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Chapter 46 - Green Orc Settlement

Chapter 46 - Green Orc Settlement

Draco left the estate of the Duke of Farst, opting to blink towards the location of the Four Point Valley. He wanted to think about his next moves carefully. It wasn't that he was wary of anything really, but the fact that he wanted to milk this unique quests of the non-completion rewards.

The thing with unique quests was that they were completely self-contained. In other words, once Draco completed the quest, any consequences and presences would cease to exist.

For example, why would Draco, who had ruled over Sturgehaven Kingdom in his past life, not know about the races living within the Four Point Valley?

The answer was simple. Four Point Valley was normally a level 25- 40 field zone within the territory of Farst city. It was populated by monsters that were feral and mindless, not races stuck in a political quagmire.

So he had only once chance to earn rewards. The next question would be, what could Draco earn from this endeavor?

He could acquire skills, special items and heirlooms depending on his execution. He could also earn special race change privileges from any of the four races within the Four Point Valley assuming he accrued enough reputation with them.

Draco spawned in a craggy outcropping, looking much like the baboon from that old children's movie that held up a baby lion. He surveyed the area around him to find that it was a mixture of barren and dry earth as well as different size outcroppings. There were a few hills and mountains spread around too, making him feel barbaric.

He dropped from the top of the rocky mound and began walking in a straight line. His eyes had already pierced through space to find the area in which the Green Orcs resided.

For that matter, the AI had been clever to nerf Draco's divine eyes. The difference between 'seeing', 'seeing through' and 'seeing beyond' was divided into specificity and State of Being.

For example, take 'seeing'. Draco could see into the minds of guards and the fellows at the auction. Yet, he had dared not peek into the mind of Dorian Purple. The reason was State of Being. One couldn't compared a being like Dorian Purple to those fellows, even though the fellows at the Auction had been Rank 5 and 6.

After all, with the Dragorugio set on, Draco was essentially a High Rank Dragon. His State of Being was higher than a large majority of people and for Dorian Purple to be above that should show how deeply he had hidden.

The divine Eyes of Caelo were overpowered and heavenly, but the person it was attached to was still too weak. Draco was only Rank 1 and to top it off, the eyes were occupied with breaking his bloodline seal. If it weren't for the resonance, Draco might only be left with 'seeing' on a normal basis.

The State of Being criteria only affected living things however. How was 'seeing', 'seeing through' and 'seeing beyond' separated in the case of non-living and abstract subjects like space, time and nature?

It was specificity!

The vaguer it was, the harder it was to use True Sight on. The more specific, the easier.

For example, if Draco wanted to see the Vita Settlement right now, it would be too easy. That was because he had been there, so his criteria for seeing through space was easily achievable, reducing the piercing through to 'seeing' only.

If Draco wanted to see into the depths of the sea for example, it would have to be 'seeing beyond' because the 'depths of the sea' was too vague.

Which sea is it? The Cario Continent sea? The Vareas Peninsula sea?

If Draco specified the sea in question, it would drop to 'seeing through' in terms of difficulty. If Draco further broke down to say that, he was looking for the mermaid settlement in the Vareas Peninsula sea, it would drop to 'seeing'.

For living things, it was State of Being. For non-living, it was specificity.

(Authors note: I had a nightmare that some readers will comment on the inconsistency of the use of the divine eyes later, so I explained its rules here. Please remember this. If someone comments something that fails to take this into note later on, This Daddy will bang my head on a wall.)

Draco was able to see the settlement of the Green Orcs because he was piercing through space with the exact idea of what he was looking for. As such, his casual walk there was determined in terms of gait.


Still, the reason why he hadn't blinked there straight away was because he had an escort available for him. A group of male Green Orcs rushed at him with a myriad of weapons in their arms, ranging from axes to greatswords.

(Authors note: For the purpose of this arc, all orcs will bear a slightly similar manner to the orcs from Warcraft 3 in terms of classes and general behavior as well as fighting style.)

Draco smirked as they rushed at him, taking out Excalibur. The first Green Orc that attacked had a single edged scimitar in his hands. He swung the weapon down at Draco with one hand.

Draco met its attack with an uppercut swing of his sword, parrying the power packed move with ease. The Orc behind the sweep was shocked that this scrawny thing before him could actually trade directly blows with him.

Truthfully, Draco's base attack wasn't enough to do this. He also wasn't using Body of Godliness to direct the force of his attacks perfectly. So how on earth did this fellow attain power almost ten times his natural strength?

Because he literally did have ten times his strength at all times!

「Dragon Soul – Fusion item

Rank: Legendary


Passive 1 – Sacred Force: Trace amounts of Sacred Force leaks out of you, acting as a deterrent to monsters, NPCs and players at your level and below.

Note 1: This passive is currently inactive, as all the Dragon Soul's Sacred Force was spent in the soul merger.

Passive 2 – Dragon Legacy: Possessing a small part of the soul of a Divine Dragon, everything about you is magnified permanently by a factor of 10.

Active 1 – Dragon's Force: Activating this skill gives the user a boost of power by a factor of 700% for 30 seconds. Cooldown: 12 hours.

Further abilities can only be unlocked by attaining a higher class tier.」

His first passive had been disabled but the second one and the active skill were still available.

Draco's idle hand blasted forward and punched the large Orc right in the gut. The fellow fell back a few steps, gasping for air like he was on the verge of death. Spittle dripped from his mouth and the contents of his stomach were forcibly ejected by Draco's punch.

Naturally, not a single drop of that muck touched Draco. He had already moved onto his next target, a stocky Orc that swung a great axe as if it were a stick.

Draco hadn't used any of his skills and techniques from his past life in any battle so far because he had never seen the need to. He didn't really need to here either, but he felt like playing around a bit.

He gripped his longsword in a bizarre way, as if it were a rapier. He then thrust it forward, aiming to block the great axe in such a manner. The Orc before him smirked as it ridiculed Draco in its tiny brain.

"Sword Skill 34: Reversal!"

His sword blurred as it collided with the very tip of the assailant's great axe. What stunned the attacker was that all the force from his heavy attack was completely rebounded onto him, making him stagger a few steps back with broken wrists.

Draco kicked the Green Orc aside, breaking more than a few ribs in one hit.

Draco made a step-in strike, blasting aside the next attack from another greatsword wielding Orc, grabbing him by the back of the head and bringing the Orc's face to meet his knees.

Draco dealt with the remaining assailants just as easily as the first few, only disabling them instead of outright killing them. After all, he didn't want to become enemies with the Green Orc faction right off the bat. They might be a necessary cog in the wheel that was the Flora and Fauna quest.

When all the Orcs where on the floor, gasping and groaning in pain, he walked over to the first one, who had managed to recover from the brutal attack somewhat. Draco grabbed his throat and dragged him up, putting the Orc's face near his.

"Hello there, what's your name?" He asked kindly.

The Orc felt like headbutting the fellow. What was with that gentle tone as if we were friends?! Have you seen what you did to us?? Forget the physical damage, the mental damage you'd dealt to our pride was debilitating.

"I.. *cough*… I am Roknar."

Roknar managed to gasp out his name reluctantly. He wasn't really terrified of Draco, but this hunting group included many of the best able bodied male Orcs! If they were to die, perhaps it would be their turn to have their woman captured and played with.

"Okay, Roknar. Please distribute this healing potion to your fellows. When everyone is up, tell them my name is Draco and I represent the Duke of Farst."

When Draco mentioned his affiliation, the Orc's eyes widened. Truly, they had been idiots to attack a representative of their benefactor! Knowing that this human was with the Duke, Roknar became much more obedient.

When Draco's orders had been carried out fully, each of the Orcs lined up before him with expressions of curiosity and battle intent. Even though he was powerful, they still wanted to fight! This was why the Green Orcs had the backing of Dorian Purple. Demons had the exact same mentality, so he probably found some kinship in an unlikely place.

"We are all healed… Mr…?" Roknar asked with unease.

"Drake. No last name."

"Haha, we don't have last names either!" One of the greatsword wielding Orcs said with a laugh.

"Could it be that your pap was a fellow Orc?!" Another axe wielding Orc exclaimed, almost believing his own words before even expressing them.

"It must be so. I can see that despite being a pink-skin, he has some orcish handsomeness." Another less bulky Orc stated with certainty.

All the others agreed with him instantly. "Yah, there's no chance for any species to produce anything this handsome unless they've got orc blood."

Draco chuckled inwardly. Humans had nothing on Orc-kind when it came to belief in their racial supremacy. Still, he had better things to do than banter with a tribe of green-skins.

"Alright, enough playing. Roknar will be my spokesperson while I remain in the Four Point Valley. Your first duty is to lead me to your clan for me to assess your combat readiness." Draco stated with a calm expression.

The Orcs looked between each other uncertainly. They were definitely a bit dim, but not entirely stupid.

"Erm… why do we need to be combat ready? Are you gonna lead us on a raid for women and plunder?" Roknar asked with an interested gaze.

The other Orcs wore passionate looks as they contemplated this proposal. With Draco, who could defeat them all with ease, on their side… capturing all the females of the other races might just be possible!

"No. You'll understand when we arrive. Now get moving."

Draco's curt reply was met with shrugs all around as they began walking to the clan location. The Orcs didn't hold back on Draco's account and began to banter with each other as they walked towards their home.

"Bruddah, did you hear what happened with Snorkelia yesterday?"

"Ain't that the most beautiful Orc in the camp right now? What'd she do this time?"

"It's said she led the females on a raid for some men and jewelry. Can you guess what she captured?"

"Uh… she captured… men and jewelry?"

"Precisely! What an intelligent fellow you are!"

"Oh, haha. My mam always did say I was bright as a firefly, haha- Ouch!"

"*Thwam!* Idiot, if that's all she got why would I bother telling this story!?"

"You didn't have to hit me so hard… what did she get?"

"She managed to capture a wood elf!"


"That was my same reaction, Bruddah. She was so ecstatic that she washed him, cleaned him and fed him all night."

"Don't tell me she's doing that just for…"

"Yep, that wood elf is also a v.i.r.g.i.n, so she must want to get the best creampie of her life!"

"Damn, I wish I could capture a wood elf chick! They are so hard to grab! I'm tired of Gypsies and Dryads!"

Draco listened on with a stony expression, but inwardly he was slightly interested. He didn't bother to enter the minds of the Orcs because all they knew was fighting, pillaging and ****.

Do not listen to their banter and find them cute, these species of monsters were hated unanimously for their r.a.p.e-heavy activates and they definitely deserve the hatred they got. Unfortunately, it was something that was a part of their genetics, so one could say it wasn't their fault. Still though, all the captured men and women might or might not agree with you, depending on their personal fetishes.

Once this conversation was diverted into s.e.x.u.a.l preferences, Draco tuned out. His mind was currently replaying the moment he used Sword Skill 34. He felt that despite being able to execute the technique, it was lackl.u.s.ter compared to the old days. Obviously, that would because his Rank was too low compared to the past.

However, Draco felt differently. As the creator of the move, he knew its intricacies to the barest minimum. It felt like there was a dissonance between how he perceived the technique and how his body moved to execute it. It was uncomfortable to say the least and he realized he would have to remedy it sooner or later.

Soon enough, they arrived at the village of the orcs. It was crude to say the least, with Tipi houses that were made from the skins of monsters. It wasn't that pleasant aroma-wise, since hygiene wasn't a big thing to orcs. Draco didn't mind the smell, but anyone else would choke and gag.

Roknar moved to gather all the orcs in the village, regardless of what they were doing at the moment. Given the bizarre habits of the orcs, it wasn't surprising when some of them came in wearing almost nothing, with either rock hard and dripping crotches, or erect d.i.c.ks barely covered. It was pretty clear they were in the middle of something but had to pause.

The most outrageous was an arguably beautiful female Orc that looked the most humanoid of the bunch. Using the same measuring scale as before, her face would be about 6/10, while her toned and lean body would be a straight 10/10. One things orcs always had were perfect bodies, they just usually had terrible faces.

She came in barely covered, with a pearly white fluid leaking between her legs. She looked like someone who had already achieved their goal in life, and anything that happened afterward wasn't their problem. The sheer satisfaction on her face made Draco speechless.

Woman, was our only goal in life really to get some elven c.o.c.k?

"Most of you are wondering why such a dashing and ethereal fellow is standing before you. Let me answer your question. I am here to resolve the issues plaguing the Four Point Valley." Draco heroic tone and bearing made him personally satisfied.

However, there was no response from the gathered crowd. It was as if they were waiting for the punchline to a joke so that they could begin laughing.

Draco sighed, as he knew he should've known better, but he had held onto hope.

"I am here on behalf of the Duke of Farst."

Instantly, there was cheers and excited responses from the crowd, all of them gazing upon him as if he were the incarnation of the Heavenly Emperor himself.

Draco felt depressed. He had hoped his male beauty could move these fellows into obeisance, but nothing of the sort happened. He had expected subjugating these unruly orcs to be easy, so that was why he had chosen them first.

However, choosing them first also directly made subjugating the others slightly more difficult, in the sense that the orcs were public enemy number 1 in the Four Point Valley and being seen with them was definitely a reputation destroyer.

When the crowd managed to calm down somewhat, Draco signaled to Roknar. Along the way, he had told Roknar what to say after he had introduced himself, because he couldn't be bothered to talk too much to these orcs.

"Mr. Drake is here to rid our home of the parasites that have been making pillaging and plundering more difficult! With him, we'd be able to capture more men and women as playthings!"

Draco looked at Roknar strangely, as that wasn't anything close to what he said.

There was an excited response as the orcs felt that Draco's mission was the Heavenly Order itself. Ah, that beloved Duke of Farst… clearly, he understood our difficulties and wanted to help us!

Bless you, Lord Duke!

Bless you, Mr Drake!

Draco, who could read their thoughts, felt like facepalming. He had decided to peek into their minds this time because he wanted to see their genuine response to his presence. He wished he hadn't.

When they calmed down a bit further, a hand was raised in the crowd. Everyone turned to gaze at a runty orc that wore glasses on his face. Most of the other orcs looked at him with a mixture of indulgence and care. Draco realized why when he peeked into the mind of this nerdy looking orc.

The fellow was their raid planner! He was the reason they were so successful all the time!

"Is it possible that… that the parasites have males and females for us to capture?" He asked with a curious expression.

Immediately, all eyes turned to Draco. If the 0rcs had been paying half-attention before, now every bit of their brain cells was set to focusing on Draco's next words.

"Theoretically speaking…"

Collective breaths were held as their huge hearts pounded furiously.

"… It should be possible."

At that, the crowd exploded. They rushed up and grabbed Draco, lifting him up and tossing him in the air as if he were the champion.

"Lord Drake! Lord Drake! Lord Drake!"

They chanted his name and Draco suddenly felt that he had signed up for the wrong quest after all…

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