Growing Fond of You, Mr Nian

Chapter 1815 - I’ll Cut Foie Gras for You, So Your Hands Won't Get Tired

Chapter 1815: I’ll Cut Foie Gras for You, So Your Hands Won’t Get Tired

Hearing her words, Xu Baohan felt as if he was suffering from gastroenteritis as well. It wasn’t a good feeling.

“So, just because of that, you were moved by him. Does that mean that as long as I’m nice to you and my character is good, you’ll go out with me?”

Xu Baohan was a little frustrated. “If I can do all of the above, will you go out with me?”

“How would I know if you’re a good person? Who knows if you’re not a hypocrite? To put it bluntly, I’ve only met you a few times, and I don’t know you very well,” An Lan said bluntly, “You said that you would show concern for my well-being, but now you’re just saying that. You haven’t even done it yet, and you’re asking me to date you. Judge Xu, enough is enough.”

Xu Baohan thought about it carefully and agreed. “You’ll find out soon enough. Tell me, how did He Mingqian treat you?”

“Why should I tell you? He’s him, you’re you.” An Lan was exasperated. Did this guy want to learn from her ex-boyfriend? That’s ridiculous.

Xu Baohan fell silent.

The next table sat a couple. They were sitting side by side on the leather sofa. The man was helping the woman cut the steak. After cutting it, he said dotingly, “Come, darling, let me feed you.”

The woman opened her mouth shyly and took the steak, then she kissed the man. “Darling, you are so considerate.”

“Darling, don’t say that, this is what I should do. This steak is very difficult to cut. I can’t tire your little hands.”

After saying that, the man hugged the woman and started to kiss her like there was no one else around.

Xu Baohan watched them with the intention to learn from them, but as he watched, his ears got hotter and hotter.

An Lan saw this scene and put a hand on her forehead in embarrassment.

Couldn’t the lovers restrain themselves a bit? This man was so disgusting. Please, there were people sitting here.

Xu Baohan retracted his gaze and calmed himself down. Then he took An Lan’s plate and said quietly, “I’ll cut the foie gras for you. I can’t tire your little hands.”

An Lan’s legs trembled. Strangely, those disgusting and pretentious words didn’t sound so disgusting when he spoke them. Instead of disgusting, they sounded husky and sexy.

“… Chief Judge Xu, can you not learn from them? How hard can it be to cut the foie gras?” An Lan came to her senses but he had already moved her plate to his side.

Xu Baohan frowned and pondered for a few seconds before saying, “I’m not sure, I’ll know after I cut it.”

He quickly cut the foie gras and raised his head. “Do you want me to feed you?”

“That’s what lovers do and you’re not my boyfriend.” An Lan reminded him with a flushed face.

A hint of regret flashed across Xu Baohan’s eyes, but he didn’t push her and returned the plate to her.

An Lan ate the foie gras and suddenly felt that a woman who needed a man to cut foie gras and steak for her was so pretentious.

Perhaps it was because she had been single for too long.

“Excuse me… Are you Miss An Lan? Here are your flowers.” A young delivery guy appeared in front of her with a bouquet of flowers wrapped in pink paper. Not only were there pink and white roses, there were also hydrangeas. They were beautiful and not tacky at all.

Surprised, she looked at Xu Baohan.

“… Thank you.” An Lan raised her sexy eyebrows. She had to admit that it felt good to receive such a beautiful bouquet of flowers.

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