Great Demon King

Chapter 47: The horror of seven bone spurs

Chapter 47: The horror of seven bone spurs

At this moment, the seven bone spurs on the back of the little skeleton suddenly waved in the air with a creaking sound. When the barrage of javelins, long spears, and battle axes were about to land on the little skeleton, the seven bone spurs instantaneously detached themselves from the little skeleton’s spine and whirled into the air, dancing in an interweaving pattern in front of the little skeleton and above its head with great whooshing sounds.

The little skeleton held its ground, wielding the bone knife, and its little body capered madly, as if it was having an epileptic fit. The seven bone spurs drew mysterious curves through the air, as if manipulated into a dance by invisible hands according to the little skeleton’s will.

Continuous cracks rang out as the flying javelins, spears, and battle axes were all struck down and broken by the interweaving seven bone spears. Not a single one made it near the little skeleton’s body.

Han Shuo pinched his own waist and only knew this moment was truly real after he felt pain radiating from his side. Not only could the little skeleton manipulate the bone dagger and face off against enemies, but it could even activate the seven bone spurs on its back and make them form such a frightening weapon. This made Han Shuo feel that in this moment, the little skeleton was really quite incredible.

The “Law of Activating Magic” was a law that activated magical treasures to attack. The last time Han Shuo had bafflingly transmitted those memories to the little skeleton (TL note: chapter 27) , he had seen the little skeleton immediately activate the bone dagger in a flying dance. This was already enough to astonish Han Shuo, but now that the little skeleton could even activate the seven bone spurs on its back, this thoroughly flabbergasted Han Shuo.

In order to activate the “Law of Activating Magic”, other than an understanding of the law, a magical treasure, that was tied with the caster’s life and shared one mind with the caster, was also needed in order to call upon the law naturally. It looks like that, unbeknownst to anyone, the seven bone spurs and bone dagger had become the little skeleton’s magical treasures under the constant reforging from the magical yuan.

Han Shuo didn’t have a magical treasure at hand and thus couldn’t activate the “Law of Activating Magic”, but who would’ve thought that a dark creature, a little skeleton, was walking ahead of Han Shuo and had been the first to successfully activate it?

“Oh my gosh! What, what kind of monster is this little skeleton!” Fabian gave an excited and high strung moan, exclaiming in a low voice while being tongue tied and with eyes bugging out.

After the flying javelins, long spears, and battleaxes had all been demolished, the forest trolls were also completely shocked. Following that, the seven bone spurs, that had been circling the little skeleton’s body, abruptly flew in all directions and pierced through the bodies of the seven forest trolls that were standing there in a stupor.

“Demon, this is a demon within a skeleton’s body. Run!”

An extremely panicked and horror filled scream rang out from one of the forest troll’s mouth. It was as if this was a signal to retreat, as all the forest trolls started fleeling for their lives in various directions, like lost dogs. Even the forest troll leader had no more crap to say as it ran heedlessly in a sprint for escape.

A situation’s development was always so out of expectations. Han Shuo had only planned on breaking out and escaping from here and hadn’t reckoned on the fact that the little skeleton’s seven bone spurs would be equipped with such scary power. When Han Shuo had recovered himself, the surroundings were littered with more than ten forest troll corpses and there were no longer any living forest trolls.

“Hahaha, good boy, good boy!” Han Shuo suddenly had an exceedingly proud feeling and couldn’t stop from laughing wildly.

At the same time, the seven bone spurs whirled in a circle in thin air and then accurately landed back on the little skeleton’s spine. The little skeleton stood up straight afterwards, with bone dagger in hand, and started searching the forest troll corpses with practiced motions. It took everything on the bodies, except for the clothes.

“Give it to me, the other one hundred gold coins.” Han Shuo smiled lightly as he let Fabian down from his body and asked for the remaining payment from a Fabian, that was still shocked silly.

At this moment, Fabian’s eyes were still patrolling over the little skeleton’s body. He only came back to himself when Han Shuo’s voice sounded. Just as Fabian was about to bring out the gold coins, he suddenly thought of something and glared at Han Shuo. “No… you dared to use me as a shield when fighting with the forest trolls just now. Your actions have completely harmed the position of the employer. How dare you think of the other one hundred gold coins?”

His face suddenly stilling with a cold look, Han Shuo’s frigid gaze roved over Fabian’s body. He randomly plucked a javelin from the ground and asked lightly, “Mr. Fabian, are you trying to cheat me?”

On the other side, the little skeleton, that had been collecting the spoils of war, suddenly stopped as well, its empty sockets looking at Fabian.

Coldness suddenly emanated throughout Fabian’s body as he heart gave a shudder. He reluctantly squeezed out a smiling face and took a few timid steps backwards, saying, “Joking, it was just a joke. Heh heh, haha, here’s a hundred gold coins and not a single one short. You’ve done great work.”

Han Shuo lightly “hmm”ed as he put the one hundred gold coins away without further blather. A feeling of carefree enjoyment rose in his heart as he thought powerful strength is never unfavorable.

“Noble warrior, the items on the forest trolls…”

“Mine, all mine.”

Han Shuo abruptly cut off his words before Fabian had a chance to finish, matter-of-factly presuming that all those items were his spoils of war.

Squeezing out a forced laugh, Fabian continued, “Of course, of course they’re all yours. I mean to say that I can purchase the items you’ve gleaned off the forest trolls.”

His brow furrowed, Han Shuo looked suspiciously at Fabian and a smile made its way to his face. Han Shuo mimicked Clark and bowed urbanely, “Does Mr. Fabian mean to say that he plans on buying these items from me by means of gold coins?”

That face changes swiftly! Fabian cursed inwardly, pasting the same smile on his face and nodded. “Indeed, I am a merchant and venture in and out of the Dark Forest to purchase items found within, then bringing them back to the Empire for profits. As infamous robbers within the Dark Forest, the forest trolls should have some of what I need. If you don’t mind, I plan to buy them off you.”

At this moment, the little skeleton walked silently over to stand beside Han Shuo with eight handbags hanging off his hands. Under Han Shuo’s orders, the little skeleton put the eight bags down and used the bone dagger in hand to flip them open one by one. Han Shuo also took out the treasures he’d gleaned during this trip and put them on the ground, awaiting Fabian’s appraisal.

“Eight level 5 magical creature cores, six level 4 and one level 3. Three complete Windblade Wolf Pelts, three fangs from the Venom Lizards, one egg from the Deepwater Venom Python, and five blades of Mooneating Grass. I can give you one thousand gold for all of this together, what do you say?” Fabian appraised the items silently after he had categorized them all and lifted his head to smile at Han Shuo.

Shaking his head, Han Shuo said with an odd air. “That’s nothing. The Deepwater Venom Python is a level 3 magical creature. Its egg alone should be worth a great deal, not to mention the core of a level 3 magical creature. You offer only one thousand gold coins… do you take me for an idiot?”

Han Shuo knew that the price for a level 3 magical creature would naturally not be too low, but he didn’t clearly quantify how many gold coins, because he was unsure of the actual price. However, it was a given that merchants would always offer a price far below market price, so Han Shuo naturally wouldn’t let him have the items so easily.

“The Deepwater Venom Python is a level 3 magical creature, but the rate of success for raising a Deepwater Venom Python from an egg is pathetically low, and it’s not a guarantee that it will identify someone as its master. Therefore, the price can’t be too high. How about this, I offer 1,500 gold coins, what do you say?”

Han Shuo said nothing and only looked at Fabian with a slight smile.

“Two thousand gold coins, this is my final offer. If you’re unwilling to sell then forget it, I’ll leave!” Fabian grit his teeth and finally raised his own price up another five hundred gold coins.

Seeing as this was about the limit, Han Shuo smiled lightly and said faintly, “Two thousand it is. The items are yours, but what about the gold coins.”

These items would surely be worth more than this in the Empire, but Han Shuo was still in the Dark Forest and without a space ring, it would be inconvenient to take these things with him. In addition, Han Shuo’s status was just an errand slave in the Babylon Academy of Magic and Force, it would be difficult for him to dispose of the items in the Empire. It would be easier and more convenient to directly hand them over to Fabian.

“This is a crystal card with two thousand gold coins saved in it. You can take this crystal card to any savings firm and exchange it for gold coins. Oh right, what’s your name? I can print your name into the crystal card for you.” Fabian took out a thin card made from golden colored crystals and asked Han Shuo.


“Oh, okay Bryan.” Fabian took out another thin, needle-like item after taking out the crystal card and slightly drew it over a thin slot in the corner of the crystal card. A faint, golden light winked and the crystal card went back to normal.

Han Shuo had arrived at this world for a while and after purposefully getting to know this world, understood that a crystal card functioned like an ATM card in his original world. Gold, silver and bronze coins were all tangible items with heft to them. No one could possibly carry thousands or tens of thousands of gold coins on themselves. These crystal cards were a necessity for nobels. Crystal cards could be used at will in the omnipresent savings firms to save or withdraw gold coins.

“Here, Bryan, this crystal card is yours from now on.” Fabian gave the crystal card to Han Shuo and smiled, looking at him. “I’m called Fabian, a member of the Empire’s Boozt Merchant Guild. You can come find me at the Guild if you ever have anything to sell in the future. This is my address, put it away carefully.”

The Boozt Merchant Guild was one of the biggest merchant guilds in the Empire. Controlled by the Boozt family, even Han Shuo, who didn’t get much in the way of rumors and news, had heard about the wondrous resources of the Boozt Merchant Guild. Listening to Fabian’s words, Han Shuo immediately carefully put away the crystal card and smiled, “Mr. Fabian, nice to meet you. Perhaps I really will have something to bother you with in the future. The forest trolls won’t dare disturb you now, and our matter is concluded. Good bye.”

Han Shuo didn’t say much after those words and he gave the little skeleton an order. One man and one skeleton quickly vanished off into the distance.

“Hello brave mercenaries. I think our business can continue to be conducted.” Fabian called out to the mercenaries who were looking after their wounds and walked towards them upon seeing Han Shuo suddenly leave.

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