Great Doctor Ling Ran

Chapter 578 - Chick

Chapter 578: Chick

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“Doctor Ling… it really is Doctor Ling!”

The patient who specifically came was around seventeen years old, and she wore a white Nike jacket. She sat inside the treatment room at the Emergency Medical Center in Yun Hua, and she dumbly stretched out her hand to let the nurse measure her blood pressure while her eyes remained on Ling Ran.

“I want Doctor Ling to treat me.” As the patient faced a group of doctor and nurse, she did not show any signs of weakness.

The senior resident doctor, Zheng Pei was sitting across the patient. He smiled and turned his face to show the better side of his face to the patient. He said, “People say I have big eyes and thick eyebrows, and I’m very welcomed by the patients. Why don’t you put up with me and receive treatment here from me?”

The young patient glanced at Zheng Pei before she said tactlessly, “You have an average face in the 70s, you’re nothing special.”

“What?” Zheng Pei was not happy. His main characteristic was his big eyes and thick eyebrows. Besides, what did this have to do with him and the 70s?

The young patient did not hesitate anymore. She pulled off the blood pressure band and rushed over to Ling Ran before she said bravely, “Doctor Ling, can you please treat me?”

Then, she looked at Han Yu, who was in front of her, and said, “Streamer, say something for me.”

“Huh? You are Raves until the World Collapses, the one who watches my livestream?” Han Yu did not expect that her audience was so young.

The sixteen-year-old young girl shook her head,”I don’t know who you’re talking about. I’m Watching You Eat Chicken at the Edge of the Airport.”

“Oh? Oh…” Han Yu was stunned. The patient was not the one who told her that she would come. Han Yu heard the name and could not help but think, ‘I wonder which between the two is crazier.’

“Let me handle this.” Ling Ran did not think as much as the others. He motioned for Watching You Eat Chicken at the Edge of the Airport to take a seat before he asked, “What’s your name?”

“You can just call me by my username. Netizens call me Chick, while there are also friends call me Young Port. The former one is an animal, and the other is an airport,” the young girl proudly answered, “They might sound like they have nothing to do with each other, but they are homophones in Chinese. It’s very particular.”

“Lol,” the young nurse said, “It’s better if you connect them together.”

“Hmph,” the young girl answered, “Lame.”

The young nurse who was five years her senior changed her expression.

“Have you registered your identification card?” Ling Ran raised his head and asked.

“I don’t want to.” Chick or Young Port suddenly stood up and kept shaking her head.

“You can’t use your username to register for treatment.” The nurse smiled and took out the registration form. She looked at it before and said hesitantly, “Your name is Liu Cuihua?”

The young girl’s face turned red, just as expected, and she said angrily, “The name is given by my mother. She’s an idiot, because she likes to listen to All Northeasterners Are Living Lei Fengs, so she gave me this name…”

“You can change your name,” Han Yu walked forward and said sympathetically.

“I…” The young girl pursed her lips and said again, “My mother died due to difficult labor. Just let the stupid name stay, since I usually use my webname.”

The doctors and nurses could not say anything at this moment.

The young girl suddenly chuckled. “You adults are so boring, everytime I say this, your expressions will change. Doctor Ling, I want you to take my pulse.”

The young lady stretched out her hands in high spirits.

Ling Ran shook his head. “I do not know how to take pulses.”

“Then, you can measure my blood pressure for me.”

“Okay.” Ling Ran let her sit down and wrapped the blood pressure band around her arm. He asked, “What symptoms?”

“Congenital heart disease… Ah, nope, heart palpitations.” After the young girl changed her reply, her face turned pale, and she lowered her heard.

Because she had congenital heart disease, she needed to go to the hospital very often, so much so that she was very familiar with the emergency room. She immediately came over because she saw a handsome doctor over here through the livestream. But she just went straight to tell him the name of the sickness instead of the symptoms. When the young girl thought about the criticism that would come later on, she felt uncomfortable.

Ling Ran only glanced at her once before he said to Zuo Cidian, who opened the medical record and prepared to make records. “She has a medical history of congenital heart disease, but came for treatment because of heart palpitations.”

“That’s right.” The young girl raised her head, and her eyes shone brightly. “I’ll say that in the future.”

After Ling Ran measured her blood pressure and carried out a simple physical examination, he asked about her usual prescriptions and gave some medical advice before ending the consultation without prescribing any medicine.

The young girl did not care about that. She grabbed Han Yu for a few selfies before she hid in the corner to secretly stare at Ling Ran. She looked like a new fan who had just entered the dressing rooms for celebrities.

Likewise, Ling Ran also ignored her.

For Ling Ran, being stared at or stalked by girls was nothing new. When he got a patient, he would treat the patient and do what a normal resident doctor or junior attending physician would do.

In the blink of an eye, he treated four to five patients, but his mission of “Relieve Patients’ Pain” had just reached 3/300.

Ling Ran immediately understood why. This “Relieve Patients’ Pain” mission truly required him to reduce their pain, not prescribing medicine or performing some sutures. The recovery was included in it as well.

However, people like Liu Cuihua who pretended to be sick, or had other small problems like having their fingers scalded that could be solved in an instant would push his mission progress forward.

Ling Ran still remained calm, and he did not think too much.

He was not lacking in any surgical skills now. He still did not have a chance to use the virtual human skill that he had just obtained, and if he obtained another Intermediate Treasure Chest… Well, that would be nice, too.

“Excuse me…” Han Yu grabbed the phone and walked over before she smiled at Ling Ran and said, “This is Raves until the World Collapses, and she is also my viewer. She brought a few people over to look for you for treatment.”

“Doctor Ling, hi. I’m Wang Yu, I just casually chose my username.” Raves until the World Collapses was a knowledgeable lady in her thirties. She was dressed professionally, and she put on a smile on her face. She looked like a manager.

“Hi.” Ling Ran took over the medical record she handed over. He lowered his head and asked, “Where is your discomfort?”

“I have had a sore throat over the past few days, and I also have a stuffy nose. I felt better after taking some flu medication, but I’m not fully recovered yet. Let’s take a selfie.” Wang Yu was obviously not here to see the doctor. Instead of saying that she was a woman with a professional job, it would be better to call her a professional fan.

“Let me look at your tonsils.” Ling Ran torn a tongue depressor and looked at Wang Yu’s throat before he let the nurse measure her body temperature and said, “You do truly have the flu.”

“Isn’t it? I’m really sick. Doctor Ling, you can just prescribe me with some medicine…”

“What flu medicine do you have at your house?”

“Paracetamol, 999 Ganmaoling, and also some Indigowoad Root…”

“Okay. You don’t need any prescription. Continue to drink 999 Ganmaoling.” Ling Ran wrote his medical advice on the medical record book and passed it to Zuo Cidian to handle the rest.

“Miss Wang, please follow me.” Zuo Cidian immediately led Wang Yu to the side, even though she was reluctant to leave.

Wang Yu followed him obediently and sat beside Han Yu and Liu Cuihua.

Then, Wang Yu took out her phone and opened her QQ before she started to vigorously chat with her friends.

[Doctor Ling doesn’t put on airs at all.]

[Doctor Ling is super handsome, and he is 100,000 times more handsome in photos, 10,000 more handsome than in the videos.]

[Doctor Ling touched my tongue and lips!]

Wang Yu typed a few sentences in one shot. Then, her group chat exploded instantly with messages, just like a volcano that had been holding back for a long time.

[I don’t believe you.]

[Why is he ten times more handsome in the video compared to in the photos?]

[Doctor Ling is mine!]

[I want to go to Yun Hua Hospital, don’t stop me. Nobody can stop me… ]

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