiejie, what the readers want?

Yan Su: Of course, they will. They are waiting for your bed scene. Now, at the crucial moment, how can they not want it?

Weiwei: Mulan (Mu Lan) jiejie, we want to know when will you marry General Sheng (Mu Liang).

Mu Lan: It all depends on the Readers because our Author always listens to her Readers.

Weiwei: How is your seducing technique progressing?

Mu Lan: Oh, Weiwei, where did you learn the word 'seduce'?

Weiwei: I don't know what it means. I'm just asking you what is written in the script. I answered you, so you can answer my question now.

Mu Lan: But you are a minor. How can I answer such a thing?

Weiwei: Did I ask something bad?

Yan Su: Oh no, Weiwei dear. You are the cutest. How can you say bad words?

[Xue Lin got up and sat beside Weiwei and then she covered Weiwei's ears with her hands]

Xue Lin: You can answer now.


Mu Lan: Well, I think he is reacting to it. In the middle of the night, he was moving his body and was panting. Then I heard him groaning and calling my name.

Yan Su: Oh my! Looks like our plan is working. How long can my elder cousin endure it? Hah!

Weiwei: What is groaning?

[Qi Ying, Mu Lan and Yan Su immediately glanced at Weiwei. They saw that Xue Lin was covering her own ears, not Weiwei's.]

Mu Lan: Xue Lin!

Xue Lin: Ah, sorry. The thing you were saying, it wasn't of my taste. I subconsciously did it.


Weiwei: Mulan jiejie, you didn't answer my question.

Mu Lan: Err.. (awkward) Weiwei, when you grow up, I'll answer you.

[Weiwei thought for a while. Then she turned to the telephone next to her and dialed Meili's number. After the phone rang for a few times, someone answered the call. The call was on loudspeaker and everyone could hear everything.]

A Man: Hah.. hah.. who is this?

[Mu Lan got rigid. She recognized his voice.]

Weiwei: Brother-in-law, I'm Weiwei. I have a question.

Mu Lan's brother: Oh, little Weiwei, why did you call from another number? And also I'm busy with your sister. We're in the midst of something very important. Let's talk later, ok?

[All five of them could hear m.o.a.ning of a girl. Except Weiwei, the other four could tell what was going on on the other side of the phone. Yan Su whistled and her three friends turned red.]

Weiwei: If you were really busy doing something thats so important then why did you pick my call?? Just tell me one thing, I want to know what is 'groaning'.

Mu Lan's brother: ...Who taught you this word?

Weiwei: Mulan jiejie.

Mu Lan's brother: Oh, really? She is so bold. If she told you this word, then tell her only to answer your question.

Weiwei: She doesn't want to.

Mu Lan's brother: …..do you remember when you bit my hand and I made a sound?

Weiwei: Yes.

Mu Lan's brother: That is called 'groaning'.

Weiwei: Ok, thank you, brother-in-law. I'm hanging up.

[Weiwei hung up and looked at blushing Mu Lan.]

Weiwei: Mulan jiejie, did you bite your husband?

Mu Lan: Hu-husband!

Weiwei: You two sleep together, stay together, eat together. Isn't he your husband?

Mu Lan: Err…

Xue Lin: You are right, Weiwei. She was so mad that she bit her husband.


Weiwei: Xue Lin jiejie, when will your story with the mysterious grey eyed man appear?

Xue Lin: After 'Handsome CEO's Darling Wife' ends.

Weiwei: Didn't Author jiejie start writing another novel?

Mu Lan: Oh, yeah. Based on her dream, our Author has started writing a fairy-tale. I already read the story. It's very romantic and magical. I love it. The name is "The Rise Against The Evil King".

Xue Lin: It sounds more like The Lord of the Rings.

Mu Lan: It is nothing like the movie. This novel is full of princes and princesses, romance, dark magic. You will love it. I can't even imagine that she could dream something like this.

Yan Su: How about 'Handsome CEO's Darling Wife'? Is it based on her dream too?

Weiwei: This can only answer Author jiejie. I have a question to Yan Su jiejie. When are you getting married?

Yan Su: Very soon. I won't reveal anything about the plot now. I haven't asked for Author Dear's permission.

Weiwei: What about Ying jiejie?

Qi Ying: After I finish my studies. I've already discussed about this with Feng.

Weiwei: Actually, I wanted to ask a lot of questions. However, since, all of them have sided with Author jiejie, let's wait for the next interview.. Beautiful sisters and handsome brothers, wishing everyone a very HAPPY NEW YEAR once again. Bye bye.

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