Hail the King

Chapter 1262.2 - Container (Part Two)

Chapter 1262: Container (Part Two)

As soon as this girl said that, she completely melted away with a smile on her face. That streak of mystical force flashed and turned into a few streaks of silver light before dashing upward. They easily broke the spatial barriers around the Mad Scientists Laboratory and disappeared into the void.

Fei’s face changed color.

Since he was so close, he felt that those streaks of silver light flew toward the Azeroth Continent.

That power… even Fei’s heart lurched and trembled before it!

“Is that the most critical power of the [Female Godly Lord]? That girl’s body was only the container? The person beside me who could help me the most? Also, who is Gao Shang that she mentioned? She seemed to be talking about the supreme lord of the bugs. That is the name? Gao De? Gao Shang? The names are so similar. Could it be that there was a real connection between the God of Creation and the supreme lord of the bugs?”

Fei carefully thought over the meaning of those words. A bolt of lightning flashed in his mind, and he felt like he understood something but couldn’t pinpoint it.

“Also, who is the [Female Godly Lord]? Why is her power so critical? It seems like I never heard of this person before. Also, this girl of the God Clan probably had a complicated background, and her father and mother couldn’t be ordinary beings. They probably were influential figures 1,000 years ago,” Fei pondered but couldn’t figure out any answers.

Fei didn’t chase after the mysterious power that the girl of the God Clan released. He believed that this girl recovered her consciousness at the last moment and told the truth. It meant that regardless of where this power went, it was only beneficial toward the Azeroth Continent.

There were still hundreds of millions of undead bugs on the battleground in space, so Fei had to stay here and control them.

Also, after that intense battle, Fei absorbed the core energy of many high-level bugs. He needed some time to refine this massive amount of energy and absorb it to increase his degree of fusion with the grand godly realm. Now, Fei was at peak Supreme God Realm. If he could take one step further and advance above the Supreme God Realm, he would be at a place where no one had been before.

Perhaps only the God of Creation could have this level of power.

If Fei truly reached this level, perhaps it wouldn’t be tough to deal with the bugs. Even if he had to face the terrifying and mysterious [Mother Empress], he could battle with composure and wouldn’t be pressed into a disadvantage directly like before.

After returning to the battleground in space, Fei issued a few commands and placed many fist spiritual spatial seals around this massive land. Then, he went into the grand godly realm and started to refine the many masses of core energy.

At the same time, the endless power of faith dashed through the void and entered the grand godly realm.

The power of faith was coming from the battleground in space and the Azeroth Continent.

Now, Fei was the lord of the continent, and his title was the [Human Emperor]. Also, he was the only savior who could battle the bugs in many intelligent creatures’ eyes, and they all prayed day and night.

Therefore, the power of faith that Fei obtained was terrifying.

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