Grasping Evil

Chapter 494 - : Ancient Demon

Chapter 494: Chapter 494: Ancient Demon

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Chapter 494: Ancient Demon

Ancient devils refined their bodies, ancient demons cultivated their senses while ancient deities cultivated dharma.

Ning Fan could guess that the ancient demons’ cultivation level must be closely related to the strength of their spirit sense. However, he did not know the names of each of the cultivation levels in detail.

Each of the demon cultivators on Si Kong Island flew into the sky and gazed at Ning Fan who was standing at the bow of the silver boat. They caught their breath, feeling extremely scared.

As for the way they looked at Ming Que, their eyes were filled with unusual respect.

A dark-complexioned youngster in particular had the respect and admiration that rose from his heart in his eyes when he was looking at Ming Que.

That young man’s bone age did not exceed fifteen years old. His cultivation level was just at the Tenth Level of the Vein Opening Realm. However, because he was a winged demon and had wings on his back, he could fly in the air and come to welcome Ming Que’s arrival.

But he was flying at the rear of the group and had no right to get closer to Ming Que to worship her. Clethat darkarly, it was because his status on the island was rather lowly and insignificant.

Ning Fan’s eyes scanned past the thousands of demon cultivators on the island. When he caught sight of the young man, his eyes paused at him for a while. That young man gave him a strange feeling. But he could not describe it orally in detail.

“Island Lord and Great Flamen, welcome back to the island! But why would Island Lord be travelling with Venerated Ming and the rest?”

A few experts from the demon island that were much more elderly than the others walked out from the crowd and asked Ming Que with alert and careful expressions. Ning Fan’s notoriety was too great. If they didn’t find out his intention of coming to the island, they would never be at ease.

“Venerated Ming is my big brother. He is also a dignified Fifth Revolution Biscuit Refinement Master. Out of respect for me, he certainly won’t harm any living beings on Si Kong Island. All of you can rest assured and let down your guard. There’s no need to be so afraid of him.”

Ming Que’s clear voice passed into the ears of countless cultivators on the demon island. As soon as they heard that Ning Fan was not an enemy of the island but rather Ming Que’s brother, their hearts that were on tenterhook were soothed. All of them could not feel more relieved.

“So it turns out that Venerated Ming is actually Island Lord’s big brother and not an enemy but a friend to us… Hehe. It’s good that this is the case.”

Yes. Of course, it could not be any better than this. If Ning Fan were an enemy instead of a friend to the island, he perhaps would wipe out the entire Si Kong Island and not a single person could escape from the island alive for sure.

After all, who was Ning Fan? He was a cruel and ruthless person who could even suppress a great devil clan of the hidden ocean. A mere Si Kong Demon Island naturally would not dare to provoke a vicious person like him.

When every cultivator on the demon island was heaving a sigh of relief, their faces became more respectful than before when they looked at Ning Fan.

After seeing the reactions of the cultivators on the island towards Ning Fan’s presence, Ming Que nodded his small head with satisfaction. Then, she gave an order to old Man Qu who was standing behind her.

“Grandpa Qu, I’ll give you ten days to get ready all the necessary items required for the ‘Ancestral Sacrifice’. Ten days later, I will be officially receiving the inheritance power with the help of that ceremony. Failure isn’t acceptable.” Her voice sounded childlike but her words were rather dignified.

“Ten days? Understood!” Old Man Qu certainly did not dare to slack around. He immediately commanding his people to prepare the items which would serve as the sacrificial offerings for the ceremony.

As for all the demon cultivators on the island, when they heard that Ming Que was going to accept the inheritance power, they all cheered in joy.

It was the hope of every demon cultivator on the island to let her accept the inheritance power of the island. In the past, the reason why Old Man Qu did not dare let her take it was because her cultivation base was still weak and he was worried that she might not be able to endure the massive power.

Now, however, Ning Fan was beside her to keep her safe. Her probability of successfully receiving the inheritance would without a doubt be extremely high while many safety issues were no longer worrying.

Of all the demon cultivators, only that dark-complexioned young man immediately shouted loudly to stop Ming Que after hearing that she wanted to accept the inheritance power.

“You can’t! You must not take the inheritance power!”

“Impudent! How dare a demon slave that is only responsible of looking after the statue of the princess like you behave so rudely towards the island lord. Do you know what is the punishment for your crime?!”

When the others heard the young man’s raving, many Gold Core Realm and Nascent Soul Realm cultivators immediately reprimanded him with stern voices.

“Alright, alright! A group of nasty old men bullying a young man? Aren’t you all ashamed of yourselves? *Sigh* Everybody, dismiss yourselves. I need some peace!”

When Ming Que gave an order, no one was daring to reprimand that dark-complexioned young man anymore. All the cultivators of the demon island left one after another. Even the group of Divine Transformation Realm servants she captured began to get themselves busy with the preparations of the Ancestral Sacrifice that would be held ten days later.

The dark-complexioned young man sighed in relief as he was saved from the punishments which he might face for his actions. Then, he looked at Ming Que with gratitude in his eyes. He gritted his teeth as if he wanted to tell her something.

However, Ming Que did not pay attention to this young man at all. There was only Ning Fan in her eyes. Hence, she ignored the expression on the young man’s face.

After dismissing all the nasty old men, Ming Que happily held Ning Fan and Su Yan’s hand and started touring Si Kong Demon Island.

“Brother Biscuit, accompany Ming Que to play on this island for a few days, okay? Ming Que pleaded with Ning Fan using a soft tone. Her current looked innocent and adorable. Not a hint of dignity that she had earlier when giving orders to the demon cultivators was visible in her right now.

In the past, Ming Que was just a naïve little pill devil. Now, after the life and death experiences and training in the Endless Sea, she had already known how to discern a person’s heart. Besides, she began building up her dignity as an island lord after becoming the lord of Si Kong Island. At the same time, she also developed some dark personality traits.

But no matter what, she would forever be the innocent and lively pill devil like before when she was in front of Ning Fan and it would never change.


Doubtlessly, Ning Fan would not reject Ming Que’s request. However, just before he left, he gave a meaningful glance at the dark-complexioned young man and passed him a secret message through telepathy to instruct him to do something.

When that young man received Ning Fan’s instruction, his expression looked stunned instantly. He was slightly afraid but he hurriedly nodded his head without having the courage to say no to Ning Fan’s request.

As for Ning Fan, he then followed the two ladies, Ming Que and Su Yan, to have fun on Si Kong Demon Island for two consecutive days.

In those two days, Ning Fan asked Ming Que a lot of questions about the ancient demon cultivation level in an explicit manner. However, he did not get a satisfying answer.

Well, this could not be helped. Ming Que was clueless about everything regarding the ‘ancient demons’ and ‘ancient devils’. She did not know anything about them at all.

Even though she had a small amount of ancient demon power in her, she completely had no idea where this power came from.

However, Ming Que told Ning Fan that she had dreamt about the similar ancient demon power in her dreams.

The source of this kind of power seemed to be closely related with the ‘Ancestral Sacrifice’ of each of the great demon tribes. One would need to obtain some kind of ‘demon blood mark’ through the Ancestral Sacrificial in order to truly get the power. The details about the process, however, were unknown.

In reality, although Ming Que had some ancient demon power in her, she did not have that unique demon blood mark. Thus, she was not considered to be a true ancient demon.

The Ancestral Sacrifice was different from the common sacrificial ceremonies of the demon clan. This particular ceremony could only be conducted using unique remains of an ancestral demon.

This time, the ancestral demon’s remains that she would be using for the upcoming ceremony would be that gigantic goddess statue.

Even though Ning Fan still did not find out the names of the ancient demon cultivation level and cultivation methods, he more or less gained some understanding in certain things.

Ning Fan possessed the Fu Li Demon Bloodlines. In order to restore the ancestor’s path and became an ancient demon, he would at least need an item left by the ancestors of the Fu Li Tribe and go through the Ancestral Sacrificial ceremony in order to obtain the unique power that was similar to the ancestral talisman of the devil race. Only then could he become a true ancient demon.

Unfortunately, the Fu Li Tribe had already gone extinct for a very long time. Presumably, there was not any remains left by the ancestors of the tribe in this world anymore. Even if Ning Fan finds out the detailed methods to become an ancient demon, he would not be able cultivate himself into an ancient demon.

After understanding this, Ning Fan no longer asked any question about the ancient demon and simply accompanied Ming Que to have fun for two days.

Two days later, Ming Que began her seclusion to cultivate under a forceful request from Old Man Qu so that she could receive the inheritance in her best condition. Hence, she had to stop having fun around the island.

The location where she started her secluded cultivation was a cold and quiet pond. The pond had the mysterious effect of tempering one’s demon power.

Ning Fan was undoubtedly worried about Ming Que immersing herself in the quiet pond on her own. Thus, he asked Su Yan to keep her company in the pond while keeping her safe at the same time.

Ning Fan, on the other hand, returned to the guesthouse on the demon island. He was also making preparations for the ancient demon inheritance ceremony that would be held eight days later.

The guesthouse where he was staying was not far away from the place where Ming Que and Su Yan were having their secluded cultivation. If something happens to them, he could go to their aid instantly.

IT was a guesthouse that was built from emptying the insides of a massive log. The surroundings were planted with the peculiar demon mottled bamboos of the Si Kong Island. The bamboo leaves filled the atmosphere with a clean and refreshing fragrance.

In the bamboo forest outside the guesthouse, a dark-complexion young man was standing politely. He had been waiting for Ning Fan outside his guesthouse for two days. It was none other than the young man whom dissuaded Ming Que to receive the inheritance power.

When Ning Fan had arrived at his guesthouse, that young man’s body shivered at once. His expression looked a little fearful. Clearly, he was terrified of Ning Fan.

“G-Greetings to Venerated Ming.” The young man fell to his knees with a thud and made a few loud kowtows to Ning Fan.

“Mm.” Ning Fan waved his sleeve casually and produced a gust of wind which helped the young man stand up.

Two days ago, Ning Fan asked this young man to wait for him outside his guesthouse because he had something to ask him personally.

When the young man heard that Ning Fan had questions for him, how would he dare to neglect it? Even though his cultivation level was low, he lived in the internal sea after all and he had heard lots of rumors about his merciless and cold-blooded personality. Thus, he was afraid of Ning Fan to the marrow of his bones.

As one of the demon slaves who looked after the princess statue, he could not leave his post without permission originally.

However, when some deacons and elders heard that Ning Fan wanted to see him, they immediately relieved him of all his duties temporarily and allowed him to wait politely in front of Ning Fan’s guesthouse for his arrival.

Moreover, there were some elders of the island who reminded the young man that he must tell everything he knew without reservations no matter what question Ning Fan would ask him. Even if Ning Fan asks about the secrets of the island, he also did not need to hide anything.

The young man’s heart was racing. He was really nervous and confused. He did not know what Ning Fan was going to ask him by requesting him to come here.

When he thought that the person standing in front of him was a great devil lord whose name shook the entire Rain World, he became even more anxious and his feet began to shiver uncontrollably as well.

“Don’t be nervous. I have some questions for you. You just have to answer truthfully. If you do so, I will not harm your life. Instead, I will give you some pills.”

“Pills?! Understood. Senior could just ask me straight away if you have any doubts. This junior will certainly tell you everything I know!” When that young man heard that he would be rewarded with pills, his eyes were instantly blazed with zeal and the fear he had for Ning Fan diminished a little.

If Ning Fan wanted to find out something, he could have just directly search the young man’s soul and memories since the latter was just a lowly demon slave. There would be no need for Ning Fan to make such unnecessary move by asking him.

No matter what damage a mere demon slave like him receives, no one would care for him. This was the cruel reality of the cultivation world.

For instance, there were demon slaves who went missing lately. However, no one was actually investigating the reason behind their disappearance seriously.

If it were other devil cultivators who wished to get some information, they probably would have straight away searched the young man’s soul and memories.

However, Ning Fan was not as cruel as them. Apart from that, he even promised to give the young man a reward if the latter answers his questions truthfully. This made the young man feel extremely thankful. He could not help but feel that Nin Fan was not actually as mean and cold-blooded as how the rumors in the outside world had described him.

“What’s your name? What’s your post on Si Kong Demon Island?”

“This junior’s name is Lin Yu. I am one of the demon slaves who looks after the princess statue.” Lin Yu replied politely.

“Why did you stop Ming Que from conducting the Ancestral Sacrifice and taking the inheritance during that day? And…” Ning Fan paused. His expression suddenly became stern.

“Where did the beast tooth pendant which you are wearing around your neck come from?!”

On the day, Ning Fan only paid a little attention to this young man. When he studied him at a close distance today, only did he realize an extremely faint ancient demon power in him. This power solely came from the beast teeth pendant on his neck.

“Did you mean this beast tooh? I accidentally picked it up during my duty and I made it into a pendant myself. I definitely didn’t steal it. Please believe me, Senior! As for the reason why I stopped the island lord from accepting the inheritance was because… It’s just because…” The young man was immediately overwhelmed with fear when he saw Ning Fan’s fearsome look.

“Because of what?!”

“It’s just because when I was guarding the princess statue one night, I saw some ‘dirty things’ below the statue. It seemed to be some kind of monster and it devoured a few of our demon slaves. After that, it went inside the statue. I picked this beast tooth up during that time. It was left by that monster. I am sure that there must be a monster inside the statue now. If the island lord recklessly takes the inheritance from the statue, she might be in danger…” The young man’s voice was trembling but his faced was filled with sincerity. He did not look like he was telling lies.

“A monster?”

Ning Fan frowned.

What kind of monster would live inside a statue?

That statue was pervaded with endless incense flame power. Even Ning Fan could not go inside the statue using his spirit sense. What kind of monster would be so powerful to enter the statue?

As Ning Fan recalled seeing the eyes of the statue flashing unusually on the day they arrived at the demon island, he suddenly fell silent.

When he continued to think about the monster’s beast teeth which contained ancient demon power, his eyes flickered with solemnity all of a sudden.

“Could it be that an ancient demon is residing inside the statue?!”

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