Grasping Evil

Chapter 51

When the sky was still dark, several deacons had arrived to awaken the two hundred new disciples.

Early in the morning in the Outer Mountain, there were two rows of new disciples standing in an orderly manner. Seventy females in one row and the other one-hundred thirty males in another.

Several deacons held the registration book to verify the information given by the new disciples yesterday.

The head of the deacon was a female cultivator of Level Nine Vein Opening. She was wearing pink skirt of thin silk. She had an oval-shaped face. Though, she didnt look very beautiful, she was still considered pretty.

She held a registration book in her hand as her eyes surveyed all of them. Her voice was cold.

My name is Bai Xiu. My cultivation grade is Level Nine Vein Opening. I am the deacon who manages any matters related to the entrance examination of the sect. Today will be your second entrance exam. You are required to go into the forbidden place of inner sectDemon Sinister Forest. You will be briefed about the details by an elder when you arrive at the inner sect. Now, I would need to verify your name, identity, background and your cultivation technique.

Bai Xiu stressed on these two words, cultivation technique.

Anyone could fabricate their name, identity and background without being caught. No one would know whether their town or city existed in Yue Country or not given the fact that the country was very large. There were even some who came from the other True Cultivation Country which made it even more difficult to verify.

For every session of discipleship, there would be some people who came with ulterior motive using an alias to sneak into Sinister Sparrow Sect. However, there were two things which they couldnt fake, cultivation grade and cultivation method.

The cultivation grade would be tested later on. As for the cultivation techniqueif the person was found cultivating a righteous technique, the person would be held accountable. Same goes if the person was found cultivating other evil sects cultivation technique.

Now, I will call the name one by one. Zhu Qingqing!

Bai Xiu turned to the female row and started there. It seemed that she had some detestation against males.

I am Zhu Qingqing, from Breezeless City of Yue Country. My cultivation technique is fire property evil technique.

A girl with decent appearance walked out of the row. A deacon immediately carried a fiery red crystal ball and put it in front of the girl.

Consequently, the girl gently pressed her palm on the crystal ball. Then, a faint black fiery light shot out from the crystal ball.

Not bad. This girl didnt lie. Next, Lan Ting.

Im Lan Ting, from Flurry City in the north of Yue County. I cultivate water property evil technique.

Next, Liu Shi.

Next, Yang Mi.

Every girl who had declared their personal information placed their palms on the crystal ball one after another to verify their cultivation method. Some might have plenty of cultivation techniques but there was only one main cultivation technique and it was impossible to conceal it.

After a series of verification, out of seventy females, eleven of them lied when they failed the cultivation technique verification and were taken down by the experts.

Among them, there was a girl of Harmonious Spirit realm. When she was revealed, she attempted to flee by flying towards the sky speedily but was forcefully taken down by three Harmonious Spirit elders who had been guarding at an unnoticeable place.

Many of them were startled when they found out a Harmonious Spirit expert was mixed in their group. Ning Fans eyes darted a glance and contemplated about how he could get pass this verification.

Time passed and the verification for the females was over. Now it was the males turn.

Bai Xius eyes swept across the male group with disgust and her voice turned frigid.

During the verification, if any of your eyes dares to make a second glance on me, I will dig out both of your eyes! First one, Li Zhi Huan.

Li Zhi Huan, a child of collateral relative of Li Clan of Yue Country. My cultivation technique is Corpse Seizing Technique.

He was a courteous and polite young man with Level Three Vein Opening. He paid his respect to Bai Xiu but quickly kept his eyes away from her after his first glance.

He had received information about this girl before he came here and he knew that she disliked men very much.

She wouldnt allow any male to have contact with her, to talk to her and even glance at her the second time. If not for the task in hand, she wouldnt get this close to any of the men.

Li Zhi Huan wasnt stupid enough to provoke her since that would lead to misfortune.

When the rest of them heard Li Zhi Huans origin and cultivation technique, respect surfaced from them. Even Bai Xiu who detested men so much looked at him with slight admiration.

Li Clan was deemed as one of the established forces in Yue Country. The clan had a very good relationship with Sinister Sparrow Sect. In fact, there was a Harmonious Spirit elder of Li Clan in the sect. Even though Bai Xiu hated men, she wouldnt want to offend the people of Li Clan.

The cultivation technique that Li Zhi Huan practiced had the highest ratio of danger.

Corpse Seizing was a famous evil cultivation technique. Some said that this technique could allow unlimited revival. Those who cultivated Corpse Seizing Art were hard to kill. Even if they were killed, their soul could parasite on the other cultivators to seize their body and then revive.

It was a heaven defying art but the risk was extremely high. In Corpse Seizing Sect, there was only one who succeeded in this technique out of a hundred of them who practiced the same art. Those people who failed were engulfed by the art and died.

A disciple of Li Clan was willing to choose this dangerous cultivation path, if he succeeded, his future would be unimaginable. He might even make a breakthrough to Harmonious Spirit realm and became an elder of the sect.

Bai Xius expression softened. Then she led him to the verification of the crystal ball.

In the crystal ball was the freak images of two skeletons. Without a doubt, Li Zhi Huan was true in his words. He cultivated Corpse Seizing Evil Technique.


Several Harmonious Spirit outer sect elders sucked in cold air in the dark area. Even the wild Yan Zhanyuns face hardened a little.

Corpse Seizing Evil TechniqueThis youth, Li Zhi Huans future will be boundless!

Elder Li, your Li Clan has nurtured a great talent. The other elders looked at the elder in yellow robe in admiration and congratulated him.

You are all overpraising. Zhi Huan is a tenacious kid. He was able to cultivate an evil technique because of the connection to a collateral relative with Li Clan. Soon, our patriarch will grant him the status of the origin of Li Clan.

Elder Li looked proud as if he was the one who should take the praise.

Li Zhi Huan went back to his position after the verification. Bai Xiu consecutively called out twenty to thirty people and had found a few spies. When it reached the number thirty two candidate, she was startled again.

Lu Zi Qiao. I am from Lu Clan, a disciple of the direct descendant of Lu Clan. I cultivate Soul Tempering Evil Technique.


Soul Tempering Evil Technique!

A candidate was startled once again.

Although cultivating Soul Tempering Technique wasnt as risky as Corpse Seizing Technique, the requirement for ones natural endowment was very high, exceeding an ordinary level. The most basic condition for cultivating this evil technique was one must have the soul endurance that was a thousand times stronger than ordinary people.

It was hard to imagine that the young man in a beast-like armour and with short beard was in fact an expert who cultivated Soul Tempering Technique.

As a deacon brought the crystal ball in front of Lu Zi Qiao, he let out an arrogant cold humph.

I dont need any verification from the crystal ball! I will use Soul Tempering Art right here. So that you all will know instantly that Im not lying. Soul Tempering Streamer, out!

Lu Zi Qiao patted his storage pouch to summon a black soul streamer. He casted a spell and thousands of Level Ten Vein Opening souls rushed out of the streamer.

Thousands of Level Ten Vein Opening beings? What magical treasure had Lu Clan given Lu Zi Qiao? No one would know how many people they had killed in order to accumulate this much souls.

Lu Zi Qiao was merely Level Four Vein Opening cultivator but his spirit sense was as strong as the spirit sense of a Harmonious Spirit cultivator. Adding his powerful spirit sense and Soul Tempering Streamer together, he could fight a Harmonious Spirit expert without a problem.

He was very arrogant in front of the beacon who was about to give him the crystal ball for him to touch just now. But then Bai Xiu didnt feel offended. She felt slightly terrified instead. She was scared by a Level Four Vein Opening cultivator.

According to rumours, Lu Clan in the north of Yue Country was full of mad devils. It had just proved that the statement was true.

Ning Fans brows twitched. He figured that this young man was a genius in evil cultivation for having such powerful a spirit sense.

Such a strong Soul Tempering Art. Naturally, it proves that the young gentleman is telling the truth. Next, Xuan Zou.

The verification continued. There was no one in the next hundred candidates who was as monstrous as Li Zhi Huan and Lu Zi Qiao.

Aside from the fact of identifying another ten spies, no other eye-catching thing occurred.

Next, Ning Fan.

Bai Xiu finally reached Ning Fan. In that moment, those Harmonious Spirit elders that were hidden in the dark sparkled attentively.

They had fixed their eyes on Ning Fan but they didnt know what evil cultivation technique he was practicing and the property of his cultivation. They figured that he would have a bright future if he followed any of them.

I hope that he is cultivating fire property technique. I can see it from his body that there is a stream of fiery energy within him. I should be right about this. An elder in red robe muttered.

Maybe not. This young man must be cultivating water property techniques. I can sense a chilling coldness in his Qi. Another belle in white dress said flatly.

All of you are wrong. This man cultivates ice property techniques. Yan Zhuiyun rebutted their points in his heart silently.

He could remember how rapid Ning Fans icy light was. He was an Intermediate Harmonious Spirit with ice property soul power. Thus, Ning Fan was undoubtedly a heavenly soul cultivator of ice soul vein.

As the others were busy predicting the outcome, Ning Fan was in his calm composure. He gently opened his mouth and said out something unbelievable.

Ning Fan, from Seven Apricot City in the north of Yue Country. Cultivation technique: Dual Cultivation.

The news of the old devil accepting a new disciple wasnt spread to Sinister Sparrow Sect. Only Sinister Sparrow himself and a few Gold Core experts knew about this. As such, these Harmonious Spirit elders wouldnt know the connection between Ning Fan and the old devil. They had viewed him as a beginner on evil cultivation.

Nonetheless, the thing that startled them the most was his cultivation technique. It was actually the most impudent Dual Cultivation Evil Technique.

In Dual Cultivation Evil Technique, aside from the heaven defying Yin Yang Transformation, it was all about the Plucking Art. No cultivator who cultivated this technique was not an obscene devil who deflowered virgins. A lascivious devil and a murderous devil were both considered devils but lascivious devils impression of people was entirely different.

The devils who cultivated Dual Cultivation had superficial magical power and there were very few exceptions who reached Gold Core realm. The Plucking Art could quicken the pace into the early realms. This was because the cultivator was seizing the cultivation grade from the girl, it didnt belong to the cultivator of the art itself.

Generally, when they reached Gold Core realm, the time interval after a plucking process would be unusually long because they needed to spend time fortifying, tamping and condensing their magical power. Otherwise, the unsolidified magical power would severely affect their advancement.

All Harmonious Spirit elders frowned. They never thought that the candidate whom they placed their hope was cultivating such an obscene technique. Aside from the unpredictable future that this technique would lead to, it wasnt pleasant to tell someone that their disciple was cultivating such a technique.

Its a pity. I dont think I want him anymore. I think I will leave him for Elder Chu.

Hehe. I dont dare to bring a disciple who cultivates Dual Cultivation by my side. If I am slightly careless, I might be eaten.

Those Harmonious Spirit elders who were initially fond of Ning Fan had expressed their disapproval, including Yan Zhanyun who was knitting his eyebrows.

Not possible. I strongly believe that Ning Fan had gotten his magical strength through tempering. It doesnt look like it was acquired from Dual Cultivation.

While many were still feeling unpleasant about Ning Fans cultivation, a candidate was staring at Ning Fan strangely. The female groups on the other side automatically retreated to maintain a distance with him, fearing that he would take advantage of them.

What a lascivious thief! But he has a good-looking face. So he is using his face to commit those obscene crimes.

Bai Xius gaze turned cold. She was most disgusted by lascivious devils. However, there was no rule in an evil sect that refused accepting lascivious devils. As such, she couldnt deny his discipleship solely because of his cultivation technique.

Dual Cultivation huh? Lets verify it.

A deacon brought the crystal ball towards Ning Fan with the same strange look. As for Ning Fan, he pretended that he saw nothing. He had anticipated that Dual Cultivation would cause many of them to roll their eyes.

Although Sinister Sparrow Sect was an evil sect, it was still many times greater than All Pleasure Sect. Although the devils in this sect was ruthless in murdering, they were a sect with rationale.

Ning Fan gasp a long breath as his palm placed on the crystal ball. He circulated Yin Yang Transformation that wrapped the crystal ball with brilliant green light to test the crystal ball. The green light then turned into countless thin lines of blood. It suddenly grew so bright that the crystal ball crushed.

The crystal ball had been broken! It wasnt because his magical power was too great but his cultivation technique and grade had gone beyond the range the crystal ball could read.

What is this kid cultivating?

Countless of experts were shocked, leaving their mouths open. Their disdain towards Ning Fan had turned into avidity.

Despite the fact that Dual Cultivation Technique was deplorable, it wasnt a bad thing to cultivate it if it was highly powerful.

Ning Fan frowned when he sensed all of them had grown enthusiastic about his cultivation technique. It seemed that his Yin Yang Transformation had drawn much attention. In fact, this was unavoidable because of the verification procedure in Sinister Sparrow Sect. There was no way he could hide his Yin Yang Transformation.

Even if Ning Fan tried to avoid attention, he still had to face it if trouble found him. If someone had targeted his cultivation technique and wanted to seize it, he would certainly send the person to hell with his Separation Slayer.

Alright. You can return to your group.

Bai Xiu darted Ning Fan a glance. She had also changed her disdainful look towards him into fear.

While in Demon Sinister Forest, I will become the guardian deacon to protect these new disciples. Will this Ning Fan try to think dirty about me? He has a very powerful cultivation technique. What ifI fall into his evil hands?

This girl was overthinking. How could Ning Fan target her?!


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