Grasping Evil

Chapter 496 - : The Sect Master of the Pill Sect

Chapter 496: Chapter 496: The Sect Master of the Pill Sect

The cultivation level of the white tiger was without a doubt higher than Ning Fan’s.

If he fought Ning Fan directly, he might not necessarily lose the fight. Unfortunately, he was born to be faint-hearted. When he identified the formidable origin of Ning Fan’s Blood Dragon Demon Sword, it was completely stricken with fear. The only thought in his mind was to flee regardless of everything.

Just as he was running away, he heard a whistling noise which cut through the air tailing him behind. When he turned around to look, what he saw nearly scared him to death. The sword light was flying at him with an extremely violent momentum. It could even split the blood sea into halves. A sword light that could sever the sea was certainly something that could not be disregarded!

While he was running, he was frantically spreading his blood umbrella. It gave off several faint red halos which looked rather similar to those which the jade ornament released.

By looking closely at the umbrella, it actually had some strange circles on its surface, just like those on the jade ornament.

“This blood umbrella is also carved with the ‘spirit rings’, making it an excellent magic treasure…”

The ancient demon muttered inwardly. At the next moment, the blood sea behind him roiled violently. Sea waves rose into the sky, forming layers of blood-red walls that tried to block the incoming sword light.

Each of the walls which the blood ocean created was abnormally sturdy. They might not break even if they receive Void Glimpse Stage attacks.

However, that blood dragon demon sword seemed like a natural restraint to the blood ocean. The sword light it delivered pierced through all the walls effortlessly and nearly caught up with the ancient demon.

Suddenly, a higher-pitched whistling sound cut through the air. The sword light sped up and landed directly on the white tiger’s back.

At this moment, light green halos came out from the white tiger’s sleeves which formed a protective layer for him.

When he took the slash of the sword light, he groaned quietly and fell into the blood sea like a kite with a broken string.

A few moments later, the white tiger looked re-energized and dashed out from the blood ocean in a ray of travelling light. He glared at Ning Fan in anger. Even though his qi was in disorder, he did not seem to suffer severe injuries.

“That was a close one! I thought I was going to die under the immortal blood dragon demon sword… Luckily, I have the jade ornament to keep me safe. My master’s treasure sure is powerful. Brat, you really pissed me out! I am not running anymore. I am going to fight you with all my might!”

The Blood Dragon Demon Sword was just comparable to a Low Grade Mortal Void Treasure because only its first seal was lifted. In terms of its current destructive power, it was not strong enough to kill a Void Pierce Stage ancient demon in a single strike.

Moreover, just as the sword light was about to hit the white tiger just now, the Spirit Bone Jade Ornament which he kept under his sleeve suddenly released faint green halos as if it was protecting its master. Those halos had neutralized a great portion of the sword light’s power. That’s why he wasn’t grievously injured even though he was struck by the sword light.

The white tiger man was truly shocked by the Blood Dragon Demon Sword. It couldn’t be helped because the bones of the immortal blood dragon were too impressive. And he was quite knowledgeable to recognize the origin of the blood sword.

However, when he realized that he was still alive after receiving the sword slash Ning Fan delivered using the blood sword, he immediately understood that the power of the latter’s blood sword was not fully unlocked.

Thinking that he still had the Spirit Bone Jade Ornament which could provide him protection, his courage and confidence returned to him. The fear he had of Ning Fan diminished a lot and he now looked like he wanted to go all-out against him.

Ning Fan’s brows were slightly knitted together as he adjusted his grip on the sword.

After having a few confrontations against the white tiger, he already noticed that this ancient demon might have a strong cultivation level, he lacked courage and had weak temperament. Moreover, he also lacked the combat experience. That’s why his combat power was not strong.

However, the magic treasures he possessed certainly could not be disregarded. If it wasn’t for the Spirit Bone Jade Ornament which was automatically activated to protect its master and save his life, Ning Fan definitely was very confident that he would have been severely injured after receiving that attack.

“I’ll fight you to the death!”

As the white tiger was taunting, he took out his third magic treasure. It was a small golden metal hand warmer but its grade was quite extraordinary. That gold metal also seemed to be some kind of precious immortal mineral which even Ning Fan could not identify its type.

The hand warmer contained many dark charcoal. Just as the little golden stove came into contact with wind, the charcoal instantly burnt in golden flames.

The white tiger stole three magic treasures from his master in the past. Other than the jade ornament and the blood umbrella, it was this golden hand warmer.

He held the golden stove up in the air and it grew upon meeting the wind, reaching a height of ten thousand zhang* (3.33m per zhang). It then plummeted towards Ning Fan’s head, as if it wanted to engulf him and burn him alive with the flames.

That golden flames did not belong to any kind of flames. It was just the flames given off by the charcoal. Even so, it was much stronger than many Sixth Grade spiritual flames.

There were circular marks on the surface of this golden hand warmer. They seemed to have the effect in increasing the power of the flames.

When the white tiger incited the flames using the golden hand warmer, their destructive power increased greatly. Now, even a Void Pierce Stage old monster would have to lose a layer of their skin if they are burnt by the flames.

“My ‘Golden Stove’, burn him to death!” The faint-hearted white tiger put up a fierce bearing and roared. The golden flames immediately turned into multiple light golden halos and rushed towards Ning Fan.

Although the golden stove was unique and its golden flames were powerful, Ning Fan was not afraid.

His Stele of Sun and Moon restrained every flames beneath the heavens. All he needed to do was use his fire plucking technique and he could then get rid of the flames from the golden stove.

However, the only thing that concerned him was that be it the jade ornament, the blood umbrella or the golden stove that the ancient demon was currently using, all of them could give out strange halos. It was Ning Fan’s first time encountering such uncommon attacks.

“Fire Plucking Technique!”

Despite the countless thoughts that were running in his mind, his actions still remained quick. He pointed a finger at the sky and displayed his fire plucking technique with all his strength.

Black flames emerged at the tip of his finger and transformed into a large vortex of flames in an instant. That fire vortex eliminated all the golden fire halos that were pouring down on him.

Afterwards, Ning Fan flapped his eight wings and dashed upwards into the sky, approaching the gigantic golden stove that was falling down towards him. He raised one of his palms and slammed it on that massive stove.


The momentum of that falling ten thousand zhang* tall golden stove was indescribably huge. Even so, Ning Fan stopped it from falling down any further with just a single palm.

He then placed his finger on his glabella and drew out his White Lightning Whip which he had not used for a long time. Each lash he made would summon a blood-red lightning that struck the golden stove.

Even though the current White Lightning Whip would be able to harm one’s primordial spirit without even striking their treasures, if there is a magic treasure being the medium, the destructive power of the whip would certainly be greater.

*Bang* *Bang* *Bang*

Every time Ning Fan hit the golden stove with the whip, a blood lightning would strike the white tiger’s dantian. It was none other than the ability of harming one’s primordial spirit by striking their magic treasures.

His technique had filled the white tiger who had just regained his confidence with shock again. Because he, who was a person with a faint heart by nature, once again recognized the origin of this ability.

“Hurting one’s primordial spirit by striking their treasures!? I’ve heard of this technique before. According to my master’s jade slip, it’s a technique of an immortal emperor who controlled lightning in the past. This technique allows the user to injure their enemies’ primordial spirit using the power of lightning. Even though there are many people who cultivate this technique, it’s rare to find someone who manages to attain the blood lightning. Even my master isn’t able to attain the blood lightning… But you… You managed to achieve it!? This is terrifying. This is way too terrifying!”

One strike. Ten strikes. A hundred strikes…

In a matter of seconds, Ning Fan lashed the golden stove for one hundred times consecutively, summoning countless rays of heavenly lightning.

After the series of attacks, the white tiger was already in a grievous state. He hurriedly used a secret technique to protect his dantian and only then could he withstand the blood lightning attacks summoned by that White Lightning Whip.

Then, Ning Fan took advantage of that opportunity to activate his Wind Mist Finger and used it on the golden stove, erasing all traces of spirit sense controlling the magic treasure.

The white tiger wailed in agony, feeling a sharp pain in his Sea of Consciousness. He had lost the control over his golden stove.

As Ning Fan waved his hand, the golden stove immediately shrunk and became a small hand warmer again. He then kept it into his sleeve.

That treasure no longer belonged to the white tiger. Instead, it was Ning Fan’s from now onwards!

When Ning Fan touched the circles on the surface of the golden stove, a strange feeling rose within him and his Fu Li Demon Bloodlines trembled!

These circular marks are certainly not simple!

“How dare you seize my magic treasure?! I’m going to kill you! This time, I am really going to go all-out!” The white tiger gnashed his teeth in anger.


Ning Fan did not care about the white tiger’s threatening remarks. He now had found out the truth about that ancient demon.

This white tiger’s cultivation level might be at the Void Pierce Stage, but he was just like an embroidered pillow, pleasing to the eye but useless in its nature. His mind was weak and his combat power was low. He even would not be able to fight against some Void Inquiry Stage cultivators relying on his own power.

The only thing on this puny ancient demon that could capture Ning Fan’s attention was the three magic treasures.

“There is nothing scary about this demon! However, his magic treasures are quite troublesome. It seems like I won’t be able to finish him off without using my ultimate technique.”

Ning Fan’s expression changed. He no longer intended to show any mercy. Because the white tiger had the jade ornament for protection, Ning Fan could not even hurt him using his Execution Devil Palm which was already considered to be his strongest attack.

Thus, Ning Fan decided to directly use the Stele of Sun and Moon to suppress him and settle the fight once and for all!

After witnessing Ning Fan seize his magic treasure, anger had gotten the best of that white tiger. For a while, he actually completely forgot about his fear of Ning Fan and wanted to give his all to fight him.

He took out his Spirit Bone Jade Ornament and infused it with all his demon power. Immediately, that jade ornament emitted a strange light green radiance.

All the marks on the jade that resembled the growth rings of trees also lit up.

An unusual aura force rose around the white tiger’s body.

In the past, he initiated thirty to forty percent of the jade’s power by using one-third of his demon power. That amount of power was already enough to withstand Ning Fan’s strongest attack, the Execution Devil Palm.

This time, he channeled all his remaining demon power into the jade, nearly activating seventy percent power of its power.

The light green halos given off by the jade ornament with seventy percent of its power activated carried a destructive power that was extremely close to an Absolute Void Stage attack!

The white tiger still was not satisfied. He made a forceful stomp, crushing the hollow space beneath his feet.

From the broken space, traces of black void power gathered and formed a black ocean that was following beneath his feet.

It was the Ocean of Void, a technique that only Void Pierce Stage experts could display! Standing above that black ocean, the user’s magic power would become inexhaustible, unless that ocean is destroyed!

The white tiger also filled the jade ornament with the power from the Ocean of Void, causing that black ocean to shrink one-third in size. Only then did the jade ornament’s power was fully activated.

When one hundred percent of the Spirit Bone Jade Ornament’s power was activated, its destructive power was comparable to an Absolute Void Stage attack!

Besides, the attacks from this jade ornament also combined the power from the great forces of heaven and earth. With such an amount of power, the jade ornament was capable of injuring any Void Pierce Stage old monsters and instantly killing any Void Inquiry Stage cultivators with a single attack!

“The destructive power of my attacks have already reached the level of the Absolute Void Stage. There is no way this brat can withstand an Absolute Void Stage attack. He will definitely die from it!”

The white tiger had formed a conclusion in his mind. As he raised that jade ornament, it immediately gave off a dazzling green light. It was bright like a mini small that radiated faint green light.

The jade ornament sent out countless halos and every one of them were light green. They spread out like ripples on water at an incredible speed.

In the places where the halos passed by, the hollow space broke and heaven and earth were crumpled up.

All of a sudden, Ning Fan’s mind seemed to have an illusion. The sky he saw was like a flat lake while the halos were the wavelets on the lake, the crumples on the sky. As for him, he was like a mayfly floating on the surface of the lake and there was a possibility that he would be overturned by the wavelets and drowned in the depths of the lake at any time.

“What exactly is the power of these halos? It actually can alter the great force of heaven and earth at will…”

Ning Fan did not ponder too much about it. He activated his Yin Yang Locket and raised one of his hands. Black flames flowed out from the tips of his fingers. He then drew the patterns of the Stele of Sun and Moon in the sky using the black flames like pen and ink.

In an instant, a mass of black flames condensed into a one thousand zhang* (3.33m per zhang) tall fire stele. In a posture similar to carrying the sky with one hand, Ning Fan carried the fire stele over his head single-handedly and hurled it towards the white tiger.

The white tiger had used up all his strength to unleash the Absolute Void Stage attack. He thought that he would achieve a total victory against Ning Fan.

However, when he was that one thousand zhang* (3.33m per zhang) tall fire stele, he was stunned at first. Then, his face turned pale. His entire body began shivering with fear.

“A Void Fragmentation Realm strike!? The power of this strike is comparable to an attack at the First Heavenly Layer of the Void Fragmentation Realm! This can’t be possible! After using up all my strength, I can only manage to deliver an Absolute Void Stage attack. Why were you able to display a Void Fragmentation Realm attack so easily?!”

Once again, Ning Fan’s technique chilled the ancient demon to the bone.

When the light green halos that the Spirit Bone Jade Ornament sent out collided against the one thousand zhang* (3.33m per zhang) tall fire stele, the halos could not diminish the momentum of the fire stele at all.

Well, the fire stele from Ning Fan carried the Void Fragmentation Realm destructive power. How could those halos be able to stop it?

In every loud bang that was emitted by the collisions, the fire stele would break through one layer of the halos, getting closer to the ancient demon.

After the fire stele had broken through several hundreds of halos, it was already reaching the ancient demon’s head. When it landed forcefully on that demon, it was emanating the aura force of complete destruction.

“This is not good!”

The ancient demon let out a cry. He wanted to flee but the falling Stele of Sun and Moon was much faster. It was as if it teleported across countless distances in an instant and landed directly on that demon’s body.


A high-pitched scream of pain immediately resounded across the entire umbrella world.

The fire stele then dispersed into a boundless sea of black flames, burning across ten thousand li* (500m per li).

In the sea of flames, a pure white but illusory remnant soul of a tiger was hugging a jade ornament and a blood umbrella while avoiding the flames anxiously.

Even though he was at the Void Pierce Stage and had three extraordinary magic treasures, there was no way he could withstand a Void Fragmentation Realm attack. All he could do was to perish with resentment. However, he still managed to escape with a trace of his remnant soul by chance.

“Frightening! This literally is too frightening! This brat could actually send out a Void Fragmentation Realm attack. He’s too heaven-defying… Luckily, I was smart. I hid the last trace of my remnant soul inside the jade ornament at that critical moment and managed to avoid getting eliminated by that Void Fragmentation Realm attack…”


Ning Fan’s menacing voice suddenly echoed through the sea of flames. At the next second, he appeared behind that demon soul.

He waved his hand and caught the demon soul, the jade ornament and the blood umbrella

“If you are really smart, you should not have provoked me in the first place. Soul searching!”

Without mercy, Ning Fan performed the Soul Searching Technique on the miniature demon soul of that white tiger man.

The combat power of this ancient demon was not worth mentioning but all the three magic treasures he had were extraordinary. Besides, his knowledge was also quite broad and profound.

Ning Fan really wanted to find out the background of this white tiger and where exactly he came from.

The white tiger’s remnant soul cried continuously in pain. Eventually, he stopped wailing and was turned into a mindless being.

As the soul searching process continued, Ning Fan’s expression became more and more ghastly.

“The master of this white tiger is actually the True Immortal Realm being who plotted against Ming Que!?”

“The sect master of the Pill Sect in the Eastern Heaven Immortal World!”

Ning Fan’s eyes flashed with cold light!

He did not expect that it was this person who was plotting against Ming Que. The guess that he made in the past might be a little different from the truth but it was the same in general.

The sect master of the Pill Sect was a Ninth Revolution Pill Master. He wanted to use the pill devils he raised to concoct the pill that was higher than the Ninth Revolution – the “Ancestor Pill”!

Translated by Tommy, edited by Roel

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