Hail the King

Chapter 47: Blood Rains

Chapter 47: Blood Rains

The gasps of the soldiers, the screams of the wounded, the yelling of the officers, the colliding and breaking sound of metal…… these sounds that would normally cause a chill to people’s bones joined together under the defensive wall and formed a deathly symphony.

A round of cheers came from the defensive wall; it was too difficult to contain.

All their fears and worries turned into loud cheers.

The godlike axe strike hit the tower shield-dragon lance formation, but it also hit the heart of everyone on the wall. It was like a torch fire in the darkness; it gave them hope and ignited their blood and souls.

On the defensive wall, everyone knew who that axe belonged to. Everyone knew whose face was under that helmet, because everyone had watched the young and brave king slide down the defensive wall and stand at the very front of the other men. His back faced his followers as he faced the cruelest enemies.

Everyone on the wall was crying. They screamed, jumped and threw their arms into the air wildly, as if they could empower the brave men who charged into the enemies and fought alongside their king.

On the other side of the Zuli River.

The silver masked knight was feeling gloomy. His attitude of watching a good show with confidence disappeared. His expression was like that of finding out that he had bit on a hard rock and chipped his teeth after biting into a piece of delicious flesh.

After that axe was thrown, his heart beat faster and he knew something was wrong.

The tower shield formation that he was proud of didn’t even hold for one second, and was smashed open by the enemies. Their ease in charging into the formation was a huge slap to his face.

The devastating power that the axe carried made him feel threatened for the first time. This shouldn’t have been the power of any man. There wasn’t any surge of energy, so what kind of power was that?

“Black knights, pass down my command, abandon the chaotic front formation and transform to [Lock Formation]; make sure to envelop those guys. Put up the dragon lances and keep some distance, don’t fight them recklessly……”

The silver masked knight calmed himself down quickly and displayed proper adaptation abilities and executed another plan.

His eyes weren’t fooled. He could tell that the ‘death squad’ of twenty-ish weren’t star warriors, but simply ordinary men who had a ton of physical strength. When the battle went on, they would tire out eventually and it would be easy to kill them.

However, the silver masked knight didn’t want to wait any longer. Although he was trained to be calm during any situation and was taught many techniques to command armies and read people’s minds, after consecutive losses in battle against ant-like enemies, he felt ashamed. He decided not to wait any longer and crush the enemies with the most powerful method he had and conquer Chambord Castle at once.

After he thought about it for a while, he spoke coldly while biting his teeth, “Tell the three star warrior Landes to stop protecting the trebuchets and join forces with the rest of the tower shield soldiers to eliminate those bastards right away……Get the rest of the army prepared; start sieging right after that!”

After the silver masked knight thought about the two commands and made sure that they covered everything, he waved his horsewhip and the black knights rushed to pass on the commands.



On the bridge, the battle was still continuing.

By using the monstrous strength of the level 12 Barbarian, Fei smashed open a way into the formation. The twenty two strongmen followed him tightly; together, they were like a matchless blade that pierced the enemy’s heart.

The Tower Shield formation had a great amount of frontal defense; even charging cavalry couldn’t break through them easily. However, the soldiers behind the shields only wore thin leather armour; once the enemies break through, without the protection of the huge iron shields, they would be like pigs in a slaughter house.

Pierce and Drogba were right behind Fei. Both of them were the strongest men in Chambord; the war hammer and axe were slamming and crashing into the enemies with a huge amount of force. The tower shield enemies were killed when the weapons hit them and wounded when the weapons touched them; there was nothing that could stop them.

On the thin bridge, red blood decorated everything. Wherever the ‘death squad’ went turned to chaos.

Due to the terrain restrictions, although there were more enemies, they weren’t able to surround Fei and the strongmen properly. The width of the bridge could only hold about fifteen men, so their numbers advantage couldn’t be utilized and they had the disadvantage.

In the chaos, an enemy officer who was nearing a one star warrior saw that the man who gave the Tower shield formation a deadly blow didn’t have a weapon anymore. He was extremely excited; he thought the Goddess of Luck had blessed him. He picked up a half broken dragon lance and sneakily used the scarce energy he had to thrust it at Fei when he thought Fei’s guard was down.

Although the lance was half broken, it weighed about fifty to sixty pounds. With a ton of momentum and energy of an almost one star warrior, the tip of the lance shined like a bloodthirsty light; it was aimed at Fei’s heart.

“Go to hell!”

The enemy officer laughed as if he already saw the opponent’s blood shoot out of his chest as his heart was pierced. Without a doubt, if he could kill a man who was so strong, it would be a great military honor and he would soon be promoted to higher ranks.

But –

The officer’s smile froze on his face.

It soon turned into a deformed pale face that was experiencing a ton of pain and fear.

The weaponless man didn’t panic at all after seeing sneak attack. Instead, a cunning and gloating smile could be seen under the man’s faceplate. He reached his hands into the air; after a flash of white light, like magic, another huge axe appeared in his hand out of nowhere!”


A frontal chop.

The axe accurately chopped the tip of the lance. After the sparks from the colliding metals faded, the axe’s blade turned into a white thin line in the officer’s eyes. Like a sharp knife cutting through a soft milk cake, the axe separated the iron lance in half. With the remaining momentum, the axe also went through his body……-

He felt cold……

The dragon lance, the officer……

The axe went through both of them easily. After a brief pause, they both separated into two pieces each.

There was no way that the blood could stop.

The man’s bright red internal organs, his limbs covering his white bones, and the heated dragon lance fell everywhere.

The blood in the air touched the broken lances, which were still heated due to the high friction from the collision. It turned into a cloud of bloody steam. More blood spilled onto the lance, and the steam generated almost filled the surroundings of the corpse. The air was completely red and smelt horrible.

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