Growing Fond of You, Mr Nian

Chapter 1092 - Warm My Bed, or I Might Get Cold

Chapter 1092: Warm My Bed, or I Might Get Cold

Yan Su was stunned. The two of them rarely spoke about that kind of topic. Only after hearing what he said, did she learn a little about what kind of person he really was.

“But… Liuxi, the way you think doesn’t provide me with a sense of security,” Yan Su said with a low voice. “You are rich and capable now, but life isn’t always as right as rain. If you fell into a difficult situation, would you abandon me? Have you ever thought that even if you had nothing, I’d still be with you willingly? I don’t care if I’m going to turn into an unattractive middle-aged woman or wear cheap clothes. I won’t leave you for that reason, because that’s not who I am. I always envy the kind of couples who share all the best of their lives and face all the hardness together too.”

Mo Liuxi’s breath turned shallow. He pressed his lips together, looking at her quietly. A short while later, he nodded and said, “Su, you’re a nice person. Shi Xiang is such a fool that he missed you. Try on the clothes I got you.”

Yan Su tried on everything he bought. She understood that if she refused to try them on, he might be disappointed.

After that, Yan Su went for a shower.

After the shower, she was stunned to see Mo Liuxi lying on her bed in his pajamas.

“What are you…”

“It’s not like we never slept together before. You should have gotten used to this.” Mo Liuxi lazily laid under her quilt and said, “Su, your bed smells nice.”

Yan Su opened her mouth in shock. She couldn’t believe that he had invaded her bedroom, only because they had slept together once.

“Are we… living together now?” Yan Su stuttered to ask.

“But Su, I think we should sleep in my bedroom,” said Mo Liuxi. “Your bed is only like a meter and half wide, right? It’s so small, and so is your room. Why don’t you move into my sister’s room? She’s gonna have a baby next month so I think she won’t come back.”

Yan Su didn’t know what to say.

He not only asked to move in with her but was also picky about the room. She had no plans to start living with a man by the end of the year.

“Eh… Liuxi, I think I’m used to having my own independent space. I think the way we were is good.”

“Su, will you get married?” Mo Liuxi asked.

Yan Su nodded.

“Since you are getting married, you’ll live with someone sooner or later. You might as well get used to that in advance.” Mo Liuxi turned around, blinked his charming eyes and continued with, “You see, the winter has come. The weather is getting cold. We don’t have central heat in Xia City. Sleeping alone is too cold. I’ll warm your bed every single day. It’s not that I have to sleep with you, I’m just worried that you may catch a cold.”

Yan Su started wondering why Mo Liuxi was turning more and more shameless from a nice boy.

“Thank you,” she said. “But I got through all the winters in my life by sleeping alone. The winters in my hometown are much colder than the winters here. I never caught a cold, so I’m pretty healthy.”

“In this case, please warm my bed. I might catch a cold,” Mo Liuxi said. “I’m weak.”

Yan Su was speechless. He was a strong boy and he ate tons of snacks every day. He was not weak.

It turned out that sleeping together was something that would never stop after they slept together the first time.

“Su, you have three choices,” Mo Liuxi said. “One, sleep in my bedroom with me, two, sleep here with me, or three, sleep on both sides with me.”

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