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Chapter 945 [Bonus ] Rank 6 NPC Beauties 1

Chapter 945 [Bonus ] Rank 6 NPC Beauties 1

The kind of energy that Hikari, Zaine and Roma were swallowing was enough to upset almost the entire Island in the Void. For sure if they did this outside, the entire Continent would feel their power up, which made one wonder, how did the current Rank 7's power up?

The answer to that was pretty much why there were very few, if any, Rank 5 and above NPCs in the main plane. Truthfully, leveling up was hard, but not too difficult if you want to spend time on it.

However, one would have to prepare materials for their ranks up, especially Aether Crystals in order to create Aetheric Energy. After all, there was no way you could just rely on Worldly Energy after Rank 5.

And now you knew why Aether Crystals have such a nonsensically high value. If Draco said he would give out all the ones he had to various forces, many new Rank 7's could be born, but he was not that benevolent yet.

As usual, Zaine shone with a bright blue light that was infused with lightning of many colors while her body shifted into her true form. She mostly swallowed up Aetheric Energy, and about 15% of the content was Divine Energy.

As for Roma, she alternately shone with a dark green light as she shifted into a grey-skinned Ultima Sunt form. She also mostly swallowed exorbitant amounts of Aetheric Energy, with about 20% being Divine Energy.

Hikari was naturally the most abnormal. She glowed with a creamy white light that enveloped her like a veil, and she only swallowed pure Divine Energy with hints of Origin here and there.

After all, she currently had a divine State of Being and Source Origin, only lacking the Combat Rank. It was obvious that she had evolved past Aetheric Energy at this point.

Just like when they were at Rank 4 going to Rank 5, the three NPC women spent about twice as long compared to their their previous Rank Up absorbing energy.

Zaine finished after 24 hours, Roma after 27, and Hikari after exactly 48 hours. When Hikari was finally done, they all opened their eyes at the same time as if in sync.

Their eyes gleamed with power and their bodies were full of might. They had reached the level Draco and Eva did in the previous timeline and had been stuck at, so the Evil Duo could understand how they were likely feeling more than anyone.

Draco and Eva used the clan management panel to check their status screens as usual.

?Name: Zaine - Rank 6 Royal Devil

Level: 250

Exp: 0%

NPC Str: 40 --> 48

NPC Dex: 40 --> 48

NPC End: 40

NPC Int: 310

NPC Spr: 10

NPC Cha: 100

NPC Lck: 10

Active Skills: Psi-Blade, Psi-Barrier, Psi-Restoration, Psi-Clone, Psi-Blink, Psi-Control, Psi-Bomb, Psi-Rupture, Psi-Wave, Indenture, Lightning Form (new), Lightning Domain (new), Mind Lightning (new).

Passive Skills: Potent Seduction, Master Telekinesis, Master Psychometry, Master Telesthesia, Master Apportation, Master Transvection, Ultra Lightning Control, Super Enhanced Mind, Thunder Mirage.?

?Psi-Blade – Active Skill

Effect: Slash out with purified Mental Energy condensed into the form of a blade that severs all thoughts and sentience. This deals 250% --> 300% mental damage and incapacitates a single target.

Duration: 6 minutes --> 8 minutes.

Cooldown: 5 minutes --> 3 minutes.?

?Psi-Barrier – Active Skill

Effect: Create a protective shield of purified Mental Energy around the caster that negates 120% --> 130% of all mental damage while reflecting 60% --> 65% of the damage back, as well as negating 80% --> 85% of all physical damage.

Duration: 5 minutes --> 6 minutes

Cooldown: 3 minutes --> 2 minutes?

?Psi-Restoration – Active Skill

Effect: Concentrate purified Mental Energy to restore stamina, mana, and health of the user in a pinch. Regains 60% --> 70% of all of these attributes.

Cooldown: 40 seconds --> 30 seconds.?

?Psi-Clone – Active Skill

Effect: Summon a clone of yourself made of Psychic Energy that possesses 40% --> 50% of your total power and can fight in tandem with you during combat. It is invulnerable to all but mental damage during its lifetime.

Duration: 2 minute --> 4 minutes

Cooldown: 9 minutes --> 7 minutes.?

?Psi-Blink – Active Skill

Effect: Instantly teleport yourself from one place to another within a range of 2 --> 4 kilometers. You can only teleport yourself and are invincible during the travel.

Cooldown: 20 seconds --> 10 seconds.?

?Psi-Control – Active Skill

Effect: Enhance all of your other skills by 40% --> 50%. This has no effect on techniques.

Duration: 1 hour --> 2 hours.

Cooldown: 22 hours --> 20 hours.?

?Psi-Bomb – Active Skill

Effect: Implant a psychic bomb into anything, detonating it remotely from anywhere your telesthesia can reach.You can also set a timer or condition for it to detonate anywhere in the world. It deals 500% --> 600% psychic damage over a range of 500 --> 600 meters.

Cooldown: 3 hours --> 2 hours.?

?Psi-Rupture – Active Skill

Effect: Explode your Psychic Energy, creating a powerful rupture in the flow of mental energies of all beings within 1 --> 5 kilometers. This damages the user for 10% --> 8% of their HP, but deals 1,200% --> 1,500% psychic damage to all targets.

Cooldown: 1 day --> 20 hours.?

?Psi-Wave – Active Skill

Effect: Send out a condensed wave of Psychic Energy that strikes any enemy within a 180° arc in front of you for a total distance of 3 --> 5 kilometers. All enemies within range sustain 700%--> 800% psychic damage.

Cooldown: 12 hours --> 6 hours.?

?Indenture – Active Skill

Effect: Force any target(s) to obey your commands unconditionally and willingly.

Note: This is effective on monsters weaker than the user. There is no limit to the number of monsters that can be charmed save for the user's mental limit.

Duration: none.

Cooldown: 40 minutes --> 30 minutes.?

?Lightning Form – Active Skill

Effect: Change your body from matter to energy as your elementalize into Lighting. Your attack is boosted by 500% but your defense is reduced by 60%.

Duration: 10 minutes

Cooldown: 1 hour.?

?Ligthning Domain – Active Skill

Effect: Create a space around you filled with Lightning particles that you can control, and this area increased your speed by 100% and grants sure-strike as well as life drain to you, and a severely slow status to the enemy.

Duration: 1 minute

Cooldown: 1 hour.?

?Mind Lightning – Active Skill

Effect: Mix Lightning energy with Psychic Energy and transmit it across the mental domain to strike a single target for 300% Lightning and Psychic Damage.

Cooldown: 5 minutes.?

?Master Telekinesis – Passive skill

Effect: With your Mental Energy, you can control external objects of various sizes at will with ease and at 50% --> 40% less cost.?

?Master Psychometry – Passive skill

Effect: With your Mental Energy, you can perceive the emotions and raw feelings of those around you and can absorb it for nourishment with ease and at 50% --> 40% less cost.?

?Master Telesthesia – Passive skill

Effect: With your Mental Energy, create a permanent void around your body which your mind fully controls with ease and at 50% --> 40% less cost. This domain is always maintained and can assist your other psychic skills in interesting ways.?

?Master Apportation – Passive skill

Effect: With your Mental Energy, you are able to move your body through folds of space at the speed of thought, appearing wherever you need to be with ease and at 50% --> 40% less cost.?

?Master Transvection – Passive skill

Effect: With your Mental Energy, you are able to move your body through the atmosphere, achieving levitation and flight at will with ease and at 50% --> 40% less cost.?

?Ultra Lightning Control – Passive skill

Effect: You can freely and willfully control all forms of Lightning Energy to attack, defend or imbue.

Note 1: You can now summon Purple/Soul Annihilation Lightning.

Note 2: Accessible forms of Lightning: Blue/Energy Infused Lightning, Yellow/Body Cleansing Lightning, Red/Blood Burning Lightning, Purple/Soul Annihilation Lightning.?

?Super Enhanced Mind – Passive Skill

Effect: Your mental faculties are greatly improved after learning the mind arts of the Intelligence Sentinels. All mental related skills and abilities are strengthened by 50% --> 60%.?

?Potent Seduction – Passive skill

Effect: Those of the opposite sex, as well as those who are sexually oriented towards you, will display sexual interest towards you up to a range of 1 kilometer. You can control their degree of lust.?

Zaine had focused more on Lightning than her psychic abilities, which was understandable. There was only so much you could develop in that regard before you hit a limit.

Next up was Roma whose skills were always the most versatile yet evil.

?Name: Roma - Rank 6 Mystic Queen

Level: 250

Exp: 0%

NPC Str: 10

NPC Dex: 10

NPC End: 500

NPC Int: 330

NPC Spr: 160 --> 176

NPC Cha: 10

NPC Lck: 10

Active Skills: Dark Hands, Chaos Spirit, Chimera Summoning, Silence, Life Drain, Final Blast, Mystic Resurrection, Elemental Corruption, Soul Warp, Banish, Cauldron of Evil, Dark Transmutation, Crone Summon, Swamp Fae, Evil Wish (new), Banshee Wave (new), Soul Steal (new).

Passive Skills: Perfect Control, Pinnacle Insight, Precognition, Flexibility, Mystic Mirage.?

?Dark Hands – Active skill

Effect: Summon a plethora of undead arms from the earth that trap all enemies within 3 miles --> 5 miles and rip them to shreds.

Duration: 4 minutes --> 5 minutes.

Cooldown: 20 seconds --> 15 seconds.?

?Chaos Spirit – Active skill

Effect: Summon a soul tainted by Chaos Energy that infiltrates the minds and bodies of others, warping their very essence into something random.

Duration: 3 minutes --> 4 minutes.

Cooldown: 8 minutes --> 7 minutes.?

?Chimera Summoning – Active skill

Effect: Call forth the existence of a Chimera from the Mystic Plane, which can attack and defend for the duration of its existence.

Duration: 7 minutes --> 8 minutes.

Cooldown: 6 minutes --> 5 minutes.?

?Silence – Active skill

Effect: Place a curse of silence on an enemy which prevents them from using any skill or spell and removes all buffs and as well as positive characteristics.

Duration: 2.5 minutes --> 3 minutes.

Cooldown: 2 minutes --> 1.5 minutes.?

?Life Drain – Active skill

Effect: When in physical contact with any enemy, drain their life at a rate of 3% --> 4% per second and restore yours by the same amount. If at full health, drained life is converted into stat points for END.

Cooldown: None?

?Final Blast – Active skill

Effect: Fire a concentrated beam of Mystic Energy that deals 1,500% --> 1,800% Mystic Damage to a single target and cause their defense and resistance to drop by 80% --> 90%.

Cooldown: 6 hours --> 3 hours?

?Elemental Corruption – Active skill

Effect: Corrupt the natural elements in any area with Soiled Prana and Mystic Sludge, making it 60% --> 65% harder for magical casters to use spells, reducing the power of their spells by 80% --> 90%.

Duration: 2 minute --> 3 minutes.

Cooldown: 20 minutes --> 15 minutes.?

?Soul Warp – Active skill

Effect: Send out an intangible wave of Negative Soul Energy that targets the souls of an enemy, turning them into a random Mystic Species for a time.

Duration: 6 minutes --> 7 minutes.

Cooldown: 9 hours --> 6 hours.?

?Banish – Active skill

Effect: Open a portal to the Mystic Realm and send a target into it, temporarily removing them from the main plane.

Duration: 1 minute --> 2 minute.

Cooldown: 12 minutes --> 9 minutes.?

?Cauldron of Evil – Active skill

Effect: Forcefully capture every enemy within a 10 --> 15 mile radius, placing them into your cauldron where they will be set to boil. Once inside, they will either take damage if they pass a Luck check, or they will be turned into random resources or items of any kind and grade.

Cooldown: 50 minutes --> 40 minutes.?

?Dark Transmutation – Active skill

Effect: Channel Mystic Energy into an object and warp its very essence into the form of another temporarily. Items made this way cannot be used or consumed by the user or any allies.

Duration: 10 minutes --> 15 minutes.

Cooldown: 5 minutes --> 1 minute.?

?Crone Summon – Active skill

Effect: Call forth an ancient crone, a great witch of the old ages to help you in battle as a young genius of this era. The Crone is capped at your Rank, but can display the peak of its power when she had been at that Rank.

Duration: 2.5 minutes --> 5 minutes

Cooldown: 30 minutes --> 15 minutes.?

?Swamp Fae – Active skill

Effect: Create a random member of the swamp fae linage to help assist you in your witchly duties. They possess a wide range of utilities depending on their specific race.

Cooldown: 7 days --> 3 days.?

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