Great Doctor Ling Ran

Chapter 725 - Keypad 5

Chapter 725: Keypad 5

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“Which part feels uncomfortable?” Ling Ran asked as usual.

Mai Chun hesitated for a few seconds, then she looked at Tian Qi and said, “My stomach always feels uncomfortable.”

“Stomach…” Ling Ran stared at Mai Chun for a few seconds. “This is the consultation for the Department of Hepatobiliary and Pancreatic Surgery…”

“Ahh… Then, I… I have discomfort in my gut.” Mai Chun quickly corrected herself.

Ling Ran asked, “What sort of discomfort?”

Mai Chun was stunned for some time. Her stomach really did not feel good, so she could still describe it briefly, but how was she to describe the discomfort in her gut?

Ling Ran looked at Mai Chun, Tian Qi looked at Mai Chun, Lu Wenbin and Zhang Anmin also looked at Mai Chun.

Mai Chun could not help but feel nervous.

“Just pain!” Mai Chun finally gave a symptom.

“Which part hurts?” Ling Ran asked again.

Mai Chun lowered her head and subconsciously touched the bottom part of her left rib cage.

“That is the stomach.” Zhang Anmin could not stand it anymore.

Mai Chun subconsciously looked at Zhang Anmin. She stared at his ugly face, and suddenly, she did not feel very nervous. Her mind became active. Therefore, Mai Chun decided not to look at Ling Ran but only stared at Zhang Anmin while she said, “I can’t really describe it. Sometimes, I feel pain in my stomach after every meal. Some people say my gut isn’t healthy. Anyway, Doctor Ling, just help me to do a check, please.”

“Then, take an ultrasonography first.” As Ling Ran spoke, Zhang Anmin started to operate on the computer by the side and made the payment.

Mai Chun peeked at the time. There was still a big gap from the five minutes requested by Director Tian.

However, Tian Qi was already satisfied. She happily said, “Ling Ran, then we’ll go home first… Oh, I mean, we will go for the checkup first, then come back and look for you. We’ll have to bring the examination results back, right?”

“Yes.” Ling Ran nodded.

“Okay!” Tian Qi stood up as she said this. Then, she turned around and cast a glance at Ling Ran before she asked, “What are you going to eat for lunch?”

“We will go to Prosperous Fountain Restaurant for lunch, since there’s no other better restaurant nearby,” Ling Ran answered naturally.

Tian Qi nodded very vigorously, and she was looking forward to noon.

After she left, Tian Qi was so happy that she almost jumped. She walked quickly for a few steps before she turned around and said to Mai Chun, “Just now, Ling Ran said there’s no better restaurant nearby, so he actually wants to have a very good restaurant next to the hospital, right?”

Mai Chun said in confusion, “I think it was just a casual remark by Doctor Ling.”

“Actually, you should think in this way. The restaurants nearby Yun Hua Hospital only have a normal taste, hmm… Some are slightly unique, but the hygiene and environment are just normal, so…” When Tian Qi talked about this, she took out her phone and pressed down on five for a long time.


Ling Ran took less than fifteen minutes to consult the subsequent four patients, and he performed examinations for them separately.

Patients who came for specialist consultation were more or less sick. If they were patients from other places, the majority of them had enquired about their diseases many times.

When he reached the seventh patient today, the MRI scan that he brought finally gave Ling Ran a space to perform.

“Liver has nodular hyperplasia, and structural disorder in the hepatic vessel caused by fibrosis. Cirrhosis on the nodules should have been caused by alcoholism…” Ling Ran read the MRI scan on the screen, but instead of taking a look at the diagnosis by the Medical Imaging Department, he directly made his own judgment.

The diagnosis by the Medical Imaging Department will only discuss the phenomenon, they will not talk about the reason.

For instance, they would just write that the patient had multiple sarcoidosis. They would not analyse the cirrhosis of big and small nodules, and they would not even hypothesize whether the big cirrhosis was caused by hepatitis and small cirrhosis was caused by alcoholism.

In contrast, doctors from the Department of Hepatobiliary and Pancreatic Surgery understood the reasons more, but they usually would not point at the MRI scan and say it out loud. Instead, they would only keep it in their hearts.

After all, it was always easier to say than prove it, and the reason was always hard to prove.

The seventh patient came with his spouse. Two of them sat in front of Ling Ran. Originally, they were holding hands, but when they heard about the term ‘alcoholism’, the woman shook off her husband Li Xing’s hand.

The husband Li Xing also looked awkward, so he immediately explained. “I didn’t drink excessively, I just drink occasionally.”

When he heard the explanation, Ling Ran bent his body and carefully observed the screen before he shook his head and said, “The one you took is high-field magnetic resonance, so we can see very clearly. There is a large amount of mutated small nodules, and they should be caused by long term alcoholism, normal drinking habits do not look like this.”


Li Xing’s tummy was twisted by two of his wife’s fingers.

Li Xing was in so much pain that he almost cried out. “I only went out occasionally. You know, right? People would urge me to drink, and I could not do anything…”

“You said you didn’t drink when you worked across the province, so have you been lying to me all the time?” His wife also almost cried. “I’ve given all the alcohol in our house to others, but you still went out to drink.”

“I didn’t drink much, I really didn’t drink much…”

“Now, you’ve got cirrhosis, and the doctor also said that you had excessive drinking!” the wife said while she cried.

The husband Li Xing was very anxious. He shouted in desperation, “The doctor is still very young, so he might not be right. Am I right, doctor ?”

Ling Ran looked at the husband and gently shook his head, “It’s really alcoholism.”

“Urgh… Ah!”

Li Xing’s voice became increasingly miserable.

“In short, the level of cirrhosis is still not very serious…” Ling Ran slowly said and introduced the condition to two of them.

At some point of time, the two gradually calmed down, thought it might be due to the husband being tired of shouting and the wife finding it meaningless to pinch her husband. They seriously listened to Ling Ran while he introduced the patient’s condition.

“Early-stage cirrhosis is pretty normal currently. Even if you don’t want a surgery, I will suggest that you be admitted to the hospital for hepatoprotective treatment.” Ling Ran had done many cases of hepatectomy, but he administered even more hepatoprotective treatment. At this time, he made things very clear, and the patient and his wife understood in a short while.

When he talked about the second half part, Ling Ran’s mind showed that he was one-fifth into completing the mission, but he did not care about it. He finished what he wanted to say, and he referred two of them to the Department of Hepatobiliary and Pancreatic Surgery and wrote a hospitalization note before he said, “You can go home and pack your things, then come over to be admitted at night so that it’ll be convenient for checkup tomorrow’s morning.”

Subsequently, Zhang Anmin stood forward obediently by the side. He acted as the doctor for the referred patient, and he also asked about matters regarding medical insurance.

After this incident, forty minutes passed. Zhang Anmin looked at the disappearance of the Li Xing couple, and he felt comforted as well as worried. “Doctor Ling, our efficiency will definitely make our subsequent patients anxious.”

“They will be happy when they attend the consultation.” Lu Wenbin was still young, but he could not agree more.

Zhang Anmin smiled wanly. “If everyone gives consultation like Doctor Ling, all doctors will be unemployed. ”

“We won’t be.” Lu Wenbin did not really care about the small matters like those. He had now bought a big house at a strategic location, and now, he only needed to earn enough money for renovation, for buying the third house and a shop lot, for changing to a new car, for getting married, for raising children, for his children’s education… and then, he can live a relaxed life.

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