Growing Fond of You, Mr Nian

Chapter 1502 - Give Us Your Blessings

Chapter 1502: Give Us Your Blessings

Nian Xi tried it on and found its brilliance acceptable.

The shop assistant replied uneasily, “This design is slightly expensive. It costs 8,000.”

“Xixi, do you like it? Let’s get this if you like it!” Jiang Yuning suggested.

“Yes, but don’t you find it a little too expensive?” Nian Xi still wanted to hear his opinion. After all, he worked as a researcher, but her family owned a business. Hence, their spending behaviors might differ.

“No. My budget is around 80,000,” Jiang Yuning replied honestly. “Uncle Han said that I can’t get a ring that’s too cheap since you’re as priceless as a princess.

Nian Xi was almost moved to tears.

Uncle Han was a great man. As a middle-aged man, he was very outstanding indeed. He was fashionable, generous, and he had his ways with people. If it was not for the fact that Sister Lan was a little too plump, she would have recommended him to her.

The shop assistant merely felt like crying. Had she known that Jiang Yuning and Nian Xi were looking for an expensive ring, she would have shown them their shop’s prized item. “Actually… We have another ring that’s even more brilliant,” the shop assistant said.

“It’s alright, we’ll take this. Its name sounds pretty good,” Nian Xi said. “Could you recommend a men’s ring?”

Subsequently, Nian Xi chose a cool, brilliant men’s diamond ring for Jiang Yuning. His hand was fair and slender, and it looked nice with everything.

They bought some juice after making their purchase, and Nian Xi took a photo of herself holding his hand. She then sent it to the group chat with her friends, along with the words, “Give us your blessings.”

Within less than ten minutes, her group chat was flooded with more than a hundred messages and a few hundred likes.

Nian Junting wrote, “Please don’t tell me that you’ve already agreed to Jiang Yuning’s proposal?”

Xiao Si wrote, “What the f*ck. What the f*ck. Are you going to beat me to this as well?”

Luo Sang wrote, “Best wishes to you. Congrats! I will be there at your wedding banquet.”

Yan Su wrote, “Wishing you both a happy life.”

Nian Qingyun wrote, “Nian Xi, why didn’t you inform your dad before you agree to the proposal?”

Jiang Yuning did not look at his phone as he did not like to do so, and he would rather look at Nian Xi instead.

When he saw his girlfriend snickering discreetly as she looked at her phone, he reminded her, “Xixi, drink some juice.”

Nian Xi looked up at him, and when she saw how innocent and harmless he looked, she snatched the drink from his hands and took a sip, before saying, “Go look at the group chat with my friends!”

Puzzled, Jiang Yuning tapped into the group chat, and when he saw what she had written, he felt a strong, sweet, and tender feeling in his heart. As a tough lady, she rarely displayed her affection for her boyfriend in the group chat with her friends. While he was obviously happy, he soon felt depressed and disappointed again.

He did not know what to do if TOX were to harm Nian Xi because of him.

He did not care about where these people were hiding or if he would be harmed, but he could not put Nian Xi’s life in danger.

“What’s wrong? You’re neither agitated, happy, excited nor honored,” Nian Xi asked all at once. She was displeased with the frown on his face.

“Nothing. I’m just happy,” Jiang Yuning replied sincerely. “But I’m also slightly afraid…”

“What are you afraid of?” Nian Xi blinked several times. “Are you scared that I’ll beat you after we get married?”

“No, I’m afraid… that I can’t give you happiness,” Jiang Yuning said. He was slightly vexed.

Nian Xi frowned and abruptly slammed the glass of juice down on the table. “Jiang Yuning, why did you court me back then if you’re afraid that you can’t give me happiness?” she replied in frustration. “Why did you like me then? Now that I’m yours, you’re telling me that you’re afraid that you can’t give me happiness? Are you having second thoughts about this?”

“No!” Jiang Yuning jumped in fright. “Xixi, don’t get so worked up about this!”

“How can I not be?” Nian Xi replied glumly. “I don’t like men who are irresponsible.”

Jiang Yuning’s heart ached, as though he had been stung by a bee. “I’m not an irresponsible person.”

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