Guild Wars

Chapter 669 - (2/2) Tension

The entrance of the arena was thoroughly packed, and it seemed like there was a semblance of a queue, but at the same time, not really. Draco rolled his eyes, preprepared to wait when he was shocked by a tyrannical roar. 

"ALL OF YOU, SCRAM FROM BEFORE THIS KING!" Draco's dad roared as his skin reddened and his height increased. 

Scorching heat radiated from his body, and everyone in the square paled, especially those close to him. When they saw him transform, many screamed and ran, because… 

"Oh my God, it's an expert at the Integration Realm?" 

"Why the fuck is he here? A person of his caliber should be the leader of a massive clan!" 

"I thought our area was too weak to have experts at this realm? Did he cross over from another state?!" 

Many people shouted different things as they made way, which Draco and Eva used to glean a lot of information. They shared strange looks before likely understanding what the problem was. 

If these fellows were flabbergasted, it was likely that the Tower was too. Most who came here had powerful parents, for sure, but within the scope of the game, none of them were above Rank 7. 

However, Draco and Eva's bloodline was above Origin Grade and their parents were already masters of their various Inheritances with relatively high purity. This, when converted to this world's standard, meant that they were likely of a higher realm than anyone else. 

Hence, the weirdness. Using a public arena like this was so that regardless of if one's parents were high or low, they would be able to complete this floor's plot. But with parents like theirs, as that one fellow had insinuated, they could have easily afforded to awaken Draco and Eva at their clan homes. 

Draco also gazed at his Soulmate questioningly. She wrung her lips, but nodded, leaving him speechless as he had just mentally asked Eva if his father actually behaved like that in reality, which she had confirmed. 

He was this tyrannical? 

Hmph, but it meant nothing! 

Didn't he ultimately bend his back to the Pangu Lineage like a dog and give in? 

Draco was instantly unimpressed, his father's actions looked like a joke to him. Eva saw this and sighed, but did not say anything. 

Her position on the matter was clear since she knew the full story, but she dared not try to impose her thoughts on Draco, especially given that he had suffered on her behalf. 

Draco's father laughed arrogantly as he walked through, while his mother simply smiled beautifully, hearts in her eyes as she gazed at her husband's wicked nature. 

Eva's mom smiled with amusement and followed, while her soft-looking dad simply rubbed his forehead with exasperation. They all entered the arena despite onlookers giving them aggrieved and flabbergasted looks. 

It was the equivalent of billionaires coming to a charity food center to claim some of the meals. Totally immoral, despicable, and reprehensible! 

"Brother Dante, are you sure this is wise?" Eva's father asked with a slightly bothered look. 

"Hahaha! Brother Akihiko, why are you worried? Our little angels are awakening today, and we should use a public venue so that no one can claim that we are misrepresenting facts! The whole world should see that the son of I, Dante, is a monster, hahaha!" Dante laughed arrogantly, not caring if anyone wanted to hear it or not as he stomped towards the entrance. 

Akihiko, Eva's father, simply sighed once more. Ever since they were kids, Dante had always carried him around to cause trouble, and the two of them had always ended up in life and death scenarios because of that brazen nature of his. 

If Akihiko did not consider Dante his best friend, he would have long since beaten him up. 

"Kiyoko, they're at it again." Draco's mother giggled. 

Kiyoko rolled her eyes. "Seriously, Lilith, I sometimes wonder which ones are the married couple, them and us or the two of them alone!" 

The two women giggled away, while Draco and Eva shared a look again. Eva blushed and nodded once more, that yes, this was how they were in reality, leaving Draco even more speechless. 

Soon, they entered the arena and walked up to the testing podium, where some government officials sat with frowns on their faces, wondering what the hold up was. 

When they saw Dante in his Demon Form walk over arrogantly, their faces changed as they rushed to stand and bow. 

"We greet the Lucifer Clan Head!!" They all roared with utmost respect and valor. 

Dante laughed uproariously. 

Then they turned to Lilith. 

"We greet the Grand Lady of the Lucifer Clan!" 

Lilith simply smiled playfully, but did not acknowledge them. 

They then turned to Akihiko. 

"We greet the Amaterasu Clan Head!" 

Akihiko pushed up his glasses and nodded arrogantly, a light of disdain in his eyes. 

They finally faced Kiyoko. 

"We greet the Grand Lady of the Amaterasu Clan!" 

Kiyoko simply smiled softly, but this was enough to make many men and women feel like their souls had been cleansed. Even Eva sighed with pleasure and leaned into her mom's embrace. 

She had run away from home earlier this year, so she hadn't been able to enjoy her mother's beautiful smile and warm hug, which she now realized how dearly she missed. 

Just as the group was about to step forward after the officials were allowed to rise, they heard an annoying, jarring laughter. 

"Hahaha, I, Ao Lingtian, have landed!" 


Suddenly, the entire place shook because a huge and burly fellow had crashed into the square, toppling everything and everyone as he left a crater. He then revealed a young boy who looked much like him, sneering at everyone who had fallen from his father's heavy landing. 

Ao Lingtian was around 6'3, a towering man with huge muscles that were not gnarly, but extremely shapely and well-defined. The man had a mop of messy black hair and wild brown eyes, as well as bronze-colored skin that shone in the reflection of the sun. 

His huge nose, narrow eyes, and thick lips, though, made him look a bit average in terms of looks. His son on his shoulders inherited almost all of his looks, only that he was slightly more handsome. 

The moment they arrived, the officials rose to their feet and bowed once more in a hurry. 

"We greet the Pangu Clan Head!" 

Ao Lingtian laughed uproariously. "Hahaha, government dogs, quickly bring out three virgin beauties for me to play with while my son awakens his Martial Spirit!" 

His words made the faces of the government officials here became ugly, but they didn't dare speak back against a powerful fellow who could destroy this entire city in a few blows. 

"Hm? You there, quickly hand over your daughter for this father's enjoyment. Take some 4th-grade Qi Stones in exchange." Ao Lingtian ordered casually as he tossed a few glowing green crystals towards a family of four with a 16-year-old daughter and 10-year-old boy who had come here to awaken. 

The family were stunned and horrified as Lingtian casually reached out for the girl without waiting for their agreement. In his eyes, these Qi Stones were worth more than this entire city - and this was in fact true objectively speaking - not to mention it was the luck of this girl's 10,000 generations to be played with by him. 

However, just as Lingtian was about to snatch her, a hand gripped his own, stopping it in place. 

Lingtian grunted angrily as he checked who dared to stop him, and saw the menacing look that Dante was giving him as he had returned to his normal form. Lingtian then smiled with derision. 

"Well, well, well, if it isn't Dante the Clown. What is a noble clan head like you doing in a hovel like this? Or have you finally accepted where you truly belong?" 

Dante did not react to the rude words and simply replied. "Bitchtian, quickly scram until you're no longer within 100 miles of my presence and carry that little monkey away with you, or don't blame me for ending both your lives today." 

Ao Shangtian looked infuriated at being called a little monkey, but meeting Dante's gaze, the small boy cowed. As for Lingtian, he did not seem bother, rather breaking his hand from Dante's grasp. 

"Relax, clown boy, I've come here to awaken my son, not to fight. Besides, if we do, all these precious little innocents will die, and you don't want that, now do you?" 

Dante's expression faltered slightly as he looked at the hundreds of people watching the confrontation with fear and trepidation. He then sighed under his breath and took a step back. 

"One day, when you stop relying on crowds to threaten me, I will tear your head off myself, just like I did your wife." Dante spoke coldly as he walked away. 

For once, Lingtian's arrogant smile was wiped from his face as he mustered intense killing intent towards Dante. However, without the other Clan Heads to assist him, he was outnumbered, so he could only take a deep breath and take his own advice. 

Soon, the officials regathered the crowd and placed the three lads at the lead. Normally, awakenings were done five at a time, but in order to allow the Young Masters and Young Lady of these prominent clans to truly shine, each one would take turns. 

Ao Shangtian was the first who headed to the center of the spirit array that would infuse his body with Qi Energy from Qi Stones and stimulate his Martial Spirit into awakening. 

Before he went up, though, Ao Lingtian laughed. "Those trashy 1st grade Qi Stones wouldn't be able to even tickle my son. Use this instead!" 

The official caught the glowing stone shakily, observing it for a moment until it dawned on him that he was holding a 9th grade Qi Stone, the best in the world! 


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