Growing Fond of You, Mr Nian

Chapter 1269 - Jiang Yuning Hurriedly Pressed His Hands on His Shirt

Chapter 1269: Jiang Yuning Hurriedly Pressed His Hands on His Shirt

Was that still her apartment?

It was as clean as a five-star hotel room. She could even make food on the ground if she wanted.

“You’re amazing.” Nian Xi gave Jiang Yuning a sincere compliment. His hand was injured, but still, he made her apartment so clean.

If he kept cleaning her apartment like that, she would get used to it. If she ended up breaking up with him and being with a guy who wouldn’t clean her apartment, she would not be happy.

He’ll spoil me sooner or later, she thought.

At 10:00 p.m., Nian Xi walked Jiang Yuning down the stairs.

“Uncle Han will come to get you soon. Don’t tell him about what we did earlier tonight.”

“Cleaning the apartment?” Jiang Yuning asked.

A breeze blew across Nian Xi’s burning cheeks. “When I touched your chest,” she said.

“Oh…” Jiang Yuning’s cheeks burned as well. “I won’t tell him. Xi, are you shy?”

Nian Xi coughed slightly, then glared at him.

Jiang Yuning grinned. “Xi, you were so brave when you touched me. Why are you feeling shy now?”

“That’s none of your business.” Nian Xi felt embarrassed. “One more word and I’ll drag you upstairs and rip off all your clothes.”

Jiang Yuning hurriedly pressed his hands on his shirt. The girl was growing bolder and bolder.

Soon, he regretted it. Why did he press his shirt so tightly? Being taken advantage by her felt nice.

After saying goodbye to Nian Xi, Jiang Yuning got into the car. Uncle Han was driving.

“Mr. Jiang, why is your hand injured again?” Uncle Han asked him.

“I accidentally cut myself when trying to cut food,” Jiang Yuning said frustratedly. “Uncle Han, teach me how to cook.”

“Do you have time for that?” Uncle Han said with surprise. “You need to get your driver’s license, and you need to do your science projects…”

“I’ll learn at night. I’ll learn it soon,” Jiang Yuning said determinedly. “Oh, I’ve already decided to give Xi a robot chef.”

“You don’t know how to make that. You’re not going to ask Miss. He for help, are you?” said Uncle Han.

“Em.” Jiang Yuning nodded. “She showed me the finished product last time. It’s successful. She said that she wants one of my watches, so I can trade with her.”

Uncle Han blinked and said, “Sir, you let me worry about that. Just focus on your project.”

“All right.” Jiang Yuning agreed without thinking. He trusted Uncle Han with his ability.

Three days later, Jiang Yuning received Shi Qingtong’s call in his lab.

“Mom, why are you calling me?” Jiang Yuning was disappointed. Ever since he bought a phone, everybody knew his number. He didn’t like answering phone calls from anyone who was not Nian Xi.

“Like you wish it wasn’t me who called you,” Shi Qingtong said blandly. “Were you expecting a call from your girlfriend?”

Jiang Yuning stayed silent.

“Never mind. It’s already impressive that you got a phone.” Shi Qingtong sighed. “I heard from Xinxin that you want her to make you a robot chef.”

“Yeah. It’s for my girlfriend.” Jiang Yuning added saying, “Don’t misunderstand this. She’s not a gold digger. On the contrary, her family is very rich. She’s diligent and thrifty though. She always wants to save money for me. I wanted to buy her a car as a gift, but she refused. She’s a really nice girl.”

After a short silence, Shi Qingtong said, “You’ve never spoken to me this much, other than about astronomy. You don’t find talking exhausting anymore?”

“I think so.” Jiang Yuning stopped short, then smiled and responded with, “Especially when I’m with Xi. With her, I learned that talking can be such a sweet thing to do.”

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