Grasping Evil

Chapter 492 - Slaughter Palace

Chapter 492: Chapter 492: Slaughter Palace

Dao Yan’s death was beyond Moksha Sovereign’s expectation. He never expected that one of his dignified top ten devil generals would actually fail to kill a Harmonious Spirit Realm junior…

Moksha Sovereign did not think that Ning Fan would be the person who killed Dao Yan. From his perspective, Dao Yan was quite capable. It would have to be at least a Void Pierce Stage expert to be able to kill him in Rain World.

As for the Void Pierce Stage experts in Rain World, every one of them would have to pledge allegiance to the Rain Palace to a certain extent.

This was how unique Rain World was. There was only one sovereign and a palace ruling over the entire world. Unless one breaks through to the Void Fragmentation Realm, no one could disregard the orders from the Rain Sovereign.

“Was it done by the Rain Sovereign? When I personally descended to Rain World previously, I had already offended him. Is this the reason why he secretly sent someone to eliminate Dao Yan to demonstrate his power to me? Humph! Yun Zongxuan, you really have the guts! How dare you kill my man?!”

Yun Zongxuan was the actual name of the current Rain Sovereign.

Moksha Sovereign was already 99% sure that the person who dared to openly kill Do Yan in Rain World must be a member of the Rain Palace.

Well, he also suspected Ning Fan for killing Dao Yan. However, he just refused to believe that a Harmonious Spirit Realm junior would attain the Void Inquiry Stage in just forty years and possess the strength to kill Dao Yan.

It would be extremely absurd. According to Moksha Sovereign’s estimation, forty years was far from enough for Ning Fan to sever his heart’s devil and form his gold core.

“It certainly can’t be that insignificant ant. It must be the Rain Palace that was hindering my plan. Yun Zongxuan, I will not forget what you’ve done!”

Moksha Sovereign kept the string of beads and closed his eyes again. He sat quietly in the large hall. He suppressed his rage so well that none of it was discernible from his face.

If Moksha Sovereign finds out that Ning Fan was the person who killed Dao Yan, he probably would send more subordinates to hunt him down.

Unfortunately, since he already thought that the Rain Palace was responsible for Dao Yan’s death because he did not believe that Ning Fan would attain such excellent cultivation level, he clearly would not continue sending subordinates to Rain World.

After all, how are they supposed to go there and kill Ning Fan since the Rain Sovereign is going to secretly murder every one that arrives there? It would be equivalent to sending his subordinates whom he had painstakingly trained to death in Rain World?

However, the feeling of unease in the bottom of Moksha Sovereign’s heart became even more intense.

“That ant… Is he really still at the Harmonious Spirit Realm…? Moksha Sovereign suddenly opened his eyes. He could not get rid of that feeling.

After being absorbed in his own thoughts for quite some time, he smirked and shut his eyes again.

“I don’t believe it!”

Ning Fan had no idea that his action of killing Dao Yan had already involved the Rain Palace. It led Moksha Sovereign to think the Rain Palace was behind his subordinate’s death and prevent sending any of his subordinates into Rain World recklessly.

Ning Fan returned to the silver boat and asked Su Yan to start it to continue their journey to Si Kong Demon Island. Then, he went inside the cabin on the boat and entered the Yuan Yao World to regulate his breath and essence qi and sort out the loot he obtained from the two consecutive battles.

The first gain he obtained was cutting down a capable subordinate of Moksha Sovereign. To him, it carried a unique meaning.

He did not just take Dao Yan’s life because of his enmity against Moksha Sovereign. In fact, he had given it some thoughts.

Even if he didn’t kill Dao Yan, it was impossible for him to let him go alive. At most, he could capture Dao Yan’s primordial spirit and imprison him inside his storage pouch.

When Dao Yan did not return to Devil World after a long time, Moksha Sovereign would certainly know that he went missing. If that happened, Moksha Sovereign probably would send more people to find out Dao Yan’s whereabouts or kill Ning Fan.

If Dao Yan was dead, Moksha Sovereign would probably also send people to hunt Ning Fan down. However, he would likely have doubts and fear about his actions and refrain from sending more subordinates into Rain World rashly.

There was not much difference between the two outcomes. To Ning Fan, from the day he made Moksha Sovereign his enemy, there was no way he could avoid confronting him one day.

The solution to resolve the grudges between him and Moksha Sovereign was not running away and hiding from him. Instead, it was about getting stronger. Ning Fan had to get so strong that he could kill Moksha Sovereign and settle the old scores with him once and for all!

Thus, killing Dao Yan served as a reminder to him. He must not be complacent about his current situation. He must improve his cultivation level to a greater level and obtain the power to resist Moksha Sovereign.

“The level of my magic power is still at the Half-Step Void Refinement Realm currently. If I have enough medicines that can provide me magic power, I am confident that my magic power can directly advance to the Void Inquiry Stage after a long seclusion. After all, when I was in the Star Palace, I passed the test regarding the understanding about the Void Inquiry Stage by chance. Now, what I am currently lacking before I can break through to the Void Inquiry Stage isn’t my comprehension about the Void Realm but just magic power instead. As for my ancient devil cultivation level, it’s all thanks to the comprehensions I gained about the Void Inquiry Stage during that test that allowed me to progress smoothly and attain the Mid Reckless Devil Realm in one go.”

“Unfortunately, be it raising my magic power to the Void Pierce Stage or promoting my ancient devil cultivation level to the Late Reckless Devil Realm, all of them aren’t easy to me. All in all, in order to attain the Late Void Refinement Realm or the Late Reckless Devil Realm, my comprehension about the Void Realm has to arrive at the level where I nourish my qi by piercing the void… It will be rather difficult.”

“All the pills that can raise the cultivation level of a Void Inquiry Stage and Void Pierce Stage are at least at the Mid Grade Sixth Revolution. Even if my pill refinement realm breaks through to the Sixth Revolution, I will just be a Low Grade Sixth Revolution Pill Master and I won’t be able to concoct Mid Grade Sixth Revolution pills in a short period of time. As for Dao fruits… one will need to consume Dao fruits that are at least at the Void Refinement Realm in order to raise their Void Inquiry Stage and Void Pierce Stage cultivation level. There is only a small number of Void Refinement Realm cultivators in Rain World. Even if I kill every last one of them, I will probably obtain just one or two Void Refinement Realm Dao fruits. Therefore, it isn’t feasible to increase my cultivation level by consuming Dao fruits.”

“At the end of the day, the only method I can rely on is plucking human cauldrons. Plucking one Void Refinement Realm human cauldron will be much easier than murdering one hundred Void Refinement Realm cultivators in order to get one Void Refinement Realm Dao fruit. As for the source of human cauldrons…”

In Yuan Yao World, Ning Fan sat in a meditative posture on the fourth floor of the dark golden pagoda. As he shook his Cauldron Ring, he summoned an unconscious red-haired lady. Then, he casually tossed her on the icy cold floor beside him.

She was the first Void Refinement Realm human cauldron that he chanced to capture during the journey and it was the second benefit he gained today.

Aside from that, Ning Fan also learnt about another important information from his conversations with the two elders of Ling Nan.

In the broken world which the two of them entered during that day, there were a large number of cultivators living there and all of them were female!

Each and every one of those female cultivators was brimming with primordial yin. Among them, there was not lack of Divine Transformation Realm and Void Refinement Realm experts. What’s more terrifying about that place was that there was actually at least one Void Fragmentation Realm female expert.

All of them had immense killing qi and they behaved manically like devils. They killed people without distinguishing between right and wrong. None of them was a kind being.

“That broken small chiliocosm with Blood Burial Grass growing all over the place has a large number of female cultivators who cultivate the Dao of Slaughter. All of them are fit to be captured to become my human cauldrons. But how many experts are there exactly in that broken world? How should I enter the broken world? Is it dangerous to enter that world and what is the background of those women? I don’t have an answer for all these questions… Before clearing off all these doubts, it’s impossible for me to head over to that place to capture human cauldrons.”

Ning Fan glanced sideways at the red-haired lady. In order to find out everything, interrogating this lady would be the fastest way.

With a wave of his sleeve, he produced a gust of wind which pushed the lady into his arm.

He lifted one of his fingers and placed it on her glabella. She immediately moaned and woke up.

Just as she regained her consciousness and saw her within Ning Fan’s arm, she instantly showed him a ferocious expression filled with killing qi. She opened her mouth and spat out a blood-red lightning ray which went straight for Ning Fan’s head. It was an attack that was meant to destroy his Sea of Consciousness.

“I’ll kill you!” The lady’s tone sounded cold and merciless.

Ning Fan gently tilted his head and avoided that blood-red lightning ray. Then, he placed his finger on the lady’s soft bosom and channeled his Yin Plucking Finger power into her. It weakened her body, causing her unable to use her magic power. However, it did not make her pass out again.

Ning Fan never was a soft-hearted person. To be it in a more appropriate manner, it was fate that never gave him the chance to be soft-hearted.

He might be gentle and caring to many of his beloved women but it did not mean that he would be kind to an enemy.

This red-haired lady tried to kill Ning Fan without any forethought. If Ning Fan were a little weaker and slower, he would end up dead in her hands.

Thus, Ning Fan did not feel guilty at all to capture her as his human cauldron in return. Besides, it was impossible for him to be polite towards her.

“Who are you and where do you come from?!”

“If you are bold enough, just kill me. There is no need for talking. My palace lord will surely seek revenge for me! Don’t even think about getting information from my mouth! Even if you try to search my soul and memories, you certainly won’t be able to probe into the memories of my Sea of Consciousness because my Sea of Consciousness has already turned into the form of killing qi entirely!”

The lady was quite a strong female with an unyielding spirit. In fact, she was much stronger than many men. She stared at Ning Fan with a cold expression as if she was indifferent to life and death. When she said those words, she did not even bat an eye.

However, she did not know that Ning Fan had accessed her thoughts using his Mind Reading Technique even though she did not answer his questions directly.

This lady’s name was rather weird. In the place she lived, she was called ‘No. 431’. Her was actually named after a serial number.

The small chiliocosm where she stayed was called the ‘Blood Slave Garden’. It was a garden which an ancient cultivator resided several million years ago.

In present times, there were 1 Void Fragmentation Realm expert, 500 Void Refinement Realm experts and tens of thousands of Divine Transformation Realm cultivators in the broken world. All of them were female. There was neither any man nor Nascent Soul Realm and Gold Core Realm cultivators…

When Ning Fan obtained this information, he gently frowned. After just throwing his first question at the red-haired lady, the doubts in his mind did not reduce but increase instead.

Be it the lady’s odd name or the name of the garden in the broken world that sounded like a common name for any gardens, all of them aroused even more suspicions in Ning Fan.

The thing which Ning Fan could not understand the most was that there actually wasn’t any cultivator whose cultivation level was below the Divine Transformation Realm and male cultivators in the Blood Slave Garden.

This garden had been left uncultivated for at least hundreds of thousands of years. The lord of that broken world was already long gone. All the female cultivators that were residing in that world were living beings that were produced in the later generations.

Commonly, if one wishes to sustain life, no matter what, it would still require the mating process between male and female which refers to the lovemaking between men and women. If there wasn’t any man existing in that broken world, how could the life within the world continue for millions of years without going extinct. Was it possible all the men in that world only passed away recently? However, it did not seem to be the case.

Except for a handful of unique forbidden land, the number of low-grade cultivators in every place would usually be greater than the number of high-grade cultivators.

Only when the base number of low-grade cultivators was higher would the number of high-grade cultivators produced be greater.

In the Blood Slave Garden, however, Divine Transformation Realm, Void Refinement Realm and even Void Fragmentation Realm experts existed without even having any Gold Core Realm or Nascent Soul Realm there. This was a little too unusual.

Could it be that every last one of the low-grade cultivators in the broken world were dead in the recent years? This did not seem to be probable as well.

“Why are you called No. 431?”

“I am given this name the moment when I was born. It’s none of your business!” The lady sounded firm and unshakeable.

“Who is the first lord of the Blood Slave Garden?”

“You don’t deserve to know it!” She was as stubborn as usual.

“Why is there not a single male cultivator or low-grade cultivator in the Blood Slave Garden?”

“Humph!” The lady directly ignored Ning Fan.

“Who is the palace lord that you mentioned earlier? Is she the Void Fragmentation Realm female cultivator in the Blood Slave Garden?”

“Pooh! The matter palace lord isn’t something you are qualified to ask!”

After she had responded to Ning Fan’s final question, she spat her saliva at Ning Fan’s face. Of course, he avoided it effortlessly without taking it seriously.

Ning Fan did not care about the lady’s retaliatory actions. His face only wore a solemn look. From her mind, he discovered some terrific information.

Why was the broken world called the Blood Slave Garden? Why was there no male cultivator or low-grade cultivator in the world? Why was the place overgrown with Blood Burial Grass…? Ning Fan had found the answers to all these questions!

He studied the lady who was in his arms carefully. He already thought that this lady’s killing qi was really too heavy in the first place but he had no idea why. Now, he finally understood the reason behind it.

“So it turns out that you are a… flower devil!” Ning Fan said while looking at her with his razor-sharp eyes.

“What?! How did you know about it?!” The lady’s expression was instantly filled with shock.

The so-called flower devil was a devil creature that was cultivated from a peculiar plant using a special method.

It was similar to raising a pill devil. In ancient times, there were capable cultivators who raised special devil creatures for exclusive purposes.

This red-haired lady who was known as No. 431 was a tuft of Blood Burial Grass in the Blood Slave Garden that successfully transformed into a flower devil.

Needless to say, the formation process of a flower devil was extremely difficult. It wasn’t any easier than that of raising a pill devil. Thus, the broken world that was called the Blood Slave Garden must be established with a terrifying grand formation which was able to accelerate the growth of the Blood Burial Grass and turn them into flower devils.

The flower devils that were required by the grand formation were at least at the Divine Transformation Realm. Hence, that’s why it skipped the production of Vein Opening Realm, Harmonious Spirit Realm, Gold Core Realm and Nascent Soul Realm flower devils and directly expedited the production of flower devils at the Divine Transformation Realm and above in batches.

The Blood Burial Grass belonged to the yin element while the grand formation was set for hastening the delivery. Therefore, the flower devils that were produced were only female.

On the other hand, the Blood Burial Grass was a grass of slaughter. That’s why each of the female cultivators it gave birth to would carry monstrous killing qi and heavy violent qi which made them like mad devils.

Based on Great Emperor Luan Gu’s memories, it mentioned about the cultivation of devil creatures which also included a few sentences about the flower devils.

According to that information, the cultivation of any devil creatures would need to follow the prescribed order and start from basic level which is the Vein Opening Realm. Otherwise, it would leave an extremely significant defect on the bodies of the devil creatures.

Ming Que, the little pill devil, for example, was raised step by step by a True Immortal Realm being from a pill. That individual did not skip any steps in the cultivation process. Hence, it allowed Ming Que to attain a great and profound cultivation base.

As for these flower devils, they possessed Divine Transformation Realm cultivation level as soon as they were born. Without a doubt, the shortcoming they faced was extremely huge.

Ning Fan did not answer the red-haired lady’s question. Instead, he directly held her wrist and spread his spirit sense to enter her body. He wanted to examine her using his spirit sense.

After checking on her condition, he discovered that this red-haired lady’s lifespan was extremely short. Common Divine Transformation Realm cultivators could live up to four or five thousand years while a Void Refinement Realm expert could live up to ten thousand years and above. She, however, could only live for 500 years. Her age was just one-twentieth of an ordinary cultivator’s lifespan.

Moreover, after she had left the Blood Slave Garden, her aging process sped up. Her lifespan was draining a few times faster than usual. This was one of the disadvantages that a flower devil would have when their formation was accelerated.

There was only one way to save this flower devil – cripple her cultivation level using a unique method and make her start cultivation again.

Naturally, there were many ways to cripple her cultivation level and one of them was through plucking…

The way Ning Fan looked at the red-haired lady did not have the slightest hint of sympathy. Instead, his brows were drawn together in thoughtful consideration.

The information he had obtained from the lady’s mind was far beyond the aforementioned.

Just like what he had expected, the so-called palace lord was the only Void Fragmentation Realm female cultivator in the Bloods Slave Garden. She was also a flower devil that was created from a Blood Burial Grass through a hastened process, just like the red-haired lady.

However, what exceeded Ning Fan’s expectations was that the former master of the Blood Slave Garden. That person’s background was rather frightening.

“Fu Linglong, the elder of the Slaughter Palace six million and four hundred thousand years ago…”

Ning Fan had never expected that this broken world would actually be related to the prominent Slaughter Palace.

The Slaughter Palace was one of the forces in the Four heavens. But it wasn’t one of the four greatest forces.

The four greatest forces were the Lost World Palace of the Northern Heaven, the Godly Void Pavilion of the Eastern Heaven, the Zifu Academy of the Southern Heaven and the Kunlun Jade Pool of the Western Heaven. The Slaughter Palace was not among them.

Even so, the Slaughter Palace was extremely notable. They only accepted one disciple in one thousand years.

But every disciple would certainly become a peerless killer that could travel without hindrance in the Four Heavens after receiving the training from the Slaughter Palace. They could murder an immortal being like crushing an ant!

As for the palace lord of the Slaughter Palace, that person’s cultivation level was even more unfathomable…

Fu Linglong’s identity was undeniably special as she was an elder of the Slaughter Palace. Evidently, the origin of this Blood Slave Garden sure was significant.

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