Growing Fond of You, Mr Nian

Chapter 1834 - I Rely on My Physical Strength and Talent to Earn a Living

Chapter 1834: I Rely on My Physical Strength and Talent to Earn a Living

Another female colleague also exclaimed, “I do have a boyfriend, but he is even weaker than I am. I would have to pull him on the way.”

An Lan:”…”

She wanted to notify them that Xu Baohan was not her boyfriend.

She was on the verge of saying it out but she decided not to.

While everyone was resting, Xu Baohan approached her and said coolly, “Those in your law firm are lacking in physical training. It’s alright for female staff, but all the men have poor stamina. Are they embroidered pillows, persons who are good only in look but of little worth? Look at me, although I’m good looking, I still rely on my physical strength and talent to earn a living.”


He seldom boasted himself as such.

An Lan’s lips twitched for a moment. She sensed that something was not right. After pondering it, she raised her head and asked, “Do you think that the men in our law firm are only good looking but of little worth?”

Xu Baohan thought for a short while and decided to share his thoughts when he entered the law firm on the first occasion. “An Lan, the staff of your law firm are relatively young. If you were to compare them with the staff of other law firms in terms of facial attractiveness, your law firm would definitely win.”

An Lan now understood what he meant. “I suppose you are of the opinion that the staff of our law firm are incompetent. Am I right? It seems to you that we are recruiting staff based on whether the person is young and good looking.”

Xu Baohan pursed his lips. That was all he could do to alert her. If he wasn’t pursing her, he would have spoken it out mercilessly. Nevertheless, since he was courting her and he had to deal with her colleagues, he would have to show some respect to them.

“Let me tell you, Xu Baohan. Although my subordinates are young, but they are courageous and dared to face challenges. These are what our law firm requires. It is true that they may not be that smart and tactful, but those tactful lawyers are all experienced lawyers who have been in the industry for decades. They won’t listen to us due to their seniority and they are fond of dictating others. If it is beneficial to them, they will pounce on it to reap the rewards, but if it is of their disadvantage, they will not want to get involved in it. They are those who have mastered the skill of staying out of trouble.”

An Lan’s small chests heaving. “You’re a judge and you’re not a lawyer. You are also not a shareholder of the firm. You don’t understand our firm.”

Xu Baohan’s eyes flashed. He was a little startled. Actually, it was true that he didn’t quite understand it. “Probably… It is because what I noticed is that your firm always loses.

“Isn’t that… because of you.” An Lan glared at him and responded grumpily.

“Me?” Xu Baohan frowned. “An Lan, I am impartial in court. It’s because there was insufficient evidence presented by your lawyers.”

An Lan rolled her eyes, “It’s because of you. It’s you who is at odds with our law firm. Each and every time when the cases handled by our law firm were heard by you, there would always be unexpected issues that would catch us off guard. I, as our law firm’s ace lawyer, also lost when I was in court earlier on. Please, you don’t realize who I was previously. I was always successful and seldom lost a single case. You are our nemesis.”

Xu Baohan was speechless. As a scrupulous legal professional, he did not believe in such things. “An Lan, all of you are too superstitious.”

An Lan:”…”

Xu Baohan continued and said frankly, “All of these are merely coincidence. Don’t put the blame on me by justifying that I am at odds with your firm. As a legal professional, we are supposed to be atheists.”

An Lan smiled and pointed at the incense he was holding. “Since you’re an atheist, why are you coming all the way here to pray for a good marriage and pray for offspring?”

Xu Baohan was stunned. He hurried cleared his throat. “You’re right, I am truly at odds with your firm. Therefore, you should take me in to ensure that your law firm will win in court. In this manner, we will not face each other in the same court.”

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