Grasping Evil

Chapter 454 - Who Is That Black Shadow? Translator: GE_Team 

Chapter 454: Chapter 454: Who Is That Black Shadow?

Translator: GE_Team 

Ning Fan let go of Feng Xueyan. He had no intentions of violating her.

She was Xu Qiuling’s sworn younger sister. Thus, she can be considered as his sister too in a way. Even though Ning Fan was a fickle lover, he was well aware that if he harmed Feng Xueyan in any way, it would break Xu Qiuling’s heart.

To Ning Fan, Xu Qiuling’s tolerance and understanding was a unique kind of inexplicable warmth. And that was why he would definitely not hurt her sister.

Feng Xueyan rose to her feet. She quietly pulled herself away from Ning Fan and quickly tidied up her clothes.

When she imagined the scene of Ning Fan looking all over her body after undressing her while she had fallen unconscious, her face turned pink and her ears became red and hot. She was really embarrassed even by just imagining it. Inwardly, she grumbled with a hint of anger present in her tone.

However, when she noticed the surge of warm and massive magic power flowing through her body, her frown immediately disappeared.

She may be a taciturn lady. She may have a weak cultivation base. She may be all of those things, but she was not a fool.

She, of course, sensed that the new surge of magic power within her body was relieving her pain and nourishing her body.

Needless to say, she also understood that such a massive amount of magic power within her body couldn’t naturally be possible with her Tenth Level of the Vein Opening Realm cultivation base. Moreover, even her father did not have such a strong magic power…

He must have injected this magic power into my body.

He was not trying to take advantage of my body earlier. Instead, he was trying to save me.

“I’m sorry, Brother-in-law. I’ve misunderstood you… You were trying to save me. I should have thanked you for doing that and should not have accused you…” Feng Xueyan’s lips twitched as she apologized to Ning Fan.

Somehow, she was a little worried of Ning Fan getting angry at her. This brother-in-law whom she had just met for the first time was not only a kind person who saved her life, but also the very first person who found her and also the first person who could communicate with her directly.

“Silly girl… Oh right. What’s with the marks of black flames on your back?” Ning Fan asked with curiosity.

“What marks? I don’t know what you are talking about…” Feng Xueyan shook her head.

“Really? Then, forget about what I have just said … I have another question for you. Where did you get that scroll made out of beast hide?”

“My grandpa gave me that…”

“Your grandpa? Who is he?!” Ning Fan had a feeling that this so-called grandpa was closely related to the devil blood that was being raised in her body.

“My grandpa is… Erm… I’ve forgotten who he is…” Feng Xueyan had actually forgotten who her grandpa was.


Could it be that her memories had been erased by the artificial Samsara power?!

Ning Fan’s eyes turned grim. This Giant Devil Clan was far more mysterious than he initially imagined.

The devil blood that is being raised inside Feng Xueyan, the scroll made out of beast hide, the eight seals, the artificial Samsara power, Feng Xueyan’s grandpa and the hidden Void Pierce Stage expert…

Apparently, there were unfathomable mysteries within the Giant Devil Clan!

The reason why Feng Xueyan’s body has so many illnesses and why her cultivation level remained low is all because her body had been turned into a vessel for raising the devil blood. Common members of the Giant Devil Clan might have no idea about this but Venerated Giant who is Feng Xueyan’s father should be aware of it. Why didn’t he do anything about it?

As for the person whom Feng Xueyan called as ‘Grandpa’, since he is such a close relative to her, he should naturally be a member of the Giant Devil Clan. So could the person who put Feng Xueyan in this miserable situation be an outer or inner member of the Giant Devil Clan?!

Could it be… is it the hidden expert of the Giant Devil Clan? But I can’t be sure of it!

Ning Fan frowned. Since the situation of the Giant Devil Clan was as clear as mud, should he really involve himself in their affairs and help Feng Xueyan?

He could not be sure who his hidden enemy was. The only thing he knew was that if he ever decides to help Feng Xueyan, he would certainly ruin their secret plan and offend them completely.

Since he did not even know who they were, it would be extremely unwise to offend them recklessly.

With Ning Fan’s personality, he valued benefits over anything else. There was no way he would choose to do such a thing. Just like what happened with the Six-Winged Clan where he showed his cold-blooded side to them from the beginning until the end.

Feng Xueyan, however, was different. She was a close friend of Xu Qiuling whom the latter treated as her own sister. If she dies, Xu Qiuling would definitely be sad…

For Xu Qiuling’s sake, determination gradually filled Ning Fan’s eyes.

“In my entire life, I, Ning Fan, did things my own way regardless of what others say. I don’t judge whether my actions are good or evil. All I want is to have no regrets in my heart and no remorse in my Dao… If I abandon this lady without providing any aid and make Qiuling sad, I will certainly regret it!”

“I have to save this lady. However, there must be clear steps in doing it. Firstly, I have to find out who my enemy is. One could only be fully prepared after thoroughly knowing both themselves and their adversaries. Secondly, Ju Qing does not seem to be pretending in his concern over his daughter. Apart from that, the Giant Devil Clan’s act of searching for spiritual medicine to cure his daughter by dispatching a great deal of manpower does not seem to be fake. Even though people’s hearts are unpredictable and it’s hard to fend off those who have sinister intentions, I should participate in the Pill Ceremony that will be held soon. Even if I don’t get the Void Inquiry Pill, I have to obtain the qualifications to concoct the pill to cure her illness. Let’s see whether that pill can really cure her. If it can’t…”

A sharp light flickered across Ning Fan’s eyes like cold electricity.

“If it can’t, then I have to find another way to save her. As for the mastermind behind this vicious plan, I must make a thorough investigation!”

According to Ning Fan’s personality, once he had made up his mind, he would never back out.

He looked at Feng Xueyan and said with a solemn expression.

“Little girl, don’t tell anyone that I have seen your half naked body and the scroll made out of beast hide. The same goes for the questions that I’ve asked you today. Keep them all a secret.”


Feng Xueyan beamed with a smile that was really sweet. She realized that the current Ning Fan was fierce, terrifying and not gentle at all with his stern look.

However, compared to his gentleness before this, the current him showed an extra hint of concern. He was genuinely concerned about her. The concern he had for her was from the depths of his heart and was clearly not a pretense.

She did not know why she could not tell anyone about all that had happened today but she still nodded and kept it in mind.

After all, she was mute. Who could she tell these things to?

Brother-in-law is really dumb. Is this what they call disorder stems from concern?

“Alright. Let’s go back to the province and get some tasty food.”

“Brother-in-law, you are really kind…” She could tell that Ning Fan was truly concerned about her. Hence, she gently tiptoed and planted a kiss on his cheek. Her eyes were pure and innocent. There was no lust within them.


Ning Fan touched his cheek and laughed while shaking his head. In his eyes, Feng Xueyan was like a snowman that was built from white ice and snow. She was still as clean as a blank sheet of paper.

Thus, her kiss was similar to how children use kisses to express their joy.

More thoughts surfaced in Ning Fan’s mind.

I have to keep what I have seen today to myself first. After returning to the province, I will try to sound Ju Qing out.

He did not believe that a sincere and honest man like Ju Qing would be so vicious to his own child. However, people’s hearts were unpredictable. He had no choice but to be on guard against him as well.

As for the method to save Feng Xueyan, it would still require further considerations.

It would be fine if the pill is effective on her. If it is ineffective, Ning Fan would have to think of another way.

Ning Fan had gained the power of Samsara. He could probably use it to break the eight seals on Feng Xueyan’s back.

However, what’s strange about it was that Feng Xueyan’s body not only had the devil clan’s secrets and seals but also a hidden trace of ‘artificial Samsara power’.

The intensity of that artificial Samsara power might not be as strong as Ning Fan’s true Samsara power but it could still neutralize the corrosive effect of his true Samsara power, preventing him from successfully erasing the seals.

He would have some difficulties as well in wearing away the eight seals by only depending on his Wind Mist Technique.

What Ning Fan felt particularly troublesome was that even if he could break the seals, he could not dare to recklessly extract the Blood of Mo Luo from Feng Xueyan’s body.

This devil blood should have been placed inside her when she was still very young. It had already become a part of her life force. If it were carelessly extracted from her, her life would be in danger and she would certainly die eventually.

If Feng Xueyan could assimilate this drop of devil blood herself, it would be the best solution to all of this.

However, the Blood of Mo Luo was not something ordinary people could assimilate. Even Ning Fan still could not assimilate it completely up until now, much less a Tenth Level Vein Opening Realm cultivator like Feng Xueyan…

If she forces herself to assimilate the Blood of Mo Luo, her body would implode and she would end up dead as her body would not be able to endure the power of the devil blood even if she just assimilates a single strand of the blood.

Perhaps Ning Fan should first gather the four slates of the devil statues and collect all of the scriptures written on those slates to put together the complete devil scripture about the “Ancestral Talisman Blood Refinement Technique”. When he attains his natal ancestral talisman, only then would he have other ways to deal with the Blood of Mo Luo.

As for the details of how to save Feng Xueyan, Ning Fan could not help but set them aside for the time being…

“Let’s go.”

With a swing of his hand, his sleeve produced some wind. Just as he was about to bring Feng Xueyan away, his eyes suddenly widened with surprise. He glanced at the snowy sky in the south-eastern direction.

“Who is it?!”

At the same time Ning Fan shouted coldly, he pointed his finger at that direction as well. A trace of sword light pierced the tip of the clouds like lightning. It was none other than his Separation Slayer Sword.

On top of the clouds, a black shadow suddenly revealed itself. Its appearance was veiled by devil mist, making it difficult to see clearly. One could only see its muddy eyes.

The eyes of the black shadow were filled with a hint of surprise. He had just arrived here and was still in an invisible state. Hence, he clearly did not expect for Ning Fan to sense his presence.

Even though he was surprised, the feeling of surprise was pretty insignificant. The black shadow looked at the sword light of the Separation Slayer Sword with contempt in his eyes. He stretched his five fingers out and clawed at the incoming sword light. His body also shone with a bright golden light.

Judging from the intensity of the golden light, he was actually a body cultivator at the Second Level of the Golden Body Refining Realm!

However, his qi was extremely strange. It gave Ning Fan a feeling that he was not a living being.


With just a random strike, Ning Fan’s Separation Slayer Sword was instantly deflected and went back to his hand. It was still trembling violently when it reached his hand.

As for the black shadow who dealt with the sword with his bare hands, he received a few cuts on his fingers from the tip of the sword. This really shocked him. He never expected a mere Low Grade Void Treasure would actually be able to hurt his fingers, even if he was too careless when he dealt with it.

“A Two-Star Divine Weapon, huh… Humph! Your skills aren’t half bad. That’s why you managed to kill Shi Kun but you are still too young. Young man, you do resemble me in my younger years. However, there are some things you just cannot interfere in.”


The black shadow suddenly shot out a ray of black light that went straight towards Ning Fan’s chest. He then turned around and left. Just before he disappeared, he secretly glanced at Feng Xueyan. After making sure that the latter was safe, his heart was at ease. His eyes, however, were filled with shame and pain.

“Just now, I clearly sensed that the effects of Yan Er1‘s seals recurred which is why I purposely came to rescue her. However, it was beyond my expectation for this young man to get ahead of me and save her first…”

The black shadow turned into a ray of flowing light and faded into the distance. To Ning Fan’s surprise, the aura force of the magic power that emanated from the flowing light was at the Void Pierce Stage!

The black shadow had Void Pierce Stage magic power and the Second Level of the Golden Body Refining Realm. He was really strong and he was definitely not someone who the current Ning Fan could defeat!

Ning Fan did not chase after the black shadow. He just reached out a finger and touched the black light that was heading to his chest.

That black light was not a hidden weapon delivered to harm him. Instead, it was a black jade slip.

Ning Fan took the jade slip and accessed its contents using his spirit sense. At the next second, his expression turned serious and he kept silent.

There was only a single sentence inside the jade slip.

“For your kindness in protecting the clan, I’ll keep this gratitude forever in my heart. But remember, you must never interfere with Xueyan’s matter. You are not capable of withstanding the wrath of the Eight Ancestors.”

The fearsome qi from the tone of the sentence gave Ning Fan a light hint of familiarity. He seemed to have encountered this qi somewhere before.

Ning Fan sorted out his thoughts and emotions and he then gradually remembered where he had encountered this trace of qi before.

“It was at the Stele of Slaughter located outside the Secret Realm of the Broken World on Pleasure Devil Immortal Island! It belongs to the number-one individual on the Stele of Slaughter’s rankings. His name is Ju Yan. He is the former Venerated Giant, the father of Ju Qing and the grandfather of Feng Xueyan!”

“According to rumors, Ju Yan has already been dead for a long time. Why was he still capable of appearing in this place at this time…? He seems to have zero hostility against me. Otherwise, I would definitely not be a match for him with his strength unless I use the stored attack of Stele of Sun and Moon…”

“Ju Yan is clearly aware of the reason behind Feng Xueyan’s seals. Is he the one who schemed against her?”

“Since this man has thanked me for protecting the Giant Devil Clan, it means that he is someone who values his friends and family and those who have helped him before. Therefore, him telling me not to interfere with Xueyan’s matter could still be regarded as a kind reminder. It could also be a warning. He said that, ‘I am not capable of withstanding the wrath of the Eight Ancestors.’ Who are the Eight Ancestors? Could it be that they are the ones who were the masterminds of all this…?”

“When Ju Yan mentioned the Eight Ancestors, his tone was rather polite. It can be assumed that they are the early ancestral figures of the Giant Devil Clan. No matter who the true mastermind of this scheme is, the person who put Feng Xueyan in this condition is very likely to be one of our own… What is their objective…?”

Ning Fan could not figure it out!

However, even though he had no idea, he did not have any plans of ignoring Feng Xueyan and abandoning her to her plight.

My investigation of this can only be carried out slowly but surely. Now, I should first send Feng Xueyan back.

Even though he did not know the goal of the Giant Devil Clan, Feng Xueyan certainly would not face any danger before the devil blood fully matures. She would be protected, like what had happened just now where Ju Yan came from thousands of miles away in order to save her.

“Grandfather… He is my grandfather… Ah! My head hurts…” Feng Xueyan suddenly placed her hands on her head and held it. She recovered some of the memories that had once been erased which made her rather sick.

“Don’t be afraid. I will bring you home right away!”

Ning Fan held Feng Xueyan’s wrist and secretly channeled his magic power into her. His eyes gradually turned gloomy.

Even though he did not know what goal the Giant Devil Clan had for them to jeopardize Feng Xueyan’s life, Ning Fan despised the Giant Devil Clan currently, regardless of what their reasons were.

It was similar to the Six-Winged Clan that abandoned Fen Chi in exchange for their clan’s safety.

The Giant Devil Clan, for some reason, had abandoned Feng Xueyan.

Ning Fan might find it more acceptable if it was the doing of their enemies or nemesis.

However, the fact that it was their own doing angered Ning Fan the most.

He was once set up by Young Master Ning Tian. Even though he did not have a close relationship with Ning Tian, being betrayed by his own family had always been a thorn in his heart.

Thus, he understood the disappointment that Old Devil felt when he was betrayed by his adopted son.

And that was why he had some compassion and more tolerance towards Fen Chi who was abandoned by the Six-Winged Clan like a pawn and the same goes for Feng Xueyan.


Holding Feng Xueyan in one of his arms, Ning Fan turned into a trace of smoke and flew all the way back to the Sad Devil Hall.

He secretly hid all of his expressions and emotions, as though nothing had happened.

When everyone saw that Ning Fan actually managed to find the eldest mistress within such a short period of time, all of them were deeply impressed.

When Xu Qiuling saw that Ning Fan had really returned with Feng Xueyan, her eyes were filled with gratitude but she did not say a single word of thanks to him.

After all, both of them did not need to thank each other…

However, right after he returned, her keen senses captured a hint of rage in Ning Fan’s eyes.

That emotion was buried very deeply within him and no one would be able to notice it. Xu Qiuling, however, was able to discern it because she understood him.

“Did something happen?” Xu Qiuling asked with a gentle voice.

“Don’t worry.”

Ning Fan comforted her but his eyes were secretly checking the elders of the Giant Devil Clan.

The clan leaders who were in the Sad Devil Hall included the clan leader, Ju Qing, the great elder, Fu Bai and ten other elders.

Among the other elders, only one of them was a woman. She was the second elder of the clan, Yao Lian.

According to rumors, she was a woman of loose morals. She was said to engage in sexual intercourses with many different devil cultivators. She cultivated the devil cultivation method of bewitching techniques. Her appearance in the world of cultivation was considered as above average but her sexual techniques were extraordinary.

Of course, although she led a dissolute lifestyle, she was infinitely loyal and devoted to the Giant Devil Clan. She was never perfunctory and careless on major issues of the clan. She might have some problems with her personality but she was not a despicable villain.

Other than being a little coquettish, she was friendly to the members of the clan.

Human personality was originally complex. There was nothing one could do about it.

Ning Fan’s eyes became stern. He had the Mind Reading Technique. If he wants to find out some secrets about the Giant Devil Clan, he would naturally need to look for a high-level female higher-up. On that account, this Yao Lian was the perfect person.

“*Giggle*… It seems like I have gotten your interest, Fellow Daoist Zhou… I am rather free tonight. I wonder if you want to come to my boudoir later and have a drink?”

Yao Lian looked at Ning Fan’s handsome face and licked her lips. Her action made her look like a beautiful female snake.

Ning Fan was just right to be her favorite type. She really wanted to find out how it feels to be banged by him…

“Yao Lian, if you want to seduce men, you better watch out as to whom they belong! This Little Cucumber is mine!” Yue Lingkong said domineeringly and gave Yao Lian a deathly stare. The latter was shocked and no longer dared to hit on Ning Fan anymore.

Yue Lingkong was a female tyrant after all. Besides, she was the strongest of the seven venerated beings in the internal sea in the past. That is to say that she was much stronger than Dong Xu and Ju Qing.

Now, she had broken through to the Void Glimpse Stage and reached a level where she was unrivalled among Void Glimpse Stage cultivators. Among the seven venerated beings in the internal sea, who would dare to provoke her?

Based on her personality, if it wasn’t because Ning Fan had a close relationship with the Giant Devil Clan, she would not be so polite towards Ju Qing and Dong Xu.

As for Yao Lian, she was a promiscuous woman who could accept different men to be her husband. There was no way Yue Lingkong would allow Ning Fan to sleep with her.

Even if Little Cucumber wants to find another concubine, there is no way he would keep an ugly woman like her!

Yue Lingkong was firmly convincing herself while contemplating as she refused to admit that she was jealous.

Ning Fan gave Yue Lingkong an ambiguous smile. He found Yue Lingkong quite cute whenever she was jealous.

Ju Qing made a dry cough, eliminating the awkward atmosphere in the Sad Devil Hall. Then, he suddenly asked Ning Fan.

“I heard Little Shanzi said that Fellow Daoist Zhou is quite a skillful pill refinement master. I wonder if you are interested in participating in the competition of the Pill Ceremony that will be held soon?”

“Hehe. If I don’t participate in such a great ceremony, wouldn’t it be a waste? If I join the Pill Ceremony and get into the top three of the competition, I would have the right to take up Clan Leader Ju Qing’s mission and concoct the life-saving pill for Mistress Xueyan. If I succeed in creating the pill that Clan Leader Ju Qing requires, not only could I obtain a Void Inquiry Pill as a reward, but also save Mistress Xueyan’s life. It would be quite a joyful matter if that happens. Don’t you think so, Clan Leader Ju Qing?” Ning Fan asked with a meaningful tone.

“What Fellow Daoist Zhou said is indeed correct. If my daughter, Yan Er, could be cured, it would naturally be an extremely joyful matter…” Ju Qing’s eyes were filled with hope. He genuinely wanted to cure Feng Xueyan.

Ning Fan stayed silent for a while.

Could it be that Ju Qing has no idea of what happened to Feng Xueyan? His concern and care for Feng Xueyan don’t seem to be fake.

This gave Ning Fan a hint of relief. If even Feng Xueyan’s own father also turns against her, how cruel would it be to her.

If that’s the case, I shall find a chance to fish for some information from Yao Lian.

Mind Reading Technique really comes in handy in situations like this.

“Hehe. Since Fellow Daoist Zhou has the intention of joining the Pill Ceremony, this old man will give Fellow Daoist a good introduction about the whole process of the Pill Ceremony. What do you think?”

Dong Xu nodded with a faint smile while stroking his beard.

“Alright. Thank you, Fellow Daoist Dong Xu, for doing the explanations for me.”

To be honest, Ning Fan was quite interested in the Pill Ceremony. If it wasn’t because of the new discovery he had of Feng Xueyan’s case, he would be very pleased to have an exchange of pill refinement techniques with countless pill refinement grandmasters by competing with them.

The mastery of pill refinement techniques was complementary to the Yin Yang Transformation. It was an extremely essential aspect in improving one’s cultivation base and must not be neglected.

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