Hail the King

Chapter 45: Let’s go!

Chapter 45: Let’s go!

The sets of heavy metal armour were quickly placed beside the watchtower. There were twenty two sets in total, and they looked like they were gifted from the hands of Aphrodite. They shined under the bright sunlight.

These were the precious heavy knight armour sets that the old king had collected throughout his life. They were made from an extremely strong metal – hundred wrought iron mixed with ‘steel essence’. They looked magnificent, were very valuable and provided a ton of defensive capability; ordinary weapons couldn’t break through it.

The old king treated these armour sets as if they were national treasures, and he wasn’t even willing to take them out of the King’s Palace. He never used them and only occasionally wiped them down carefully. These sets of armour were as precious as his own life.

However, Fei moved these national treasures onto the defensive wall today as if they were paper. After noticing what was going on, most of the people on the wall had no idea what King Alexander was going do. They chatted among themselves quietly as they stared at Fei’s direction with curiosity and excitement.

“What do you think, my warriors? Are you guys able to wear the armour?” Fei pointed at the twenty two shiny heavy knight armour and asked.

“Not a problem, Your Majesty!” After seeing the armour, the strong men were extremely excited, as if they were rabbits that encountered a ton of carrots. The passion that the warriors had towards excellent weapons and armour never decreased.

“Alright, time is tight. Pick a fitting armour and put it on as fast as you can. We don’t have a lot of time left!”

These men were strong and straightforward. After Fei ordered, they didn’t hesitate and quickly picked up the armour they wanted.

“Pierce, pick one up too. Come with me later.”

“Awesome!” Pierce was thrilled. He laughed as he picked up a set of armour. Although the armour had a ton of defense, because they were made out of hundred wrought iron mixed with even heavier ‘steel essence’, every armour set weighed about sixty to seventy pounds. This was why Fei asked Brook to pick out the strongest men in Chambord. Because an ordinary person wouldn’t even be able to walk properly after they put that on, killing enemies in that armour was literally a joke.

These twenty some strong men were all the manpower that Fei needed for this attack.

Although these men weren’t star ranked warriors and didn’t have any energy, they were super strong. After wearing the heavy armour that granted them sick defense, they would be like twenty hunger tigers that just got out of a cage. If they were utilized properly on that narrow bridge, they would be more powerful than the star ranked warrior on both sides.

Fei didn’t plan to attack the enemies with too many people from the start.

He glanced at Brook. The Second Commander of the King’s Guards was also a one star warrior, so he was a perfect candidate for this operation. However, there had to be a strategic commander on the defensive wall, just in case something unexpected happened and the situation on the defensive wall fell into chaos.

Fei thought about it for a couple seconds, but ultimately decided to keep Brook on the defensive wall. He looked past Brook and saw Warden Oleg sitting at the gap on the defensive wall. He beckoned to him and signalled the ‘Flatterer’ to come close to him.

“Go and pick a set of armour.” Fei didn’t say or express anything more.

Oleg was confused. He was pretty far from the watchtower, so he didn’t know what was going on. He thought that the king was being really generous and was granting him a set of armour to protect himself in the upcoming siege. A bright smile came onto Oleg’s face as he rushed to the last set of armour that was sitting on the ground and put it on really fast.

Quickly, some soldiers carried ultra-big weapons onto the defensive wall.

These huge heavy weapons were from the King’s Palace as well; they were also part of the old king’s precious collection. However, Fei took them out at the perfect time and utilized all their values.

“Bam, bam!”

Twenty one weapons were dropped onto the ground; there were axes and hammers, all of which looked monstrous. They gave off a dark feeling, and anyone who looked at them would become depressed. When they touched the ground, they smashed into the brick flooring on the defensive wall, cracking the flooring and forming many pits. They were really heavy.

“Everyone, get a comfortable weapon.”

After they heard the King’s order, they rushed to grab the weapons that they wanted. Pierce got a pair of exotic looking warhammers, and Drogba picked a huge long axe; the axe blade was almost as long as a door. It would make anyone who looked at it feel a chill to their bones.

Warden Oleg finally felt that the atmosphere wasn’t right. However, after seeing the King’s serious face, he didn’t dare ask any questions. He used his one star energy to pick up a long blade that was taller than himself and stood quietly beside Fei.

After seeing there was no more sets of armour and weapons for him, Brook panicked, “Your Majesty, I……”

“Stay on the defensive wall. Hold Chambord together for me until I return.” Fei pressed Brook’s shoulder and said seriously, “You are the only one that I trust in here.”

Brook’s body froze; he was stunned by Fei’s words.

Fei didn’t say anything more. He grabbed forty six water bags filled with clean water by the soldiers under his instruction and walked into the watchtower to hide from everyone’s sight.

After he was inside the building, he grab the bottle of 【Normal Healing Potion】 and the bottle of 【Stamina Potion】 from his belt storage, and dripped a couple drops of each potions individually into twenty three water bags. He shook the bags to mix the water and potions together and called in the twenty heavy metal armoured [Iron Men]. Each of them got two bags.

“The God of War showed his mercy and blessed us. The water in the blue bag will get rid of your tiredness and the water in the red bag will heal any types of injures……When we get to the enemy formations, make sure to protect yourselves properly. When you get injured or become tired, drink the water right away.

Pierce and the others were delighted after they heard that.

Although they had a lot of physical strength, after wearing sixty to seventy pounds of armour and using forty to fifty pounds weapons, any man would feel tired eventually. However, the two bags of magic water from King Alexander had solved all their concerns.

The Warden Oleg had finally understood why the King let him get a set of the valuable armour. He face turned pale, sweat came off of his body like rain, and his mind turned completely blank. He stuttered, “Yo….You…Your Ma…..Majes……jesty, I…….I……”

Fei stared at him coldly.

Oleg’s heart stopped pounding for a second. He sweat even more, but didn’t dare to say a word.

“Everyone take a mouthful of the water in the blue water bag. Get ready to battle.”

Fei put on the heavy knight armour that he had before he entered Diablo World as he said to the strong men.

“Gulp, gulp-”

Pierce and others chugged down some water in the blue water bag. As soon as the water entered their mouth, gasps filled the room. A shocking expression covered everyone’s face.

They all clearly felt that a special kind of power seeped through every part of their bodies, and they were suddenly filled with power.

The weight of the armour disappeared, and they all felt like they were wearing a thin shirt. Not only could they run, but they could jump into the air easily. The forty to fifty pound weapons suddenly felt like straw, as if they weren’t holding anything.

Everything felt like a beautiful illusion. But from their buddies’ shocked expressions, they finally confirmed that their feelings weren’t illusions, but actual magical effects like mages’ weightless spells.

It was a miracle.

“When we get to the bottom of the defensive wall, everyone listen to my order. If anyone disobeys, they shall be executed on the spot……” Fei stared at the warrior that he picked out. He raised up his huge double-handed axe and grabbed it with his right hand. With the axe in his right hand and helmet under his left armpit, he left the watchtower first.

“Move out!”

The team of warriors left the watchtower valiantly.

Some soldiers had followed Fei’s instructions and prepared twenty thick ropes and hung them off of the defensive wall. Pierce was at the very front; he put the helmet on his head and waved his hammer to the surrounding soldiers as a goodbye. The operation was really risky and no one knew if they would make it back alive. Pierce didn’t mind, and laughed as he held onto the rope and jumped off of the wall……

The diluted 【Stamina Potion】 had pumped the endurance of Pierce to another level. Although he was wearing a set of heavy armour, he was still very fast and flexible, like a wild ape. He slid down to the bottom of the defensive wall.


Pierce landed on the ground and left a deep footprint into the ground.

“Boom! Boom! Boom!”

Like twenty iron robots, the other strong men shook the ground as well as they landed by sliding down the rope. They quickly organized themselves into a ‘V’ shape formation, with Pierce standing at the very front.

Fei was still on the defensive wall. As he put on the helmet and was about to slide down the rope, he heard to a cry from far away.

“Alexander, don’t go……”

A beautiful girl rushed up the stairs of the defensive wall as she held up the edges of her dress and tried not to fall. She yelled in her cries, trying to stop Alexander from leaving the castle and put himself in danger. Fei could even see the panicked expression on her pretty face……


Fei stared at her for a couple seconds. But to Fei, it felt like eternity; he had engraved Angela’s appearance into his mind. He didn’t say anything back; he put on the helmet and held tightly to the rope. He looked at Angela who was running towards him passionately from the eyeholes on the faceplate one last time as he turned around and jumped off of the wall.

When the operation initiated, it needed to be executed accurately and fast. A second of delay meant that the enemies would discover them a second earlier. That might put the warriors in a terrible situation.

Fei didn’t have time to talk to Angela, not even one second.

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