Growing Fond of You, Mr Nian

Chapter 35 - Happy New Year

Chapter 35: Happy New Year

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Nian Xi grabbed Luosang’s hands and said, “Sister Lusoang, my brother has agreed to let you go to a movie with me tomorrow afternoon.”

Luosang paused shortly, then said, “But, doesn’t your brother need someone to take care of him…”

“Just take half a day off. The steward can take care of me,” said Nian Junting. While speaking, he looked at Nian Xi with a helpless look in his eyes, as if saying—’See, I know she likes me. Otherwise, why would she be so worried about me? She doesn’t even want to leave me alone for a short while.”

The corners of Nian Xi’s mouth twitched, then she said, “Alright… I’ll be leaving now.”

She really wanted to yell at her brother and tell him that—’She’s your carer, and it’s normal for her to worry about you!’

‘She likes you?’ thought Nian Xi. ‘Only if she’s sick-minded. Why else would she like someone as nitpicky as you?’

After the steward left, Nian Junting found a comfortable spot on the bed, then laidd down to watch TV. Luosang sat beside him, feeding him grapefruit.

After spending a long time eating, he suddenly discovered that she was now peeling grapefruits much faster than she had in the daytime, so he said, “Not bad, your grapefruit-peeling skills have improved. As I thought, you needed practice.”

Luosang took a deep breath, then sighed and responded, “I cut every segment of grapefruit at the bottom, so they’re easier to peel.”

Hearing her, Nian Junting glanced at the peeled grapefruit in the plate, then said, “You’re smart. It seems that you’re quite suitable for this job.”

Luosang wanted to die when she heard him.

It wasn’t a happy thing for her to be told that she was suitable for grapefruit-peeling.

It was almost twelve o’clock when the sounds of fireworks were heard from outside, and colorful fireworks began to spread in the sky.

Luosang stood by the window, looking at the fireworks and feeling the deep sadness and loneliness from her heart.

Before, her families would always get together at New Year, and her father would enjoy a drink with Yi Jingxi. But now, her father was in prison, she was away from home, and her home was gone.

She closed the window to block the sounds of the firecrackers. Nian Junting was sitting on the bed, replying to messages. She assumed that many people were sending New Year’s greetings to him.

The room suddenly quieted down. Nian Junting raised his head to look at Luosang, who was leaning against the bed, then frowned and said, “You have someone to send you a New Year’s greetings too, don’t you?”

“No.” Luosang smiled and dropped her eyes to hide the sadness in her eyes.

“That’s sad. Not even that fatso texted you? Isn’t he chasing after you?” Nian Junting’s narrowed eyes showed slight sympathy for her as he said, “He pays too little attention to the girl he’s chasing. If he likes you, he’d definitely message you with a warm blessing just past twelve. I think you should forget him. He’s most likely casting a wide net and playing with you.”

Luosang remained silent. She never thought about being with Doctor Gu.

Seeing that she stayed silent, Nian Junting thought that she felt even sadder than before. So, he hesitated for a moment, then asked, “What’s your phone number?”

Luosang paused for a second, then gave him her number.

He lowered his head to tap on his phone. Soon afterwards, Luosang’s phone buzzed.

She lowered her head to check it and found a message from a strange number that said “Happy New Years”.

“That’s my number,” Nian Junting looked at her and said, believing that she was obviously touched. “Don’t misunderstand me, and please don’t deepen your feelings for me. I just felt pity for you, and I mean nothing more than that. I have absolutely no desire for you.” His lips curved in a proud smile.

“I know.” She couldn’t stand his extremely arrogant and narcissistic attitude, but still sensed a warmth flowing across her heart.

Seeing Luosang gazing at him with a faint smile on her face, Nian Junting sighed and rubbed his own hair.

He believed that he was too nice. Judging by the look in her eyes, he felt that she now loved him more and more, and that was terrible.

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