Handsome CEO’s Darling Wife

Chapter 15

Chapter 15: BIG FAT LIAR!

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After they bid goodbye to Mu Liang, Mu Feng sat down on the opposite sit.

“How are you today?” With enthusiasm Mu Feng asked.

“Pretty good.” Hua Lan answered shortly. ‘I can’t be too frank to a stranger despite they saved me. I need to know their intention.’

‘Still refuse to show your true feelings? Darling, you can’t live long if you’re that suspicious of us. Come on! We are the one who brought you back from the death!’ Mu Feng scoffed mentally.

“Here, read them thoroughly.” He passed down some documents to her. There are some pictures of her running away from some gangs. Those are real photos except there was no evidence of her sister, her husband and their child.

“It took lots of time and hard work to find the photos. I actually started to give up.” Mu Feng lied without a pause.

— — — — — — — — — —

In Mu family, Mu Feng was the most talented actor. In his young age he used to acting in a local theater in Italy with his younger brother Mu Chen. They both love acting with their whole heart.

Once, there was an audition for a drama and both of them took an audition.

However, Mu Feng got chance without any practice and Mu Chen didn’t, just because he was one mark behind his second brother, even though he practiced a lot.

Mu Chen got pretty upset but didn’t let it show. However, Mu Liang and Mu Feng understood everything. They were brother of course.

Mu Feng back out from the drama and gave his younger brother a chance.

Mu Chen would never forget that day. He became famous for that particular drama and after that he never had to look behind.

On the other hand, Mu Feng, since the back out from drama club he left drama forever.

After the drama won a prize Mu Chen immediately went back to his home, Italy.

Then he went home, and the first thing he did was give his second elder brother a big tight hug.

Mu Feng was quite surprise of his younger brother’s sudden visit. And he was frozen by the tight hug which was never done by Mu Chen since Mu Chen was always the shy type. Mu Feng didn’t realized that he stopped breathing too.

After the big hug ended Mu Chen gave him the Best Actor prize and said, “If it wasn’t for your sacrifice I would never had the chance to show the world my ability and the world would never appreciate me. It’s only because of you, I got such an opportunity. You deserve the trophy from the very beginning. That’s why my first achievement goes to you.”

Mu Feng stood still. He still couldn’t digest what just happened.

He couldn’t get through how come Mu Chen got to know because he never told anyone that he got chance in the drama.

Then suddenly he saw from the corner of his eyes that Mu Liang had a tiny smile hanging on his lips.

Everything went clear to Mu Feng.

‘So it was big brother.’

For the first time in history, Mu Feng cried. His tears were happy tears and he couldn’t stop them. His heart filled with love and gratitude.

He hugged his younger brother and scold him saying, “Idiot!” Mu Chen laughed loudly and heartily.

Mu Feng blessed him wholeheartedly and Mu Chen promised to work hard even more.

Till now Mu Chen kept his promise to his second brother and became an international actor.

He was now a treasure of Italy, proud of France and National Husband of China.

He often acted in China movies.

— — — — — — — — — —

Hua Lan started to check the pictures. While seeing them she went pale.

“Were they trying to kill me? She asked timidly.

“Of course! They chase you and shot you three times. Even hurt your head. Now that you lost your memory all because of them.” He said very seriously which made her even pale.

“B-but why? What did I do?” She stammered.

“I wish I could gather more information about you but there was a tiny problem that made me go nowhere.” The Big Fat Liar just started his show.

Unfortunately no one is here to see the show of the greatest liar.

People are here only to read.


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