Handsome CEO’s Darling Wife


Juan looked at the young lad. That nineteen years boy had a fine feature and toned body. His light brown hair moved in the wind. His ocean blue eyes flickered with amusement. 

Juan was curious about what made this boy happy. \"Did something happen?\"

The boy looked at Juan and answered calmly, \"Grandpa Pedro sent Lin (rice ball number four) to his first mission. Lin had to treat Elder Cheng.\"

Juan remembered. \"I heard about Elder Cheng. He had a heart attack. Lin saved his life, did he not?\" 

The boy nodded. \"He did well.\" 

Lin had a soft heart. After he was done taking care of grandpa Cheng, he realized that he peeped in his pants in nervousness. As usual, he shared it with his brothers and after reading his text, his elder brother had a hard time controlling his expression in front of Juan.

As he didn't say anything else, Juan didn't ask further. He ordered, \"I've another mission for you. If you succeed, I will let you go home.\"

\"Alright, it's already time to go home.\" The boy looked at the ocean in front of him. It was as calm as his heart. Just like the waves, the word 'home' rippled over his body. He missed his mother and twin sisters.

Juan said, \"It's time you go to Spain. You have to find the root of the largest child trafficking organization. That's all. We will take care of the rest. You will get further information from Shin.\" 

\"I'm going to contact him.\" The boy turned to leave. 

Juan smiled. \"Good luck, Lian.\"

Lian didn't like his manipulative smile. It seemed to him that Juan was plotting something. And he was right. After he found the root of that organization, the one who came to kill everyone was none other than his mother, Mu Lan.

Looking at his powerful mother, Lian was in awe. He always wondered how his mother looked like when she was doing her job. Although he read documents about her, it didn't quench his thirst. He called out, \"Mommy?!\"

Mu Lan looked at the bloodbath in satisfaction and then looked at her eldest son. \"Rice ball!\" She came forward and hugged him. \"You've grown up, baby. Mommy is so proud of you.\"

Lian still had a hard time believing what he just saw. \"Mommy, why are you here?\" He thought that his mother retired from The Cobra.

Mu Lan smiled. \"Juan told me that you were on a mission. I wanted to see how my baby did his job. So, I told him that I would take care of this mission. Did mommy surprise you?\"

\"You did,\" Lian admitted.

\"You've done enough. Let's go home. Everyone is waiting for you.\" Hand in hand, the mother and son pair walked in the dark street. Behind them was a huge fire. They could hear a police siren. 

Lian blinked \"Everyone?!\"

Mu Lan explained, \"Ling (rice ball number two) and Laquan (rice ball number three) already finished their missions and went back to Paris. They didn't forget to meet grandpa on the way. Lin is still in Italy though, taking care of grandpa. He became a good friend of MingLi (Lu Feng's son).\"

Lu Feng's daughter Meixian was like her mother Yan Su. This mother-daughter duo went to Madagascar. MingLi was three years younger than his sister. As he grew up, he liked botany and did research just like his father. 

After young researcher MingLi met young doctor Lin, they became bosom friends. Their personality and interest matched. What else could they need?

Mu Lan and Mu Liang just hoped that they wouldn't end up like Mu Chen and Hugo.

\"How's Ying (LanYing) and Juan (LiJuan)?\" Lian asked about sisters.

Mu Lan answered, \"Ying has released her first album after signing the contract with our company. It was a great success. You know your daddy. He didn't want his daughter to go out of his grasp and so he signed our business company to the entertainment industry. He might let you handle the company when you turn twenty.\"

\"I don't mind.\" He prepared himself to be the next President of the Mu Corporation from the very beginning. As a cover, he would work at the company, and in the shadow, he would work as The Cobra.

\"And Juan won the first prize in the musical competition. She is over the moon. She wanted to have a personal kitchen for a long time. Since she won, she asked for the personal kitchen. Though your daddy didn't have the heart, he had to give it to her. She is improving her cooking skills day by day.\" Mu Lan was happy as she talked about her daughter.

Lian frowned. \"You should have stopped her, mommy. What if she injured her fingers? She cannot play the piano if that happens.\"

\"Then she has to be careful while chopping vegetables. Without falling, she won't learn how to walk, baby. Let her grow up the way you and your brothers did.\" Mu Lan sighed. \"At least she knows how to cook. Ying almost blew up the whole kitchen while trying to cook. I can't believe she got it from me.\"

Lian smiled. \"I want to try mommy's instant noodles.\" 

Mu Lan hugged him. \"Sure, I will do that. As long as my baby wants it, I will give it to you. Let's go home first. Your daddy is waiting inside our private plane to pick us up.\"

Lian's expression warmed up hearing about his father. He needed to apologize to his father for what he had done when he was young. He knew his father well. He must have suffered a lot for five years. If he apologized properly, his father would forgive them all.


In the mountains, there was a cave behind the waterfall. One couldn't easily find the cave and go inside. In front of the cave, it was damp and foggy. The floor was slippery. If someone wasn't careful enough, they could slip and fall in the lake where the waterfall united with hard rocks. After falling, it was an instant death.

The cave was dark and deep. The more one would go inside, the more one would find a dry and warm place. At the end of the cave, there was a solid wall. The flares lightened up the dark cave. From here, no one could hear the sound of the waterfall. No one could know what was going on outside from here. It was a perfect place to meditate and concentrate.

A man with a built body and bald head opened his eyes. His thirty years of meditation had finally ended. He looked at his hands as he moved. He could feel more power inside his body. Despite not eating and sleeping, he was perfectly calm. He didn't feel hungry or sleepy. When he stood up, he didn't tremble or wobble. 

He came outside the cave and looked at the woods in front of him. 'Things have changed. It was colder before when I first came here.' He thought. Thinking that he would finally reunite with his family, his inside filled with warmth.

As the soft breeze blew, the branches and leaves of the trees moved along with it. 

\"I know you are here.\" He calmly said.

A man fully covered in black clothes came out from the shadow and knelt in front of him. Several men with the same outside lined up behind him and knelt as well. 

The man in the front said, \"Congratulations Master! We are happy that you have completed your long mission. We are proud to be your disciples.\"

The bald man's muscles were relaxed. There was a soft smile hanging on his lips. \"I'm pleased to see you all.\" He looked at each face. He remembered them all.

After scanning them, he frowned. He was displeased about something. \"I don't see my sister. Did she forget that I was supposed to wake up today? Honestly, I spoilt her too much. Now she doesn't want to acknowledge her only brother.\"

The man in the front flinched. He bowed so deeply that his forehead touched the warm ground. \"…About Madam… she…\" he couldn't finish. The people behind him gulped as well. They were nervous. 

The bald man raised an eyebrow. \"Did something happen? What did my troublemaker sister do this time?\" He slightly smiled.

The man in black clothes said, \"Madam… died in a car accident twenty years ago.\"


The bald man punched a giant stone and it broke into pieces. His eyes were colder than the south pole. His frosty glare gave everyone goosebumps. His tone was chilly when he said, \"I want to hear everything that happened while I was gone.\"


Meanwhile, in Peru, Juan was out for sightseeing. He looked at the sky and saw dark clouds covering the sun. He mumbled to himself. \"A storm is coming. I better go home.\"



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