Hail the King

Chapter 1155.2 - An Unforgettable Scene (Part Two)

Chapter 1155: An Unforgettable Scene (Part Two)

“Ah, water! There is water before us…”

The younger little girl suddenly discovered something, and she cheered and ran forward.

There was an open field before them, and vague water-flowing sounds could be heard. It seemed like there was a small river before them. Hearing this, little Anna couldn’t hold back and instantly stood up before running forward.

“Anna, be careful…” The young mother was shocked, and she didn’t get the chance to stop the younger little girl.

In the next moment, a series of high-pitched shouts and screams sounded.


The young mother’s face paled, and she instantly wrapped her arms around the little girl who ran forward. Before they could hide again, a team of green and ugly goblins appeared further away.

It was clear that the goblins had discovered this young mother and her two daughters. Like a pack of wolves that spotted prey, they rushed over in excitement, surrounding these three people who were shivering in fear.

“Oink! Oink! Humans! Women!”

“Beautiful women! Oink! Beauties!”

“I love little girls! Oink! Don’t let them run away!”

The goblins charged over in excitement.

“No…” the young mother screamed in desperation.

At this moment, she still hugged her daughters tightly, trying to use her thin body to protect them as if this would make them safer.


A strong goblin charged over and slapped this poor woman away with force.

The goblins were short, but their strength wasn’t weak. They loved to assault human women, especially little girls who were about ten years old. These little girls were about the same height as them, and the goblins loved attacking them.

In just a flash, little Anna who was stupefied by fear was surrounded by several goblins, and her little dress was torn apart, revealing her thin body.

Anna shivered in the cold wind, and she was so terrified that she forgot how to fight back.

“No! Let go of my children! Let go of them!”

The young mother was held down by several goblins who were grinning viciously, but she ignored her own situation and tried to charge over and rescue her daughters.

However, this woman’s strength couldn’t be compared to those goblin warriors.

“No…” the woman screamed in desperation.

In the next moment, she was pressed down on the ground by the goblins.

The most tragic fate was about to land on these three poor humans.

Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh!

At this moment, a series of rapid arrow-howling noises sounded.

The woman suddenly felt like her body became light. All the goblins around her flew back, and a series of screams sounded non-stop.

“Children! My children…” the woman ignored the fact that her own clothes were torn apart; she rushed over to her children.

She was pleasantly surprised that even though the two little girls’ clothes were torn, the most tragic situation didn’t happen to them. There were only a few scratch marks on their bodies.

“Mom…” the two little girls were terrified, and they rushed into their mother’s embrace while shivering.

The woman looked up. She wasn’t sure when, but a few valiant female human warriors appeared on the hill further away. They loaded their bows, and arrows were flying out like raindrops in a storm. Every arrow would take away a goblin’s life.

“Oink! More women…” The goblins became crazy.

The women who appeared on the hill were all extremely beautiful, and they were dressed in military uniforms. They were alluring like sweet poison, making goblins scream and rush toward the hill.

Sharp howls and shouts resonated in the area.

Many goblins came out of nowhere, and they formed a green wave. In just a flash, goblins filled the land and rushed toward the hill.

“Quickly run!” the young mother screamed in panic as she thought, “Those little over a dozen female warriors can’t defeat so many goblins that are charging at them.”

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