Hail the King

Chapter 1149.4 - The Commander of the Northern Region Empire (Part Four)

Chapter 1149: The Commander of the Northern Region Empire (Part Four)

“Except for the mixed cavalry legion, the Northern Region Empire also has such elite soldiers? It seems like some rumors aren’t false. The Northern Region Empire sure could take on the Holy Church!”

Those masters who were hostile toward the Holy Church were all pleased by what they saw.

The more powerful and influential that the Northern Region Empire was, the more beneficial it was to these masters. As long as they relied on the Northern Region Empire in this mission, they could greatly cancel out the influence of the Holy Church.

The mysterious master of the Holy Church showed off his godly strength prior and shamed these people who opposed the Holy Church, pushing these empires in the Eastern Region that didn’t like the Holy Church to the side of the Northern Region Empire.

“It is unfortunate that the mixed cavalry legion isn’t here. We can’t witness the presence of the Golden Lion!”

“Yeah! If the legendary Golden Lion isn’t here, I’m afraid that if it’s only the two of them, Shaarawy and Cassano can’t deal with that figure on the altar.”

“Don’t be impatient. Perhaps other influential figures of the Northern Region Empire will be here.”

“Haha! Guess! Will the Human Emperor of the North come here in person?”

“It is hard to say. The Human Emperor of the North’s status is way more prestigious than it used to be. He needs to stay behind in Sky City and guard against the Holy Church’s potential sudden raid. Besides, the Pope of the Holy Church isn’t here. If the Human Emperor of the North comes here in person, he will be lowering his status himself!”

People talked amongst themselves.

Close to one million pairs of eyes were staring at the giant portal on the north bank of Lancang River.

The soldiers of the Northern Region Empire walked out of the portal one after another without stopping. After about half an hour, close to 10,000 soldiers had walked out with other equipment, and some changes finally occurred in the portal of light.

Exactly 1,000 beautiful and valiant female magic archers who were in Moon-Class Realm walked out.

These female archers were all pretty and powerful, and surging magic energy engulfed them, making many masters in the area gasp in disbelief. There were quite a few female masters on the continent, but it was rare to see so many female Moon-Class magic archers who were young and gorgeous.

Some lustful men already stared at these girls with their eyes wide-open.

“Hahaha! Did the Northern Region Empire run out of people? Actually sending a group of women here to battle? Haha…” a sharp and mocking voice sounded in the troop of Barcelona beside the altar.

Before this person could finish mocking, a series of gasps sounded.

These 1,000 female magic archers separated into two groups and moved to the two sides of the portal. Then, the breathtaking and unparalleled Valkyrie slowly walked out of the portal. Instantly, everyone felt like their eyes brightened, and it seemed like all the light in this world was stolen by this woman.

“Your Highness!”

Shaarawy and Cassano bowed at this woman with respect.

Now, everyone could tell that this Valkyrie who appeared last was the commander of the troop of the Northern Region Empire. Her status was above these two young lords.

“The commander of the troop of the Northern Region is a woman?” Many people were shocked. They had thought of many candidates for this position, but they didn’t think that the leader of the Northern Region Empire this time was a gorgeous woman.

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