Grasping Evil

Chapter 498 - Home

Chapter 498: Chapter 498: Home

A strange atmosphere fell upon Si Kong Demon Island.

After Ning Fan erased the memories of all cultivators on the island, they all fell unconscious including the great flamen.

The little girl, Ming Que, was absorbing Si Cang’s various mixed-up memories while trying her best to preserve her own personality, unwilling to let it be swallowed up by those memories.

Her expression was filled with loftiness and coldness, making her look even more dignified and aloof than Su Yan who was the former clan leader of the Mist Horn Clan.

It was an air of dignity which belonged to Princess Si Cang. Ming Que was assimilating it together with the memories.

Moments later, her stomach grumbled and she finally opened her eyes. She felt like she had just been through a very long dream. Her eyes still looked a little hazy and confused. At the next moment, however, her expression turned cold and indifferent.

Ning Fan actually felt somewhat nervous for her.

Even if he were to face a great army of troops all on his own, he would not even bat his eye once. However, after seeing Ming Que’s face becoming unfamiliarly cold, his heart skipped a beat.

It was extremely easy for someone to change their personality if memories of another person suddenly appeared inside their minds.

That cold and haughty look in Ming Que’s eyes definitely did not belong to her but to Princess Si Cang instead.

Ming Que is Si Cang’s reincarnation. Did her personality experience a great change after receiving Si Cang’s inheritance?

“You…” Just as Ning Fan was about to ask Ming Que about her condition, he saw her jump out of the blood pool. She ran down from the sacrificial altar with a long face and headed toward Ning Fan’s direction. Then, she gave him a pitiful look.

The coldness in her eyes had already disappeared. What replaced it was the cute and adorable expression she used to have in the past.

“Hungry… Brother Biscuit, I’m hungry…” The little girl who was wearing a golden crown on her head wore a troubled and depressed expression. She had used up all her strength in order to accept the inheritance. Now, she was so hungry that she could eat one hundred pill biscuits at once.

After hearing Ming Que speak with her old tone of voice, Ning Fan did not ask her any more questions.

She was still the old her and was the same gluttonous foodie as before.

Ning Fan would naturally not let her starve. He took out a number of Fifth Revolution Pills and gave them all to her. She ate them like they were beans.

Be it vulnerary pills or other different kinds of pills, all of them would turn into power that would raise her cultivation base once they reached Ming Que’s stomach.

Only after emptying the three bottles of Fifth Revolution Pills from Ning Fan did she belched adorably and said with a satisfied smile.

“I’m full…”

Su Yan was speechless upon seeing her actions. Ming Que might be the only person in the entire Rain World who could eat Fifth Revolution Pills like they were beans. Common cultivators could not possibly digest the massive amount of medicinal power from so many pills.

Moreover, Ning Fan was probably the only person who would randomly give Fifth Revolution Pills to her without the slightest hint of reluctance.

When Ming Que had her fill, only then did she notice that all the demon cultivators of the island were unconscious. That surprised her.

However, when she found out that it was Ning Fan’s doing, she did not think about it anymore. Even if Ning Fan wanted to sink the entire Si Kong Demon Island, Ming Que would have no objections if that was what he really wished.

Afterwards, she told Ning Fan about all the memories she obtained from the inheritance.

Princess Si Cang was born in ancient times. She was once the princess of the Immemorial Dark Sparrow Tribe. She left the tribe some time later because of a disagreement and conflict she had with an elder of the tribe. After that, however, she died a mysterious death.

As for the reason why she lost her life, it wasn’t mentioned in her memories.

As for all of the information related to ancient demons and the spirit, none of them were passed down through the inherited memories as well. It was truly unfortunate.

From Si Cang’s memories, Ming Que learned many demon cultivation methods and techniques of the Dark Sparrow Tribe. Moreover, she even obtained a lot of cultivation insights and experiences which Si Cang left before she passed away.

The current Ming Que possessed the pill devil’s physique, had a royal grade demon bloodline and inherited Si Cang’s cultivation insights. With these advantages, her future would be bright and limitless.

It would be inappropriate to compare her to the people in the Four Heavens. However, in the realm below the Four Heavens, there were probably none who could rival her cultivation speed.

Even Ning Fan was slower than her in terms of cultivation speed if he were to stay in a sect and cultivate gradually.

Of course, he did most of his cultivation during his battles. His strength tempered from countless life and death battles was not something Ming Que could match.

In just half a day, Ming Que had broken through to the Half-Step Void Refinement Realm from the Mid Divine Transformation Realm with the help of the power she obtained from the inheritance. If this matter were to spread to the outside world, it was unknown how many old monsters would be filled with awe and envy.

Ning Fan recalled his own cultivation journey. From the time when he was still at the Mid Divine Transformation Realm to when he achieved the Half-Step Void Refinement Realm, the battles he fought were endless. Aside from that, he spared no effort even if it was to shed his blood just to improve his cultivation base. Ming Que, however, attained the Half-Step Void Refinement Realm in such a simple way. One had to admit her cultivation speed was really heaven-defying.

“If this little girl is given an excellent environment for her cultivation, her future will definitely be extremely bright…” Ning Fan pondered.

Ming Que had just finished receiving the inheritance which greatly exhausted her. Thus, after eating and drinking to her heart’s content, she instantly fell asleep.

She was accompanied by Su Yan when she rested because her cultivation base had yet to stabilize. She still needed the protection of others.

Ning Fan, on the other hand, woke up the cultivators of the island using his magic technique. If he were to continue to let them be, who knows how much longer they would take to regain their consciousness.

After they awakened, all of them felt like they had experienced amnesia. All of them found it particularly strange.

Many of them remembered that the island lord had successfully accepted the nine portions of the inheritance moments ago. However, none of them could remember anything about what happened after that.

Those with discerning eyes could already guess that Ning Fan had erased their memories. After all, he was the only one powerful enough to erase memories as he pleases on this island.

Old Man Qu and the other flamens surmised that something must have happened after the ceremony had ended which caused Ning Fan to erase everyone’s memories to prevent them from knowing the truth.

The cultivators did not have the nerve to ask Ning Fan about what exactly happened after that. None of them questioned him why their memories were erased.

When night fell, the entire Si Kong Demon Island was decorated with lanterns and colorful banners as the members of the island began celebrating for their island lord’s success in accepting the inheritance.

Obviously, Ming Que did not attend the celebration. She was still sleeping soundly. She was just too tired after the ceremony. Su Yan also did not attend as she was staying by her side to make sure she was safe.

Below the princess statue, demon cultivators threw a feast in the open, taking the sky as their canopy and the earth as their mattress. They slaughtered countless animals as offerings and offered countless spirit fruits and wines. Countless tall wooden stands were also built to serve as bonfires. Under the night sky, groups of gorgeous female cultivators of the island danced nimbly. Apart from that, there were many ladies trying to serve and please Ning Fan.

“I heard that what Revered Ming cultivates is the devil dual-cultivation method. My Si Kong Demon Island doesn’t have many things except for a bunch of beautiful female demons. If Revered Ming finds someone you like, you can just make them your concubines. It’ll be their honor to serve you.”

Great Flamen Qu let out a hearty laughter. Meanwhile, many experts of the island proposed a toast to Ning Fan one after another.

“Flamen Qu must be joking.” Ning Fan took a light sip of his spiritual wine and shook his head with a faint smile. All the female cultivators on the demon island were Ming Que’s loyal servants. It was ridiculous for him to capture his human cauldrons here.

This wine was the special demon wine of Si Kong Demon Island. It was called ‘Missing Sparrow’. When it entered one’s mouth, it would taste hot and spicy. However, when it flowed into one’s abdomen, it would give off a thick hotness which would make one’s stomach slowly feel warmth, just like the feeling of longing which filled one’s chest.

This Missing Sparrow Wine had been passed down on the demon island for countless generations. The word “missing” represented the feeling of longing while the word “sparrow” represented the Immemorial Dark Sparrow. This wine contained the feeling of longing every generation of demon cultivators on this island felt for Si Cang. While immersing himself in this atmosphere, Ning Fan’s mind suddenly became quiet. He took a mouthful of the spirit wine in his hand.

“Cultivators have no home. To Ming Que, however, Si Kong Island is her other home…”

These demon cultivators were a group of loyal servants. Si Cang had already died for countless years. It was unknown how many generations of Si Kong Demon Island’s culture and beliefs had been passed down and preserved. The Immemorial Dark Sparrow Tribe should have already forgotten about this tiny and insignificant force that used to serve them.

However, all the cultivators on this island were still waiting for Si Cang’s return with unwavering loyalty just like before.

Even if the members of the Immemorial Dark Sparrow Tribe had already forgotten about Si Cang’s name, the cultivators of the island were still looking forward to their master’s return.

Even if time erased their memories and changed everything on the island, the only thing that would remain unchanged was their loyalty and belief in Si Cang’s return that had been passed down for generations.

All their hopes were carved on their statues, brewed in their spiritual wines and incorporated into every kowtow they made. They were all devoutly hoping for their master to come back.

Their persistence had nothing to do with life and death. No matter if Si Cang was still alive or not, they would continue to wait for her…

Cultivators had no home. Sects, forces and clans could not be counted as a cultivator’s home because they would still need to spare no effort in fighting, scheming and defending themselves against others in these places. After all, conflicts were inevitable.

“Sects, forces, clans… These are not a cultivator’s home. For instance, the Great Void Sect isn’t Suqiu’s home, the Giant Devil Clan isn’t Xueyan’s home, this island isn’t my home… Only places that can soothe one’s heart can be someone’s home where one can rest and bury their bones…”

“Missing Sparrow… Missing Sparrow… The cultivators on this demon island had always been longing for their dark sparrow princess. Similarly, there isn’t a time where I will stop thinking about Yue Country, the Sinister Sparrow Sect and Seven Apricot City. To me, Seven Apricot City is my home. Gusu Island is my home. And the nine divisions of the Lu Clan are also my home… So it turns out that I also have places I can call home…”

“Home…” Ning Fan’s eyes became slightly bleary under the effect of the alcohol. He held his wine and walked into the island’s dense bamboo forest alone.

The sea of bamboo trees was so large that its boundaries could not be seen. The towering bamboo trees which reached high into the sky might be able to cover the dark sky but they could not conceal Ning Fan’s wistful eyes.

When one gets drunk, what truly intoxicates them is not the alcohol they drink but their hearts instead.

If one’s heart gets drunk, their minds and bodies would also fall into a state of drunkenness.

In his hazy vision, he seemed to see his younger self who was cultivating bitterly in order to break through to the Gold Core Realm.

In his half-conscious state, he also seemed to see his old mortal self which brought back the memories of his past in Hai Ning of Wu Country in his mind.

It felt like he saw his past as well as his future…

He saw Ning Gu being set up by others and Old Devil’s old and gray hair. These images made him feel sad and tormented him.

He saw his struggles in the sea of blood and himself killing others like cutting down flax. These scenes made him feel rather exhausted.

He saw his butterfly incarnation which flew toward the Love Wielding Immortal Emperor with an unyielding spirit in his previous life…

He could not stop. He just could not stop… Despite all the achievements he had today, he still could not enjoy a moment of peace. The path he decided to walk still had a very long way to go…

“The life of a cultivator is full of killings. It’s as unstable as a leaf in the middle of the rain and wind… Life and death is preordained. Whether one floats or sinks, it depends on the waves of the sea. Thus, one can only enjoy life while they still can…” Ning Fan muttered to himself. The night breeze blew gently across his face, carrying the fragrance of the bamboo leaves to his nose. Gradually, he felt dizzy and his eyes became heavy.

It was already late at night. He glanced sideways and suddenly saw Su Yan at the end of the bamboo forest, standing at a dimly lit corner. No one knew when she appeared. She was leaning against a tall green bamboo and was quietly looking at Ning Fan.

“Is this who you truly are…? A man exhausted to this point…” Su Yan’s eyes were filled with sympathy.

The Great Devil Lord Ning Fan whose notoriety was known far and wide was still human at the end of the day.

In the end, nostalgia and loneliness was also there behind glory and success.

“I am who I am…” Ning Fan gently closed his eyes and said. He then sat below a gigantic bamboo and fell asleep.

With Su Yan with him, he could probably rest for a bit.

A day and a night had passed. When Ning Fan woke up, he realized that he was lying on the bed of his guest house. In his room, Su Yan and Ming Que were waiting for him to awaken.

Su Yan did not say anything about him getting drunk. She merely behaved like how she normally did. Ming Que, on the other hand, kept chattering like a chirping bird. She found it difficult to imagine because she could not believe an expert like Ning Fan would also get drunk from drinking.

Ning Fan stayed on the demon island for several days. He also gave some pills and magic treasures to the demon cultivators there and shared his insights about cultivation with them. Since the people of this island were so loyal to Ming Que, he naturally would have to take care of them as well.

As for Ming Que, she left all the Divine Transformation Realm servants she captured in the internal sea on Si Kong Demon Island. Moreover, she even gave them many cultivation methods of the dark sparrow tribe in order to greatly enhance the strength of the island’s cultivators.

It was now time for Ning Fan to leave the island. Of course, Ming Que was going to follow him. Even though the cultivators of the island were reluctant to let Ming Que go, they could not stop her from leaving.

On the bright side, they knew Ning Fan’s incredible strength. They understood that if their island lord is by his side, she would not face any danger.

Su Yan summoned her horned dragons and the silver boat. Ning Fan sent out a message-transmitting flying sword at the direction of the Pill Island. Ming Que, on the other hand, was jumping around happily while munching on the Fifth Revolution Pills which Ning Fan had given to her.

Moments later, the three of them boarded the boat. The twelve silver-scaled flood dragons let out a dignified roar and began pulling the silver boat. In an instant, the boat vanished in the skyline. At this moment, the cultivators on the demon island knelt down and kowtowed at the direction where the silver boat disappeared.

Some elderly demon cultivators even had tears coursing down their cheeks as they watched Ming Que disappear into the distance. They felt extremely sad and depressed.

Some young and alluring female cultivators sighed gently while thinking about a white-robed young man.

In the crowd, a dark youngster lifted his head and looked at the direction where Ning Fan had left. He clenched his fists tightly with zeal in his eyes.

“I want to be like Revered Ming one day and become a famous Void Refinement Realm cultivator who will shake the world!” The demon slave, Lin Yu, said, setting a new goal for himself.

The silver boat travelled all the way toward the Pill Island.

Before leaving the demon island, Ning Fan had sent out a message-transmitting flying sword to the Pill Island. Without a doubt, he was informing his cheap disciple, Yang Gu, that he was going to the Pill Island to use the Soul Washing Pond.

Ning Fan was a feudal ranking elder of the Pill Island. Besides, the members of the Pill Island owed him a huge favor. If it wasn’t for Ning Fan who protected them last time, they might not be able to safely send that Void Inquiry Pill back to the Pill Island.

Since he had helped them before, no one would naturally stop him from using the Soul Washing Pond.

The reason why he would inform them beforehand was only because he was worried about the massive amount of necessary preparations before one could use the Soul Washing Pond. Thus, he delivered that message to let the cultivators of the Pill Island start making the necessary preparations.

After hearing that Ning Fan was going to visit the Pill Island, the happiest person was none other than Ming Que.

In her dictionary, “Pill Island” did not exist as a name for that place. To her, it was “Biscuit Island”, a fantasy paradise similar to a candy house.

In her mind, as long as she arrives at the Pill Island, she could eat to her heart’s content…

I must quickly get there. I can’t wait no more!

With the speed of the silver boat, it would only take them four days to reach the Pill Island from Si Kong Demon Island.

When there were only several million li* (500m per li) left before they reached the Pill Island, Ming Que could already see the shadow of an island on the horizon. It was the Pill Island.

She immediately made an audible gulp and put on a hungry face. She jumped down from the silver boat as a pair of snow-white wings with needle-like ice appeared on her back. She dashed toward the Pill Island at a speed faster than the silver boat.

It slightly shocked Su Yan and Ning Fan.

The speed of the silver boat that was being pulled by twelve silver-scaled horned dragons was already extremely close to that of a Void Pierce Stage expert.

But Ming Que could still outrun the silver boat. It undoubtedly meant that that little girl’s speed had already reached the Void Pierce Stage, making her nearly as fast as Ning Fan when he used his Eight Black Burning Wings.

“Those wings… Are they the demon wings of the dark sparrow tribe…?” Ning Fan muttered while his eyes were fixed to Ming Que’s back. He did not try to stop her at all.

Ming Que’s cultivation base was already at the Half-Step Void Refinement Realm. Even her speed was heaven-defying. It could be said that her combat power had also become very terrifying after obtaining Si Cang’s inheritance. She might even be able to crush common Void Glimpse Stage old monsters.

Since she could not wait to arrive at the Pill Island, Ning Fan might as well let her go because she would not have a problem protecting herself.

Besides, although she was naïve, she was not foolish. She was actually pretty smart. Even if she wants to consume all the pills on the Pill Island, she would not publicly snatch them from them. She only felt overjoyed and merely wanted to arrive there faster.

Ming Que’s speed was incredibly fast. After just a few skips, she was completely out of sight.

The silver boat slowly approached the Pill Island, following the direction of Ming Que’s travelling light.

Before they had even reached the island, Ning Fan could already sense a massive collision of magic power from that place.

As he gazed into the distance, he saw a young girl wearing a golden crown fighting against a black-robed old man who had a stern look on his face.

Ming Que was at the Half-Step Void Refinement Realm. That old man was actually also at the same level as her.

Ming Que’s skills weren’t weak but that old man was also not half bad.

“Soul Transforming Dragon Technique!” The old man slapped his forehead. Then, a rush of black medicine soul power transformed into a gigantic black dragon which charged at Ming Que while baring its teeth and brandishing its claws. This huge dragon actually had strength comparable to the Void Glimpse Stage.

The black medicine soul power was evident proof that the old man was a Sixth Revolution Pill Master.

In addition, transforming one’s medicine soul into a dragon was a profound technique of utilizing the medicine soul to deliver attacks.

This old man’s strength was quite formidable. However, Ming Que was much stronger than him. As she formed a hand seal, a wave of spirit sense that was as cold as ice spread out from her Sea of Consciousness, instantly freezing the vicinity of ten thousand li* (500m per li).

“Ice sense!”

This ability was the ice spirit sense that would be released after the user had successfully cultivated their Sea of Consciousness into ice form!

Ning Fan was slightly surprised.

After Ming Que obtained Si Cang’s inheritance, she learned many impressive abilities and techniques. Void Glimpse Stage speed, ice spirit sense… I wonder how many more ultimate trump cards this little girl still has up her sleeves…

When she released her ice sense, the black dragon immediately shivered. Its eyes were filled with immense shock. Without hesitation, it turned back and retreated.

Seeing that the black dragon could not withstand the ice sense, the old man hurriedly withdrew his medicine soul power and jumped out of the battleground using his medicine soul as a shield. Then, he waved his hand and said.

“Cease your attacks! I don’t want to fight you anymore! Little lady, where are you from? How can you possess such strength? This old man isn’t a match for you.”

“Are you admitting defeat?” Ming Que wore a pleased smile and withdrew her ice sense without hurting the old man. Afterward, she continued speaking.

“Since you’ve conceded defeat, let me enter your ‘Biscuit Island’ just as we’ve agreed earlier!”

“Biscuit Island… *Cough* I haven’t heard of anyone calling this island such an unusual name… Alright. You can enter the Pill Island… However, there will be a guest visiting my island in the next few days. That person is extremely powerful. You must not provoke him while is on the island to avoid causing trouble for yourself.”

The old man helplessly nodded his head. He was not Ming Que’s opponent. Thus, he could only agree to her request and let her enter the island. However, he warned her before letting her in.

“*Tsk* Who would that guest be? Is there anyone stronger than my Brother Biscuit?” Ming Que curled her lips, not knowing that the guest whom that old man was referring to was actually her Brother Biscuit.

A while ago, Ming Que had summoned her demon wings and dashed toward the island at an incredible speed. It only took her a short time to arrive there.

However, she did not restrain her aura force. Her Half-Step Void Refinement Realm aura force had alarmed countless cultivators. Many people were thinking: since when did a Half-Step Void Refinement Realm expert like her appear in the internal sea?

The cultivators of the Pill Island were making preparations to activate the Soul Washing Pond. They were worried of the possibility that Ming Que might be their enemy and did not dare to let her enter the island.

As for this old man, he came to persuade Ming Que not to enter the island.

Both of them then agreed to have a fight with the condition that she could not enter unless she wins.

Now, Ming Que had won. Thus, she was permitted to enter the island as she wished.

Only when the old man and Ming Que were about to come to an agreement did he notice that a silver boat was approaching the Pill Island.

And the person who was standing on the boat was the guest who was about to use the Soul Washing Pond on the island – Ning Fan.

“Brother Biscuit! I’ve managed to convince this old man through the hard way. We can enter the ‘Biscuit Island’ anytime from now on!” Ming Que happily flew back to the silver boat and shoved her head into Ning Fan’s embrace.

Many cultivators of the Pill Island including that old man were shocked. They were so surprised that they forgot about welcoming Ning Fan to their island.

They were clearly confused about this situation.

That young lady who was yelling and shouting to enter the Pill Island just now was actually Ning Fan’s younger sister!?

If that was the case, the fight between the old man and Ming Que was just a misunderstanding, wasn’t it?

The old man slowly flew towards the silver boat and looked at Ning Fan. He felt the qi that Ning Fan was faintly releasing was actually beyond his capability to withstand. His expression instantly changed. Inwardly surprised, he cupped his fists and spoke to Ning Fan with a polite tone.

“Are you Revered Ming?”

“Are you Venerated Pill?” Instead of answering his question, Ning Fan asked him in return with a faint smile on his face. He had already figured out the old man’s identity.

This old man was the lord of Pill Island, the Sixth Revolution Pill Master who had returned after travelling around the world. He was none other than Venerated Pill!

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