Grasping Evil

Chapter 6

Chapter 6: Jade Royal Grass, For the Pigs to Eat?

Seeing Ning Fans calmness, the black guard slightly changed his expression.

Able to confront the four hundred black guards without fear, even though the young lords cultivation was not high, this was already extraordinary.

Zhousi, go easy, do not injure the young lord.

Commander Yuchi secretly nodded his head and told the big man who was going to fight Ning Fan.

He didnt think Ning Fan could defeat Zhousi, but he still acknowledge Ning Fans status as the young lord.

Daring to accept the challenge, at the very least he was not a piece of trash, so he was qualified to be their young lord.

Be at ease, commander! This subordinate understands the proper limit.

The big man named Zhousi laughed and slightly waved his hand. Immediately there was a red light appearing out of nowhere and deafening broke free from the sky and flew towards Ning Fan.

Between the vague gaps, Ning Fan could see that it was a blazing magical pearl, and its heatwave was directly assaulting his senses with the greatest power. If it connected, at the very least, his bones and muscle would snap apart.

It is the Scarlet Blazing Pearl! Zhousi actually used this item!

This pearl can even allow for Zhousi to defeat a sixth level Opening Vein expert. Young lord is only a new Opening Vein cultivator, how could he block the offense of this pearl!?

Im afraid young lord wont be able to brace this impact!

The comments in all directions all were overwhelming on Zhousis side, But Ning Fan ignored them.

Of course, his first level Opening Vein cultivation couldnt receive this amount of attack from the magical treasure, but he still had a hidden trump card the evil flame that he swallowed from the old monster Han on that day.

Nevertheless, this was Ning Fans first time participating in a battle, but since he possessed the Immortal Emperors memories, his actions were not too sluggish.

As the blazing pearl was on the way to attack him, Ning Fan directly spew out an evil flame from his mouth. This evil fire once left his body immediately turned into an unruly dragon and immediately swallowed the Scarlet Blazing Pearl!


The magical pearl immediately splitted open, and it was rendered into ashes at the very next moment by the evil fire.

Extremely surprised after his magical treasure was destroyed, Zhousi looked up and saw the terrible evil fiery dragon directly rushed itself towards him.

Death! I Will die!

Even a tenth level Opening Vein expert would immediately die if they stood in the way of this evil fiery dragon.

Commander Yuchi saw the sudden change and explosively rushed out directly in front of Zhousi with a serious expression, then met the dragon with his resolute fists creating an explosion.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

The evil flame scattered in all directions and exploded everywhere. Commander Yuchi retreated twelve steps back while coughing out blood along the way.

He as a Harmonious Spirit expert was able to block Ning Fans attack, but also suffered a heavy injury.

Each and every members of the Apricot Guards hearts were overwhelmed with incomparable shock. Zhousi had cold sweat all over his body.

If the commander didnt stop the strike, he would have died in the hands of the young lord! The young lord was not only powerful, but he was also ferocious, not showing the least bit of mercy!

He actually was the first one to dim-wittedly challenged the young lord, how stupid was this!

This was what the young lord said that they were missing. Showing no mercy for the enemies, the style that they should have!

The scene became quiet. Every single black guards looked at Ning Fan with an unprecedented gaze of eminence, not daring to be a little bit disrespectful.

Power was the true speech of the cultivation world, and Ning Fans strength had won over their respect.

Ning Fans ruthlessness was to be feared. One shot to kill, this was truly an evil cultivator ah!

They actually misunderstood Ning Fan. It was not that Ning Fan was ruthless from the start and wanted to kill with one move, but rather it was because he only had the evil flame as his one type of method, nothing more. There was not any other magical power that he could have employed.

The old monster saw everything with his eyes! If he was not mistaken, his evil fire was taken away from him by Ning Fan?

Oh grandmother! To go as far as having a method to control his fire, this meant that under the Harmonious Spirit realm, Ning Fan wouldnt be able to find a suitable opponent!

Hmph! Even daring to rob his masters evil flame! However, this was truly brave! This old man likes it!

As a result, the old monsters opinion of Ning Fan became even more satisfactory. He wanted to have two cups to drink, so he stealthily sneaked away. Ning Fan was the only one waiting outside of the Apricot Mansion to fetch the medicines.

Young lord came to take the medicinal grasses?

Yuchi respectfully inquired without a trace of a Harmonious Spirit experts air of arrogance. Although he was heavily injured, but his physique was sturdy so he was not anxious to heal and wanted to take Ning Fan through the Apricot Mansion instead.


Ning Fan did not say that the medicines were for the old monster.

In that case, young lord and young mistress, please follow this subordinate to the Apricot Mansion.

Yuchis respectful referring to her as the young mistress caused Zhihes face to blush red.

Apricot Mansion was made from fiery bricks. Such creation was not possible in the hand of Harmonious Spirit experts, so the old monster clearly spent some money here.

Yuchi led Ning Fan and Zhihe through the fiery door into the Apricot Mansion.

Zhihe seeing the door filled with fire and became afraid, her fingers intertwined together, and didnt dare to enter. But under Ning fans protection, she gradually felt safe.

Ning Fans gaze slightly became lost in contemplation. He was already a cultivator, but Zhihe was only a mortal. This will not do.

It was vital to find suitable spirit grasses to assist Zhihe open her veins, so that she could become a cultivator as well.

Young lord, look. The Apricot Mansion has four thousand different medicines, all several hundred years old, and you can directly grab any of them.

Yuchi thought that although Ning Fan was inexperienced as a cultivator, even though he was powerful, but he may not know much about medicines.

But he didnt think that when Ning Fan was in the Apricot Mansion, he knew all of the medicines, even some of the rarer species, and this greatly startled Yuchi.

One hundred year Mulberry Grass, one hundred year Yulan Magnolia ice, one hundred year Snow Ginseng, one hundred year Sifting Serpent Vine Hmm, the antidotes for master are all here except for the one thousand years peach tree. Eh, this is

Ning Fans gaze swept through the medicine courtyard and landed on a haystack in the corner, and was shocked for a long time.

What medicine is this

He hesitantly asked Yuchi.

Oh, those are just wild grasses without any spirits, they are for feeding the pigs.

Yuchi casually replied.

Feed the pigs ah! You used jade to feed the pigs!

Yes sir! This grass doesnt taste very good, even the pigs dont like them

Yuchi patted a bag that was on his waist to call out a purple pig around the size of a hand so that Ning Fan could see.

Young lord, this is my demon pet Universe Pig. Dont look at his ugly appearance, but even an expert of the fourth level Opening Vein would be killed by one slam from it. Aizzz, I always feed it this grass each day, but it doesnt seem to be nutritious enough

Ning Fan was quiet for a long time and looked at Yuchi with a complex glance.

Yuchi, you are one and only in this world! From today on, no more feeding the pig with this grass. Bring this grass to my palace!

Ning Fan couldnt imagine that the renown Jade Royal Grass in the memories of the Immortal Emperor would be fed to the pig by Yuchi.

This grass appeared to be without spirit, but this was its magical property. Think about it, how could a mortal wild grass grow in the icy city!

Jade Royal Grass was said to be hard to obtain for even Immortal Emperors. It doesnt have any medicinal property by itself, but if mixed with a certain thing, then it could become a heaven rebelling godly dan Jade Royal Dan.

This dan could refine the veins and marrows to improve the physique as well as cultivation, to finally culminate into the Transcending Immortal Physique!

In the memories of the Ancient Chaotic Grand Emperor, during the Immemorial Era, only two people successfully cultivated the Transcending Immortal Physique, both of them were top geniuses of an era!

One was the old master of the Heavens Palace Jade Emperor, along with the holy Saint Wei Wei Tuo.

Cultivating with the Transcending Immortal Physique, there is no fear to surpass the five gates.

This phrase said uttered by the immortal saint Wei Tuo in the legends, the strongest expert under the Lord Emperor!

The Jade Royal Grass that was even rare for immortal emperors were fed to the pigs by Yuchi!

Ning Fan coldly stared at Yuchi. Wasting the heavens treasure like this, maybe Yuchi in his next life will be punished by the old heaven and turned into a pig.

Being stared at by Ning Fan, Yuchi was confused and quickly averted his eyes.

Isnt it just a bunch of lousy grasses, what is wrong with feeding it to the pig, did he need to stare at me like this Could it be, that the young lord likes to eat grass? Like eating the grass that even a pig wouldnt want to eat?

Yuchi looked at Ning Fan, and saw that he was squatting, and took the dirty grasses in the haystack and chewed in his mouth. Yuchi was marvelled by this act.

Worthy of being the young lord, the things that even pigs wont eat, he still can. No wonder why he is so intelligent!

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