Growing Fond of You, Mr Nian

Chapter 552 - He Didn’t Know When She Arrived

Chapter 552: He Didn’t Know When She Arrived

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When the hot water fell onto her body, Luosang asked him, “What happened to you today? Are you tired?”

Nian Junting looked at her, confused.

Luosang moved her lips slightly, but didn’t say another word. A short while later, she blushed and continued, “Normally, you’ll take at least an hour to finish, but today, you did it in just about twenty minutes.”

“Yeah? You think that was too quick? Let’s do it again, then.” Nian Junting raised his eyebrows and again put his arms around her body. In the flowing water, their bodies pressed tightly together.

“I’m serious. Have you been working too hard these days?” Luosang raised a hand and gently stroked his handsome eyebrows as she said, “I’ve only seen you a few times these past few days, and every time I felt that you had something on your mind.”

“I guess it’s because there’s lots of work to do in the company recently,” Nian Junting explained, avoiding eye contact. He didn’t want Luosang to worry and be uncomfortable because of Leng Shuangwei again. If the latter kept doing what she had been doing, he would have no choice but to talk to her supervisor.

Luosang gazed into his eyes with suspicion but didn’t say anything.

The next day, Nian Junting sat on his leather chair, resting his head on his palm. Qiao Xue carefully poured him a cup of coffee. She opened her mouth a few times but didn’t say anything. At last, she couldn’t help but let out the words, “Mr. Nian, everyone in the company is talking about you being crazily pursued by a woman.”

Nian Junting’s lips twitched slightly. He felt that he was being hunted by a female psychopath.

Qiao Xue gathered her courage and suggested, “I think you need to solve this problem as soon as possible. If Miss Xu knew about this, she would certainly be unhappy.”

Nian Junting nodded. Soon after that, he realized what he just heard. “You’re only here to serve me coffee. Who gave you the guts to come to me and gossip?” he said with a grim voice.

Lu Kang heard him and walked into the office hurriedly. He said to Qiao Xue, “Qiao Xue, get out.”

As Qiao Xue left, Lu Kang said, “Mr. Nian, that girl is frank and outspoken. Don’t blame her.”

“What on earth did she offer you to make you protect her like this?” Nian Junting crossed his arms. “Were you her backdoor into this company?”

Lu Kang took fright. “Mr. Nian,” he said, “I didn’t even know her before. How could I possibly be her backdoor? Did she even have a backdoor?”

“How am I supposed to know? I just guessed so,” said Nian Junting expressionlessly.

Lu Kang burst into roaring laughter in his head. Please don’t make judgements based on your guesses!

“Eh… Mr. Nian, Miss Leng is on the square downstairs again.”

Nian Junting stayed silent for a few minutes. “I’ll go down there and talk to her.” A couple of seconds later, he stood up and went downstairs.

Seeing him come out of the building, Leng Shuangwei quickly walked to him, saying, “Junting, I’m finally seeing you again. You’re touched, aren’t you?”

“Shuangwei, this is not our school or the yard of the place where we lived. What you did has already affected my work, do you understand?” Nian Junting said with a serious look. “I used to feel that you’re a nice person. But how come you’ve become like this? You are terribly narcissistic. If you keep doing all these things, I’ll have no choice but to talk to your supervisor. All those years you’ve spent in the army weren’t easy. Please don’t destroy yourself.”

“Are you worrying about me?” Leng Shuangwei laughed.

Nian Junting was honestly speechless. How could such a narcissistic and weirdly imaginative person exist in the world?

“Junting, what are you two doing?” All of a sudden, Luosang’s voice was heard.

Nian Junting’s whole body tightened. He turned to find that Luosang was standing there. He didn’t even know when she had arrived.

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