Growing Fond of You, Mr Nian

Chapter 1258 - He Could Finally Try Xi’s Cooking

Chapter 1258: He Could Finally Try Xi’s Cooking

Nian Xi was surprised. She had no idea he’d already taken the written test.

“The written examination is easy. It’s on the computer, after all. But your hands didn’t recover until a couple of days, right? Don’t you need to practice driving before taking the test?”

“I already practiced,” said Jiang Yuning. “I spent the whole day practicing the day before yesterday, and I ran a simulation test yesterday. I passed the first test, so I asked the coach to sign me up for the second one.”

Taking the test after a day of practice? Not even an experienced driver could be as confident as he was.

“You can’t do this,” said Nian Xi solemnly. “Driving is no joke. When you’re behind the steering wheel, you’re not only responsible for your life but the lives of the other people in your car. You can’t rush to get your license. You have to drive safely. You have to practice.”

“I understand. I do drive safely,” said Jiang Yuning. “Many people are taking the test this morning. I’ll probably finish after lunch. so how about if I stop by when I’m done.”

Nian Xi sighed. Did he misunderstand the term “driving safely” that she said? “Be patient,” she said. “Don’t be frustrated if you fail. I’m in no rush to let you take me for a ride. I can always take you for a ride.”

“No. I can’t always make a girl drive me around,” said Jiang Yuning seriously. “I’m ninety-nine point ninety-nine percent confident I’ll pass the examination.”

“What about the rest zero point zero one?” Nian Xi was curious.

“Accidents happen,” Nian Yuning murmured.

He meant he would certainly pass the test unless there was an accident.

Were all scientists so confident?

After ending the call, Nian Xi spent the whole morning sleeping in. At lunchtime, she got out of bed and boiled some dumplings for herself. Before she finished lunch, she accepted a call from Jiang Yuning.

“Xi, I passed the road test.”

Nian Xi nearly choked on a dumpling.

Did he pass the test after spending one day practicing? Nian Xi was flabbergasted. The road test was hard. It was easy for the examinees to feel stressed.

“Xi, what’s wrong? Do you have a cold?” Jiang Yuning nervously asked.

“No…” Nian Xi made an effort to swallow the dumpling before saying, “Congratulations. I think you might be able to get your license by the middle of the month.”

“Hmm, I already asked the coach to sign me up for the third test,” said Jiang Yuning cheerfully. “Let’s go car shopping this afternoon.”

“Sounds good…” Nian Xi envied him. “Hey, have you had lunch yet?”

“No,” said Jiang Yuning weakly. “Xi, can I come to your place for lunch?”


Jiang Yuning was thrilled. He could finally try Xi’s cooking.

An hour later, Nian Xi received another call from Jiang Yuning. “Xi, I’m lost in your neighborhood,” he said pitifully.

That boy has no sense of direction.

Nian Xi went downstairs to look for him. Finally, she found him near the swimming pool. He was sitting under a tree, wearing a clean T-shirt.

“I live over there. Remember?” Nian Xi pointed to a building and said, “You have to remember where my apartment is. What if you decided to come to my place for the night but couldn’t find it?”

“For-for the night?” Jiang Yuning gave a start. “That’s not appropriate, right? Your brother would have a fit.”

Nian Xi loved joking around with him. “I’m not saying we’re going to do something inappropriate. I’ll sleep in my bedroom while you’ll be in the guest room. What else do you think we’ll do?”

“Nothing,” Jiang Yuning awkwardly turned away, then handed her a box. “Xi, I bought you some avocados. They’re so nutritious.”

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