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Chapter 987 Replicator Shows Up Again

Chapter 987 Replicator Shows Up Again

Omega and Krona did not understand why these Mermen were gazing at them like they had seen the most impossible thing. Of course, it was only thanks to Draco's threat that Poseidon and Leviathan didn't dare to fool around and mess with Omega and Krona anymore.

Neptune pondered for a while before asking a prudent question.

"Since so many of you qualify for the trial… exactly who is taking it?"

The mermen were stunned by this and realized this was indeed the case. The trial did not necessarily have to be taken by one person, but that person was usually the leader of the group bringing his subordinates along.

It was obvious enough who the leader of this group was, and the one qualified for the trial was rather his subordinate? This made them feel weird, and it was good that King Neptune pointed this out indirectly.

Draco cast a glance towards King Neptune, which made the old fellow feel a great chill in his heart. He immediately regretted bringing this up because it was actually a dumb question.

So what if it was his subordinate? After all, the fellow himself was strong enough to snatch Divine weapons from others, so what did it matter? Most importantly, this fellow was strong enough to beat him to… well not death, but into tears.

What was the benefit of questioning him at this time but to drive a wedge between him and his subordinates? However, Neptune was shocked when neither Omega nor Krona seemed pensive by his words, rather looked at him as if looking at a fool.

Draco took his sharp gaze from King Neptune and smiled. "Since the King is curious as to who is the one taking the trial, it shall be me. I will go and test my bloodline on your altar."

Draco took a few steps and came before the altar. Suddenly, he turned to King Neptune and grinned wolfishly. "By the way, do you have another copy of this thing? Or like a spare?"

King Neptune was stunned by this weird question.

"No, this is an item created by the Great Poseidon and left in the kingdom to test the bloodline of royals and nobles, as well as trials takers such as yourself. We only have the one." He answered honestly.

Draco snorted. "Hmph, then there's no point in destroying it from the weight of my blood. We still need this altar to fulfill condition 3 of the Unique Quest stages so it can't be destroyed."

With that, he took out an item from his inventory.

?Digital Replicator – Unique

Rank: Divine

Durability: MAX


Passive 1 – Scan: Point the Replicator 's camera over any item and go through the scanning process. This will store a blueprint of the item within the Replicator 's database.

Passive 2 – Database: This item possesses its own expansive digital database that can be accessed by the user at any time.

Active 1 – Store: Activate this skill to put any scanned item into the Replicator s' storage space. It can be extracted at any time and carried through any dimension or barrier when stored. Cooldown: 5 minutes.

Active 2 – Replicate: Activate this skill to create a copy of any scanned item from the database. The correct materials for the item must be provided and stored in the Replicator s' database ahead of time for this to work. Duration: 3 days. Cooldown: 1 month.

Description: This device was created by the Progenitor of Magical Engineering in an attempt to mimic the powers of the Refinement Goddess. However, he discarded the item to the Divine Realm when he saw it was a failure.?

It was one of the items from the five Divine Treasure Chests Draco had opened with Eva after completing the Tower of Babylon Quest.

The five items he had gotten back then were the Moon Seed for Draco, which was the same as Eva's Sun Seed. Draco had not utilized it much due to reaching 100% and not really needing it, not to mention he hardly used his class based abilities anymore.

If you thought about it, it was really sad. Due to an explosive power creep, Draco no longer used his swords to fight, did not use his Paragon Sword skill or Peerless Sword skills, did not use The Army of Camelot to summon Arthur and co, did not use his Heart of the Woods to summon the dryad army, did not use his innate technique generator to develop new techniques, hardly even used control to fight and basically abandoned all his Tradeskills to the side except Refinement which he used occasionally.

Being OP was nice, but sometimes, it also had its flaws.

Anyway, back to the previous matter.

The second item back then had been a Divine Tradeskill for Eva called Ministry which allowed her to generate faith energy into Divine energy for True Gods. This also went wasted because Eva didn't really care about Tradeskills and to make this one work, she would need to establish a church and take in believers.

She had no intention of working for the Church of Light or contesting against them for believers, so the Tradeskill sat in her inventory uselessly.

Third was this very digital replicator he had now pulled out which he also had little use for because even if he could replicate Divine items, he didn't have the fucking materials and his Refinement could only work up to the Legendary Rank for materials previously.

Luckily, he had broken through in Refinement from stage 1 where he could only refine materials below the Divine tier and equipment below the Rare Rank, to stage 2 where he could now refine any materials below the Semi-Origin Rank and any equipment below the Legendary Rank.

In other words, if Draco was able to find some time, he could mass produce Divine materials or Epic equipment!

The fourth item they got at the time was the Conjurer's Ring, an item Draco originally wanted to take but was snatched away by Eva. It allowed one to use the power of Conjuration which was basically manifestation through mental power.

It was basically creation with a thought, and was truly exiting and useful, but it had been sidelined after they got to 100%. After all, Conjuration did not use bloodline or real-life mental strength, but a game-based stat that was calculated by INT x SPR x Rank.

Eva could literally control the fabric of time with ease, and her bloodline had infinite energy to provide her. Why would she use this method that had limited resources to use and cost a lot?

The fifth and final item they got was the World Map. This one was actually used by them specifically by Draco's avatar who had taken the Divine Rank Air force One airship and set out to the unmapped Zones to well… map them.

Since the avatar and Draco shared the same mind and inventory as well as power, it had his Abyss Eternal class and 100% bloodline power, so there was little that could threaten him.

Since the AI also had low control of the unmapped zones, he could also unseal himself slightly more than Draco and let loose without affecting the AI as much.

He had already gone through some crazy adventurers and acquired some nice things, but the author doesn't dare to write about them because he is still suffering from the damage of the Inter-player and the core member tournament min-arcs.

Whatever the case, Draco now used the Digital Replicator to scan the Altar of Awakening, and naturally found that it was a Divine Rank item with some impressive utility.

?Altar of Awakening – Fixed Place Item

Rank: Divine

Durability: MAX


Passive 1 – Test: The user can set a standard for the altar by dripping a drop of any type of blood. After setting the standard, anyone else who drips a drop of blood in the altar will have their bloodline tested to see if it matches with the Power, Purity and Affinity of the standard set.

Passive 2 – Absorb: The item can absorb all blood dropped within, and the blood will be filtered and purified, converted into raw energy that can accumulate semi-endlessly for the purposes of Active skill 2.

Active 1 – Condense: When this skill is activated, it will gather the force of the Altar around a target and with the help of external items, condense and purify the bloodline within a target to the highest possible degree. Cooldown: 1 year.

Active 2 – Produce: When the energy gathered by Passive 2 is sufficient, one can burn it all to produce a single drop of pure blood resembling that of the standard set by the original user which can easily be absorbed. This depletes the energy stored up until now. Cooldown: None.

Description: This Altar was crafted by the hands of Hephaestus, The God of Blacksmithing, along with Norma The Refinement Goddess and the Cyclopes, Semi-Origin Gods of Forging through a severely expensive commission by Poseidon that almost drove him to poverty. It is a special Fixed Place Item that had become a staple in the old era, but with far lower quality.?

Draco nodded his head and stored the details in the Digital Replicator's database. When he saw the items needed to replicate the Altar though, his lips twitched and he understood why even a rich bastard like Poseidon felt the pinch.

Draco was now not as willing to destroy it with the sheer power of his bloodline, because it really was one of a kind. Some of these items likely no longer existed, so Draco would have to acquire them through other means.

Still, he casually sliced his finger and let a single drop of black-ish blood fall. The moment it left his body, a weight so powerful that it could crush Gods hit everyone, and all fell to the ground regardless of their Rank or power.

The was no longer bloodline suppression, but suppression from existence. Draco was a higher level existence, but he, Eva and Shuangtian sealed themselves and hardly let out their real power, so others could walk and talk around them normally.

However, this drop of blood left his body and was no longer suppressed, so its power wantonly spread out.

Cracks formed in space and holes began to emerge, wanting to drag everyone into the null realm which was where even the Grey Rot of the Divine Realm feared to go.

It was rumored that existences higher than Origin Rank resides there, and if they ever entered the real world, it would be chaos.

The reason why Kiran's mother, Juno, was still asleep was because strange energies had infiltrated her Sarira when Kiran was going Super Warrior 2 for the first time during the First Inter-Player International Tournament and shattered space.

Draco frowned and waved a hand, sealing these cracks instantly. He then isolated his blood in its own space, allowing those around to finally get up to their feet with shock and fear on their faces.

When that aura blasted onto them, it felt like the whole world was coming down on their heads, and that there was nothing they could do but watch as they were about to be crushed to pieces.

They likely never wanted to go through that again. The members of Umbra were mostly fine, as they expected and knew this since all of them had bloodlines from Draco, Eva and Shuangtian at 99%, so the suppression had been routine.

But for the mermen here and King Neptune, the suppression had been full of malice, and they were all ashen faced as they felt like they had literally escaped death.

However, their attention was stolen by the Altar of Awakening which had swallowed Draco's blood and was shaking greatly, as if it was about to explode. Remembering what Draco said, a terrifying outcome appeared in King Neptune's mind that made his face change greatly.

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