Growing Fond of You, Mr Nian

Chapter 827 - He Only Prepared a Thousand Dollars, He Was So Thick-Skinned to Lie About It

Chapter 827: He Only Prepared a Thousand Dollars, He Was So Thick-Skinned to Lie About It

Murong Cheng glared at him. “Of course I will be involved. In fact, I’m going to make sure that it will be done properly and lavishly.”

“Good then.” Nian Qingyun looked satisfied.

Murong Cheng was frustrated. Jiang Yi who was sitting beside her, stroked her hands. Nian Qingyun was overwhelmed with jealousy and stood up abruptly.

Everyone turned to look at him.

“I’m going to the loo.” Nian Qingyun promptly left his seat.

Grandma Nian nudged her grumpy partner and smiled at Mo Jin. “I’ll look for a good date later, but I’m afraid the wedding will have to be held here since Junting’s father is a military man. We won’t scrimp on Luosang; the monetary gift will be prepared properly.”

Although Mo Jin was not a fan of the old man’s attitude, she had to reciprocate the old lady’s amicable gesture so she replied graciously, “Junting already prepared the monetary gift.”

“Oh really?” Grandma Nian turned to look at Nian Junting.

Nian Junting nodded his head.

Nian Xi was curious, “Wow, brother, how much did you prepare? My sister-in-law is worth millions at least.”

Nian Junting looked at her casually, “Of course, you didn’t need to say that.”

“Brother, you are so generous.” Nian Xi gave him a thumbs up.

Luosang rolled her eyes silently in the corner. He only prepared a thousand dollars, he was so thick-skinned to lie about it.

Second Aunt Nian said sourly, “You are so amazing, Miss Xu. You won’t have to worry about anything for the rest of your life once you’re married. Although you have your father’s film company back now, you still must worry about whether the company can support itself. I heard that your company isn’t doing so well either, a lot of the investment funds pumped into the corporation were lost when Yi Jingxi was managing the company. Many of the artistes in your company are breaking their contracts as well. It would be quite a feat to reorganize the company, wouldn’t it?”

Grandpa Nian was upset again. He seriously doubted Xu Luosang intentions in marrying his grandson, he was certain that she was in it for the money.

“Are you planning to use the monetary gift to balance the accounts?”

He would never allow his grandson’s money to be used like that. Luosang could sense what Grandpa Nian was trying to get at and she was displeased.

Before she could speak, Mo Liuxi answered coldly, “So what if she did? Since Xu Luosang is marrying Nian Junting, she is his wife. Isn’t it natural for the husband to provide money for the wife to spend? Grandpa Nian, have you never given money to Grandma Nian? Have you never extended your generosity to her relatives in all these years?”

She paused before continuing, “Furthermore, we don’t care for your money. I’m afraid you have not kept up to date with the news, my mother has already transferred ten billion dollars to Luoxi Films. We don’t need your help.”

Grandpa Nian and Second Aunt Nian looked glum. Although they weren’t sure what her mother did, they knew that she had money. Little did they know she had so much of it.

Luosang looked at Mo Liuxi warmly and smiled gently. “Call me sister.”

“Call me brother,” Nian Junting chirped along.


He couldn’t stand the couple.

Luosang wanted to pinch her brother’s cheeks as she watched him twitch with annoyance. She didn’t expect him to speak so eloquently at such a young age.

Grandma Nian looked at Grandpa Nian grumpily and said, “No wonder you weren’t willing to lend me money when my sister was in trouble all those years ago.”

“How long ago was that?” Grandpa Nian hurried to explain things, “Don’t you know what kind of person your sister is? We can lend your family money, but we’d be really causing her harm if we lent her money.”

Grandma Nian grunted, “You patronized me with that then as well. I believed what you said but now I seriously question whether you were just being stingy towards my family.”

Mo Liuxi took a sip of his hot tea and added, “Women are always easy to lie to, men are good at crafting lies but one day, the truth is always revealed.”

“Watch what you’re saying, little brat.” Grandpa Nian was furious now. “I was only asking, I didn’t say anything else, did I?”

Mo Liuxi looked up. “Are you saying that my sister can use Nian Junting’s money in whichever way she deems fit? Nian Junting is doing the right thing, isn’t he?”


Of course not, how could his grandson’s money become Xu Luosang’s?

Grandpa Nian looked at him disapprovingly.

“Grandma Nian, seems like your husband’s money isn’t yours,” Mo Liuxi said casually, “You must be very obedient to him at home.”

Grandma Nian was stunned, she recalled all the times she gave in to him. He never approved of her purchases and was always stingy, she was getting more and more upset.

“So your wealth was never mine,” the old lady said coldly.

Nian Qingyun watched as the conversation grew and he quickly intervened. “Ma, don’t fall for their tricks.”

Mo Liuxi chuckled and looked at the Second Aunt. “Auntie, may I ask, do you hold the financial power in your household?”

Second Aunt looked uncomfortable all of a sudden. Of course she didn’t, but she wished she did. Nian Qingshan and Nian Qingyun were different, he had his own business and he had plenty of money. He had so much money that even as his wife, she didn’t know how much his assets were worth exactly, it always bothered her.

“I’ll take that as a no then.”

Mo Liuxi shook his head and looked at Luosang. “Sister, you have to grab hold of the financial power in the future. I am a man; I understand how men think. Most of them who don’t want to hand over their power are trying to hide their assets. Once they meet a younger, prettier woman, they will abandon their original wife. If they were really in it for life, they wouldn’t need to hide their wealth and their bank accounts. There are so many examples out there, women abandoned by their husbands once they are old and yellow.”

Second Aunt started patting her face. She was an old and yellow woman. She glared at Nian Qingshan warily.

“Don’t listen to his nonsense,” Nian Qingshan said angrily, “He isn’t even married yet, he knows nothing.”

Mo Liuxi lifted his cup nonchalantly. “I know that when I’m married in the future, I would definitely help her family if anything happens. I would hand over my salary and my bank details and include her name on all of our assets.”

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