Growing Fond of You, Mr Nian

Chapter 1254 - Goodnight. You Are Such A Sweet-talking Baby Tonight

Chapter 1254: Goodnight. You Are Such A Sweet-talking Baby Tonight

Nian Xi was floored.

Only kissing before they got married?

God, how could she possibly live like that?

Earlier tonight, she was already thinking about how should she take off his clothes and activate his animal nature.

“Eh… You don’t need to take my brother’s words so seriously. Don’t take them to heart. He’s never done that himself.” Nian Xi tried to talk him out of it. “He slept with sis-in-law every night before he proposed to her.”

“Really?” Jiang Yuning frowned, thought for a moment and said, “No. I can’t give up because he failed. I made my promise, and I intend to keep it.”

“Alright, whatever you want.” Since he was so determined, Nian Xi decided not to push the issue. “But I’m gonna make this clear. I never promised not to touch you before we got married.”

Jiang Yuning stopped short. When he figured out what she meant, his cheeks started burning. “Xi, what do you mean?”

“What do I mean? You’re so smart. Can’t you figure it out?” Nian Xi couldn’t imagine the boy’s bashful look. “You can stop yourself from touching me, but I will touch you.”

“You… you…” Jiang Yuning stuttered. He had never seen such an open-minded girl before.

“Good boy. Night-night. You’re such a sweet-talking baby tonight,” Nian Xi tittered. Then she ended the call.

Jiang Yuning held the phone in a daze. Only after that did he climb into bed, shyly.

Nian Xi was such a wild girl.

How come he liked her so much?

In Jiangxi Province, in a small town in Jingdezhen.

The white walls and black tiles, composing a beautiful scene, looked like a tasteful ink wash painting. The beautiful building was located near a flowing stream and a small bridge.

Yan Su was wearing a mask. She had spent a long time walking among people on the road that was paved with bluestones. She hadn’t been here in years. The town had become more bustling than before. The stores on both sides of the road were selling all kinds of blue and white porcelain objects.

After walking for a long while, Yan Su stopped and knocked on a large wooden door, the light of the sinking sun bathing her shoulders in warmth.

“Coming.” Before long, a woman’s voice was heard. Soon a woman in a gray cotton-padded coat opened the door.

“Who are you?” she asked.

“Aunty Wu, it’s me.” Yan Su slowly took off her mask, revealing her fair face. She wasn’t wearing any makeup.

Aunty Wu kept staring at Yan Su as if she couldn’t believe her eyes. She was shocked. “Su, you’re back! You finally came home.”

“Are my parents here? I’ve been downtown looking for them. They weren’t there,” answered Yan Su softly.

“You’re home. Your parents are going to represent our country at an event, so they’ve been spending all their time at the kiln and drawing.” Aunty Wu hurriedly let her in. “You left home so many years ago, just for a boy. Was he worth it?”

Yan Su blushed with shame.

Aunty Wu guided her through an arched doorway and said, “Ever since you became a star, your mother often listens to your songs at home and watches you on TV and her phone. Her eyes always turn red every time she sees you…”

Before Aunty Wu could finish, Yan Su’s tears had already gushed from her eyes.

“Aunty Wu, are my parents okay? she asked.

“Yeah, they’re good. Two years ago, they made you a little brother,” said Aunty Wu.

Yan Su was surprised.

Her cousin never mentioned that to her.

“I… I’m a sister now?”

“You are.” As Aunty Wu’s voice faded, a little boy in a pair of jeans toddled over from the archway, talking to Aunty Wu in a baby voice.

“Aunty Wu, I found a dragonfly!” The little boy paused when he saw Yan Su. He tilted his head, looked at Yan Su for quite a while, then abruptly ran up to her, put his arms around her legs and said to her, “Sister. You are my sister, aren’t you?”

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