Growing Fond of You, Mr Nian

Chapter 33 - She Even Tried to Allure Him in Front of so Many People

Chapter 33: She Even Tried to Allure Him in Front of so Many People

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Nian Junting’s mouth curved in a smile as he thought that Luosang was happy because she had won money for him. He believed that being happy for her boss was a very good performance of hers.

He turned back to give her a praising glance, but then saw her bright smile. The corners of her mouth were turned up, unable to conceal her excitement. Her pair of eyes under the large black-rimmed glasses now seemed to glow with a bright luster, which was beautiful enough to make someone’s heart stop beating. She didn’t look like a thirty-year-old woman at all.

Without knowing why, Nian Junting suddenly felt that she was young and pretty.

His rising eyebrows suddenly turned down.

He was a little unhappy.

It was fine that she tried to allure him while giving her a sponge bath, but right now, in front of so many people, she was actually doing it again.

‘She’s so unruly,” he thought.

“Damn, Ting, you’ve won back all that you’ve lost in on round. If I knew that your carer could bring you good luck, I’d never suggested that you let her draw your tile.” Nian Junting’s cousin was so regretful, and all the others blamed him.

“It might be an accident,” said Nian Junting blandly. However, he continued letting Luosang draw his tiles for the next round of the game.

Surprisingly, she won every round by her own draw.

Until lunch, Nian Junting had won over five-thousand yuan. That surprised him. He had been playing mahjong for years, but was never so lucky.

‘Can she really bring me good luck?’ He wondered.

He conveniently handed her a wad of cash and said, “This is your reward.”

Luosang was stunned. He had just handed her at least a few thousand yuan; that was a large sum of money for her. Without thinking, she shook her head and rejected it.

“I don’t deserve that,” she said.

Nian Junting frowned, but then smiled and said, “You’re playing hard-to-get.”

Luosang was confused.

“I’ve seen many women who have played that game with me. But you’re not like them. You’ve saved me after all. So, I’m just gonna tell you this clearly. On both terms of age and appearance, you’re not my type. And I don’t like flirting with women.”

Luosang’s mouth corners twitched, as she had absolutely no idea he was thinking.

“Let’s go eat,” he turned his head and said. Clearly, he didn’t want to continue this topic.

The lunch was made by a few of Nian Junting’s uncles and aunties, including over twenty delicate dishes. Nian Junting took a couple of bites, then lost his appetite.

Every New Year he had the same traditional dishes, which were terribly greasy. He now recalled the few homely dishes that Luosang made yesterday. They were made from cheap food but all had great looks and tastes.

While thinking, he glanced at Luosang, who sat beside him. She was eating with a good appetite, and seem to know exactly how to eat these delicate foods.

He remembered that some people from less wealthy families didn’t know what to eat when they came here to have meals with him and his families for the first time because the foods were too luxurious for them. Some of them even made stupid mistakes while eating.

However, she was nothing like those people. On the contrary, she seemed to have had these luxurious dishes before.

The more he thought about that, the weirder the look in his eyes became.

At evening, only Nian Junting, his sister, father, grandparents and a few helps stayed at the house.

After dinner, Nian Junting’s grandmother began giving red envelopes to her grandchildren and to the people who worked at the house. Luosang got one too. The thick red envelope made her feel uneasy. After all, she had only been working for Nian Family for several days.

“Take it,” Nian Junting said to her flatly. “It’s a family tradition.”

Nian Junting’s grandmother put the red envelope in her hands and said amiably, “Yeah, and I heard that you saved Tingting yesterday,”

After that, the members of Nian Family sat together to watch the New Year’s gala on TV. Nian Junting was bored after sitting there for a short while, so he went upstairs. At the family house, there were finally some men to help him. He asked the steward to give him a sponge bath.

Luosang had been giving him sponge baths these days. At first, her face would blush while doing that, but later, she was able to wipe his private area very calmly, and that upset Nian Junting.

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