Growing Fond of You, Mr Nian

Chapter 1590 - The Casino

Chapter 1590: The Casino

“Hmm, she looks familiar.” Yan Su retracted her absent-minded gaze.

Jiao Jiao followed her gaze and looked at that woman. In her memory, she had never seen such a person with Yan Su before. “What’s wrong? You don’t look too well all of a sudden.”

“I’m too tired. I want to go back to the hotel early to rest.” Yan Su composed herself.

On the way back to the hotel, she was wondering why Jin Youlan would appear in Macau at this time of the day. It seemed like Shi Xiang would be attending the award ceremony as well. She wondered if they would bump into each other.

She took out her phone and hesitated whether she should send Shi Xiang a text message. But after some thought, she realized that Shi Xiang might go to Jin Youlan if he was provoked. Although she was not sure of Shi Xiang’s current strength, Jin Youlan was also not someone to be trifled with, this was obvious from the fact that she had brought along a few bodyguards at the airport just now.

After checking into the hotel, she rested for a while before heading to the venue to rehearse. She was going to sing a song at the awards ceremony tonight.

After the rehearsal, Chen Qin, who had worked with her on Asia’s Top Singer in the past, came over to look for her. “Susu, let’s go to the casino together. I’m sure we’ll meet a lot of familiar faces at the casino today.”

Macau was a small place, and it was rare to see so many celebrities gathering. Many celebrities had come early in the morning, so it was common for them to go to the casino to play a few rounds out of boredom.

“But I don’t know how to play.” Yan Su said with a smile. Right now, she wanted to go back to the hotel to rest, but it was rude to refuse an invitation from someone else.

“It’s okay. Anyway, you have a hubby to support you now, and director Mo is so good at making money. Why are you so frugal? You have to play what you have to.” Chen Qin pulled her out.

The casino was not far from here. The security of such a large place was very good. Even if a celebrity came in, no one dared to disturb them, not even to take photos.

When Yan Su and Chen Qin went in, they ran into Guan Yaoyu who came over to greet them. “Hi, Susu. It’s been a long time since we last met, you look even more beautiful after getting married.”

Chen Qin laughed. “Susu is much younger than you and she’s already married. How about you? When do you plan to get married?”

“I don’t have a partner.” Guan Yaoyu shrugged. “You girls can just come here to have some light fun. Don’t spend too much money on this, like the one who came before…”

He pointed at the right corner with his chin. “That woman brought her lover to play for an hour and lost more than three million. However, Macau’s casinos are not lacking in rich people, right? ”

Yan Su followed his line of sight and looked over. It was Jin Youlan, whom she had just seen this afternoon. Sitting beside her was the handsome man whom she had seen earlier. The two of them were holding hands and playing cards. They had lost so much money and were still chatting and laughing.

“That woman is Korean, right?” Chen Qin’s eyes were sharp and she could immediately tell. “Her entire face has been injected with a lot of things. Eh, isn’t that Shi Xiang? Shi Xiang has gone over. Should we go and take a look?”

He regretted it immediately after saying that. After all, Shi Xiang was Yan Su’s ex-boyfriend.

“Let’s go and take a look.” Who would have thought that Yan Su would actually agree.

The three of them walked over. Shi Xiang and Jin Youlan sat opposite each other, and the casino staff in the middle were dealing cards.

Jin Youlan grabbed the cards and smiled. “It’s been a long time. Shi Xiang, how are you? Oh, an… Yan Su, right? You’re here too.”

Yan Su frowned in disgust. It had only been a year since they last met, and Jin Youlan’s face seemed to have changed again. Her facial features were perfect, but when combined together, it made her feel uncomfortable. She even felt disgusted when she spoke to her.

“Susu, you two know each other?” Guan Yaoyu was surprised.

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