Great Doctor Ling Ran

Chapter 922 - Good Things Are Coming

Chapter 922: Good Things Are Coming

“Young Feng, you’re here.” Doctor Yan saw that it was time and entered the ward. As expected, Young Feng was sitting by her husband’s hospital bed.

Right now, Doctor Yan no longer intended to seduce Young Feng. But his mood did become better when he saw Young Feng.

Life in the ICU was a boring one, and he thanked God for this small pleasure. He was not a person with high expectations anyway.

Young Feng, though, looked a little glum, and she sounded strained as she hummed in acknowledgement.

“What’s wrong? Isn’t Young Dai doing well?” Doctor Yan was dumbfounded. He immediately took a step forward and looked at the monitor. He saw that all the indices were within the normal range…

“Doctor Yan, why hasn’t my husband regained consciousness yet?” Young Feng hesitated, but she ended up asking the question. Even though the anxiety of waiting for the surgery to end had passed, she was starting to have mood swings because of the expectations she had regarding Young Dai’s recovery.

Doctor Yan could not help but blame this on Ling Ran a little. ‘How could you give Young Feng such high hopes? The patient wouldn’t even be residing in your department.’

“Since he was under anesthetics for quite a while, he would take a relatively long time to regain consciousness. Don’t get too anxious.” Doctor Yan bent down to take a look at Young Dai. He performed two simple examinations in an effort to look like he was trying his best. After he was done with his act, he said, “His condition right now is considered stable, but when exactly he will wake up depends on his willpower too.”

Young Feng hummed in acknowledgement. She sounded disappointed. She forced a smile and said, “Thank you, Doctor Yan. I’ll continue to call out Young Dai’s name.”

“Okay. Talking to the patient is a good thing too.” Doctor Yan did not know what to say either. Truth be told, he was not a very experienced doctor, and this was his first time treating a patient who had received combined stomach and liver radical surgery. Even though patients who had undergone various surgery received roughly the same kinds of treatments in the ICU, he did not know if there would be any unforeseen circumstances.

Young Feng tried her best to put on a cheerful expression and nodded. She massaged Young Dai’s hands gently with her fingertips.

Her husband was once as fit as a fiddle, but right now, he was frail and gaunt. Young Feng felt like she was touching nothing but a pile of bones.

Young Feng sighed internally, and she wrapped her thumb around Young Dai’s thumb. It was just like that idiotic game they used to play back when they were dating.

Young Dai gently wrapped his icy thumb around Young Feng’s thumb too.

Young Feng froze for a few seconds and immediately looked at their thumbs. Her lips trembled a few times, and she was unable to speak.

The icy sensation continued for five to six seconds before Young Dai loosened his grip.

“Doctor, doctor!” Young Feng quickly rose and called out multiple times.

“What happened?” Doctor Yan immediately ran over.

“I… I felt that Young Dai was touching me with his finger.” Young Feng explained a little diffidently.

Doctor Yan did not get suspicious immediately. As usual, he carried out some examinations. He also whipped out his torchlight and shone it at Young Dai’s irises.

“Yup, his condition is pretty good. I’ll give him a CT scan and see how things are…” Doctor Yan nodded and consoled Young Feng for a bit before leaving.

Young Feng nodded vigorously, and she could not help but tear up again.

After leaving the ward, Doctor Yan looked around before returning to his office. He whipped out his cell phone and typed a message. [The patient has a pretty high probability of regaining consciousness.]

After that, Doctor Yan opened his contact list and tapped on multiple names. After sending the message, he felt at ease as he leaned against his chair and took a long, deep breath.

“Why did you come back right after you left?” The soft voice of a man rang out from behind Doctor Yan.

“What the… Department director?” Doctor Yan almost leaped up in shock, and he was so guilty that he broke out in a cold sweat.

“Are you done making ward rounds?” The department director’s voice was soft.

Doctor Yan gulped forcefully and said, “I’m done.”

“Yup. How’s that man, Young Dai doing?” the department director asked.

“There’re… there’re signs of recovery.” Doctor Yan did not dare to hide anything, and he quickly replied obediently.

“Can he recover?”

“There’s a relatively high probability that he will regain consciousness. The patient’s family member told me just now that the patient touched her with his finger. Aside from this, the readings of his indices have improved…”

“Can you show them to me?”

“Sure.” Doctor Yan immediately switched on his computer and clicked on an icon.

In Yun Hua Hospital, the ICU was the department with all the newest equipment, and their digital medical records system was also the best. It took less than a minute for Doctor Yan to show the department director Young Dai’s various examination results and scan reports.

The department director read everything carefully and nodded. He stood up straight and said, “His condition seems good. Do keep a watch on him.”


“If you have the time, write a more detailed medical case report for him. Stop playing with your phone.”

“Huh? Sure!”

Doctor Yan was guilty, and after sending the department director away, he could not stop thinking about what the latter had said. ‘The department director probably didn’t see the message I sent just now, right? If he didn’t see it, why did he tell me not to play with my phone? It’s normal to not allow employees to play with their phones during office hours, isn’t it? But no one has ever stopped anyone from playing with their phones before this…”

The department director of the ICU sauntered back to his seat. He whipped out his phone and looked around before writing a text message. [The patient’s recovery is going well.]

Next, the department director selected multiple names on his contact list and sent the text message. Only then did he feel at ease. He leaned against his chair and took a deep and long breath.


Huang Maoshi was walking in the corridor of the Emergency Medical Center. His footsteps were quick, and he entered Huo Congjun’s office. This made a bunch of other pharmaceutical sales representatives look at him.

“This fella is pretty handsome.”

“Young people do have an edge over older people when doing sales. Why didn’t he become a model instead of robbing us of our sales opportunities?”

“I heard that he used to be a model, and he decided to become a pharmaceutical sales representative because being a model didn’t bring him much money.”

“Have you heard of this thing called the casting couch, where models have to sleep with powerful people for job opportunities?”

“Do you think Department Director Huo…”

“Cut it out. If Department Director Huo has this kind of fetish, my sales would have gotten up since a long time ago.”

In the office, Huo Congjun was looking at the booklet that had a leather cover in front of him with a solemn expression.

Huang Maoshi could sense how tense the atmosphere was. He said with a lowered voice, “We have talked about this, and with the current situation, this is the only thing we can do.”

“There’s no other choice?”

“There isn’t enough time to make any further amendments.”

“Hm… Alright then. Do work diligently.” Huo Congjun raised his head a little, and his gaze was sharp as he stared at Huang Maoshi. “Manager Xie is the one who recommended you here, and it was because you’re familiar with both parties, so it’ll make communication easier. You must put your experience to good use.”

“Yes, certainly.” Huang Maoshi quickly nodded.

“We’ll take this one, then.” Huo Congjun pointed at something in the black leather booklet before him. He was pointed at a patch of golden silk. There was a row of words on it: Seminar on 1,500 Cases of Hepatectomy.

Huang Mao nodded vigorously and said, “We’ll go for sand gold along with red fonts then. We’ll be serving a standard buffet, and the attendees will be staying in Prosperous Fountain Hotel…”

Huo Congun nodded as he listened to Huang Maoshi, and there was pride on his face. ‘Are there any other departments that organize such large-scaled events? Are there? Are there!?’

Huoang Maoshi was speaking quickly. When he saw the smile on Huo Congjun’s face, he said, “Oh, by the way, there’s something else that I want to talk about.”

“Hmm? Sounds like there’s good news?”

“Director Wang, I’m talking about Mister Wang Chuanwen, would like to thank Yun Hua Hospital, Department Director Huo, Doctor Ling, and the other medical staff members. Hence, he would like to bear half of the cost of this seminar…”

Huo Congjun’ expression froze. “Hehe. Businessmen are really rich.”

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