Growing Fond of You, Mr Nian

Chapter 578 - I Thought You Said You Didn’t Hear Us Clearly. How Did You Know that We Were Urgent……

Chapter 578: I Thought You Said You Didn’t Hear Us Clearly. How Did You Know that We Were Urgent……

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Yan Su choked on the rice and coughed violently. When she finally recovered, she said, “I was going to spend the night over there, but I ended early at around nine, so I took the earliest flight back.”

Luosang did some mental calculations. Yan Su must have gotten home just a bit earlier than they did last night. She must have heard everything then. She quickly buried her head back into her bowl.

Yan Su decided to address the elephant in the room to ease the atmosphere. “Don’t worry, I was drifting in and out of sleep by then. I couldn’t hear you guys clearly.”


How did she know that they were doing it if she hadn’t heard them clearly? Luosang was blushing bright red. “I’m sorry, I won’t bring him over again.”

“It’s fine, really! It was my fault for not texting you before I headed home.” Yan Su covered her mouth to hide a giggle. “Who knew you still had the energy to do it after coming home so late last night? You guys were so energetic and passionate.”

And she said she hadn’t heard them clearly. Luosang was humiliated. “Alright, let’s stop talking about it.”

Yan Su could tell how awkward she felt and decided to end the discussion, but she couldn’t help but say, “But you guys were so urgent last night. Did you manage to put on the condom? Remember to always use protection. You don’t want to get pregnant since you’re still in school, after all.”

Luosang sighed. She had lost all her dignity already. “I thought you said you didn’t hear us clearly. How did you know that we were urgent…”

“I guessed it, just a guess.” Yan Su dug into her meal quickly.

“Don’t worry, it was a safe day last night,” Luosang looked at her and stuttered. “Oh right, the new song that you released on New Year’s Eve is pretty good. It’s already top ten on the Billboard chart. You are so good!”

“They found a good composer.” Yan Su was happy at the mention of her song. “All these resources originally belonged to Ye Chuen. I struck gold when I landed such a good deal, all thanks to you, of course.”

“Speaking of her, do you know what she’s up to after going to Paris?” Luosang asked suddenly. “I thought she would fly back immediately after seeing the academy in real life. I thought she would come looking for trouble again, but I haven’t heard anything from her in a while.”

“Do you think she still dares to come to you to look for trouble?” Yan Su asked. “I heard from my boss that Kang Ying and her family are receiving a pathetic sum for their salary in Zhongzhou now. They don’t have any actual power now, and no one is willing to do business with them in the industry. When Ye Chuen came back for the New Year, Kang Yang wanted to help her debut as an artist here, but no one was willing to help them. They won’t dare to come to you again. If they anger Nian Junting again, they will probably lose their jobs at Zhongzhou.”

Luosang was shocked. Nian Junting hadn’t told her any of that.

On the second of the month, Luosang took two hours off work to pick out a calligraphy piece for Nian Junting’s grandma with him. On the third of the month, Luosang was in the recording studio at five o’clock. One of the crew members carried a bag of bento boxes into the studio. “Come eat, we’ll continue after the break.”

Luosang walked over with the rest of the members. When they were all sitting around the table, they began complaining about some of the actors’ poor acting. “They can’t even act properly, but they get higher pay than all of us,” one of the voice actors complained. “We work tirelessly as their voice actors but only get a fraction of their salary, only enough for them to wipe their ass with.”

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