Grasping Evil

Chapter 45

Dan Master, Please Make Us a Dan!

The Three Black Demon Guards and Nan Lou guards were training in an orderly manner. At one side, away from their friends, Ning Fan and Nangong were discussing secretly via spirit sense. Ning Fan had told him about the training plan and also the modification of the formation. He started to value Nangong’s competence in planning.

“General Nangong is indeed very persuasive. You have fully persuaded Lu Nanzi and Nanyang Zi with just a few words. Ning Fan is impressed!”

“Young master has overly praised me. I’m not worthy of such compliments. I was doing this out of my concern for young master.”

Ning Fan was truly impressed by Nangong’s persuasiveness. At the same time, Nangong was also impressed by Ning Fan’s strategy of using Si Wuxie to act as ‘Black Devil Ning.’

He started to contemplate about something. Nangong, Situ and Yu Chi were the three pillars of the old monster. Their cultivation didn’t improve much due to the old monster’s cultivation being paralyzed at that time. He had to help them enhance their cultivation level because they would be his assistants in the future.

Furthermore, the cultivation level of the Three Black Demon Guards had to be enhanced as well. A sudden and wild aspiration struck him. He wanted to push the cultivation level of the guards to the Harmonious Spirit realm.

At that time, a thousand and four hundred Harmonious Spirit experts could sweep away any troubles in Yue Country!

“Nangong, would you believe me if I said that I will nurture you, Situ and Yu Chi to be Void Fragmentation experts and the Three Black Demon Guards to the number one guard on Rain Immortal World?” Ning Fan’s eyes sparkled and gave a smile to Nangong.

Nangong was stupefied after hearing Ning Fan’s words. He sucked in a breath of cold air. He never thought that his young master would have such a wild aspiration.

“If this was said by someone else, this subordinate will pretend I did not hear it. But if this is said by young master, this subordinate will certainly believe it. Young master would definitely be able to do it!”

“Our master’s enemy is very strong. Nangong, I would need your help on this one. This is an excellent opportunity for us to concoct dans since the materials would all be sponsored by someone else. Also, I have noticed a sprout of Maple fruit in Ning City. If it succeeds in growing, ask someone to take care of it well because it has a very good magical effect.”

“Yes, sir!”

“Train and use the Nan Lou guards, Lu Nanzi and Nanyang Zi at your own will because I believe in your capability. I will go to the Sinister Sparrow Sect tomorrow. I have to try to get my hands on the ‘Black Yin Qi.’”

As he finished, he lifted his head, facing the sky as his facial expression turned sullen. A few moments later, the other generals followed their young master and turned their heads upwards too.

Roughly ten immortal clouds were seen from the south side of Ning City. Every cloud was at least a Third Vein Immortal Cloud. The leading immortal cloud was a Fourth Vein Immortal Cloud that only a Nascent Soul would normally possess.

“Three Black Demon Guards, assemble into formation!” Nangong ordered. The guards who were in the midst of training went back to their respective position and assembled into a formation, and looked up alertly towards the south.

There were roughly ten of them. Each was above the Harmonious Spirit realm. Each of them wore robes embroidered with red brocades, which made them look like fire on the clouds as they travelled.

“The righteous sect, Fiery Cloud Sect! Why are they coming to Ning City?” Yu Chi had his mouth open while looking at the incoming experts of the Fiery Cloud Sect.

There was a big brawny man in red armor who was roughly six meters tall. He had a red hair and his facial hair was also red. He had the look of a heavenly god. After sensing his magical power, one would know that he had actually reached the intermediate Gold Core realm.

“Haha! Yu Chi! It’s all of you and the Three Black Demon Guards. Only you guys could build such an evil city in a day’s time. However, I didn’t imagine that you are still a Harmonious Spirit warrior after ten years, which I find very weak.”

From his tone and words, it was likely that they knew each other. Then, he led the disciples of the Fiery Cloud Sect to land on the ground.

Yu Chi showed some shyness on his face as he saw this man.

“Who is this man?” Ning Fan asked Nangong via spirit sense.

“The elder of Fiery Cloud Sect, Bu Kuang Fen. He had dealings with the Three Black Demon Guards forty years ago, but at that time, he was merely an intermediate Harmonious Spirit warrior and had even lost to Yu Chi one time. I didn’t expect that this man has already entered the intermediate Gold Core realm forty years later.”

Nangong said with a surprised tone. In these forty years, they had been living quietly in Seven Apricot and had neglected their cultivation. Now, their opponent had already surpassed them.

“Bu Kuang Fen, what did you come to Ning City for?” Yu Chi gritted his teeth and clenched his fists. This was the first time that he was aggrieved over this past forty years.

“Don’t worry, I’m not here to seek trouble. I’m here to request Black Devil Ning’s help to concoct a dan. Isn’t the Three Black Demon Guards commanded by Han Yuanji? When did Black Devil Ning replaced the commander? And who is Black Devil Ning? I want his to concoct a dan for me.”

Bu Kuang Fen’s eye expression was akin to flames. As he swept across the Three Black Demon Guards, he could feel the burning spirit of each and every one of them. Although he was slightly stunned when he scanned through Lu Nanzi and Nanyang Zi, it didn’t concern him much. However as he saw the old man in black robe, his eyes narrowed and he sucked in a breath of cold air.

‘Late Gold Core realm! I’m afraid this is Black Devil Ning! He has given me a sense of danger. Not even the old monster is comparable to him. It seems like I can’t use force against this man anymore.”

After this instant, Bu Kuang Yan’s arrogant face changed as he slightly bowed to ‘Black Devil Ning’. Just so you know, there weren’t many people who could make him bow.

“Junior’s name is Bu Kuang Yan of Fiery Cloud Sect. Greet Master Ning. I received orders from the founder of the sect, Jing Zhuo Progenitor, to come here to ask for a Nascent Soul dan. These presents are just to show my respect to you and all required materials have been prepared fully. I hope master can begin concocting now. If the production of the dan is complete, our sect will owe you kindness. On the other hand, if you fail in the production, our sect will keep our promise and won’t trouble Ning City.”

Bu Kuang Yan waved his hand to order the disciples behind to come forward and empty the presents in the storage pouch. After a while, a small hill-like of presents was on the ground.

There were thirty thousand immortal jades, over a hundred kilograms of Yin iron, some high grade magical treasure and fifty purplish-golden jade. And of course, there were other herbs and medicinal plants that were kept in Tan boxes. Despite being in the box, the fragrance leaked from it and filled the air. The herbs to concoct a Fourth Revolution Dan were all more than thousand years old. Everyone on the scene was showing their excitement towards the treasures but none dared to have a pair of prying eyes on them.

There were the magical treasure gifted to ‘Black Devil Ning.’ No one would dare to offend Fiery Cloud Sect, lest they would also offend Ning City.

Ning Fan was amazed while watching at the treasure that covered the ground. He had certainly underestimated the power of a Fourth Revolution Dan Master.

If he seized these treasures from others, he would need to kill over forty Gold Core old monsters. Fiery Cloud Sect had presented this much of treasure in exchange for a Nascent Soul Dan. Some medicine within was enough to concoct a thousand Vein Opening Dans that could raise the cultivation realm of the Three Black Demon Guards. The immortal ore was enough to turn Ning City into a metal city.

As a matter of fact, the treasure on the floor had exceeded the value of a Nascent Soul dan. As the saying went, something or someone would become very valuable when it was rare. Ning Fan had become the only Fourth Revolution Dan Master in Yue Country. Thus, he was able to make friends with those old monsters who had lived for a hundred or a thousand years.

Of course, his true cultivation realm couldn’t be revealed. Trade would only happen between two parties that had relatively the same overall strength.

Si Wuxie, as the ‘Black Devil Ning,’ lifted her eyelids and knitted her brows slightly as if those treasure on the ground were barely satisfactory. She simply put all the gifts under her sleeve and nodded to Bu Kuang Fen to express her agreement in the trade.

She didn’t dared to speak as she feared that it would expose her true identity. These gestures were all taught by Ning Fan.

Black Devil Ning’s gestures and expression had fallen into Bu Kuang Fen’s eyes and turned into unpleasantness. This Black Devil Ning was truly arrogant. He did not even speak or utter a single word after receiving gifts!

However, because he needed Black Devil Ning’s help, he wouldn’t turn hostile to him and forced out a smile from his face.

“I would like to ask Master Ning, how long would it take to produce a Nascent Soul dan?”

“A year…” Ning Fan told Si Wuxie using spirit sense. She then stuck out one finger and gestured it in front of Bu Kuang Fen.

Nascent Soul dan was considered a high grade dan among the Fourth Revolution dans. Not only his concocting speed was slow, the success rate was low either. He was afraid that he would take a month to just open a cauldron.

Furthermore, Ning Fan had better things to attend to. He wanted to go to Sinister Sparrow Sect. Hence, he couldn’t put too much time in concocting dans.

“A year? Isn’t this a little long…”

The corner of Bu Kuang Fen mouth twitched. He heard that the Fourth Revolution Dan Masters from the other country would take less than six months to concoct a Nascent Soul dan. The Fiery Cloud Sect had given so many gifts to Black Devil Ning for only one reason – quicken the pace of concocting the Nascent Soul dan. He never thought that Black Devil Ning would need a year for that.

When Bu Kuang Fen was about to speak, his eyes met Si Wuxie’s cold gaze. Under the cold and cruel gaze, he felt the crisis of death. His face changed instantly and staggered a few steps back while wiping off his cold sweat. After finding his balance, he hurried to express his apologies for his impoliteness.

“Junior has made a slip of tongue. It doesn’t matter if master needs a year to complete the production.”

Bu Kuang Fen was alarmed. The gaze of this ‘Black Devil Ning’ was too fierce, even fiercer than the old progenitor. This man must be a very experienced and ruthless evil great master, otherwise, he wouldn’t be able to show Bu Kuang Fen such chilling eyes.

He wasn’t wrong. Si Wuxie had been the greatest devil king in Yue Country for many years. Despite the loss of memories, her evil aura didn’t weaken.

“Junior will bid farewell then. If there is chance, why not come to our Fiery Cloud Sect to pay us a visit?”

Bu Kuang Fen bade his farewell to Black Devil Ning. He didn’t want to stay in Ning City any longer as his impression of her had become very scary.

As he was about to turn and leave, a cold and evil voice was heard somewhere from the sky.

“Humph! That old man Jing Zhuo again. This is indeed very grand. Why not come in person to ask for the dan? I have come personally to request for the dan after breaking out from my important seclusion!”

At the east side of the sky, a black rainbow emerged with a man. A devil aura of a peak Gold Core realm was released from his body.

The proud Bu Kuang Fen was shivering on his feet and changed his expression the moment he sensed the devil aura.

“Purple Yin Kidd of Extreme Yin Gate, you haven’t died?”

“Humph! I won’t die even when your Jing Zhuo dies. Haha! Is this the Fourth Revolution Dan Master – Black Devil Ning? Late Gold Core realm… l like your cultivation realm. Receive my palm attack!”

The purple-robed old man gave a cold laugh. He stood in the void and struck with a palm with strong magical power. It then turned into a cold and purple bloody skeleton that was a few hundred meters area large and landed with deafening howls.

Su Wuxie looked at it with cold gaze, and was going to use her sleeve to destroy the skeleton but she was stopped when Ning Fan pulled her palm and shook his head.

“Don’t counter the attack. Someone will block it.”

Ning Fan gazed above the clouds as if he could feel someone was observing them. In turn, the person above the clouds replied and revealed a smile.

“Disciple of Han Yuanji, you have good eyesight. You can actually see my hidden presence.”

There was a middle-aged man in green above the clouds. He had white sideburns on two sides. He laughed and remove the jade ranked spirit equipment of invisibility. In the subsequent moment, he pointed at the purple skeleton with one finger. A cold Qi was released from the finger before turning into a few hundred meter-area large Icy Dark Sparrow and congealed the skeleton.

“Purple Yin old man, we are here to ask for the Nascent Soul dan. I won’t let you hurt Master Ning.”

“Sinister Sparrow! It’s you!”

There was a trickle of blood at the corner of his mouth. Clearly, the destruction of the skeleton had smitten him. His eyes became violent but there was some dread within it.

Sinister Sparrow was one of the ten greatest experts in Yue Country, and also the master of Sinister Sparrow Sect. Purple Yin Kidd wasn’t his opponent at all.

“Hump! I was only testing Master Ning’s ability. You could still remain calm while my purple bloody skeleton was charging at you. It seems like your strength isn’t below me.”

While the two were arguing, about a hundred rainbows emerged from all directions with some clear and resounding voice.

“The head of Great Void Sect, Zhong Xuan Zi, has come to ask for a Nascent Soul dan. I hope master will grant us the dan!”

“The elder of Corpse Seizing Sect, Ye Kong Wen, has come. We can’t thank you enough if you grant us a Nascent Soul dan!”

“Icy Condense Sect…”

“Everlasting Sect…”

“Green Sun Sect…”

The experts from all the sects had stepped into the void above Ning City. Their only intention was to ask for a dan.

These experts were the rarely-seen Gold Core old monsters. They were descending from the void and looked at ‘Black Devil Ning’ respectfully.

However, they didn’t realize that they had seen the wrong person.

The number of visitors was increasing. No one would dare to test ‘Black Devil Ning’s’ ability anymore as they feared that it would offend the crowd.

Sinister Sparrow acted to block Purple Yin Kidd’s attack because he saw the connection of Ning City and the old monster. He wanted to lend a helping hand to the disciple of the old monster but he had never intended to ingratiate himself with ‘Black Devil Ning.’

At the present moment, any blind old man who dared to attack Black Devil Ning would be besieged by the others.

Purple Yin Kidd’s act just now was the deterrence for overturning the invaluable cart.

“This is my gifts for you. Please keep them and grant me a dan!”

Ning Fan’s eyes were sweeping across the different kinds of immortal ores, magical treasure and herbs. His eyes glittered with excitement. With these much of possessions, he wouldn’t need that long to rise from Yue Country anymore!

“You are Ning Fan? Not bad, I no longer concern passing Mei Er to you. I am Sinister Sparrow, an old good friend of your master.”

As Ning Fan was still in his ecstasy, Sinister Sparrow walked towards him with a slight smile.

According to the promise, Ning Fan was his son-in-law.

“Oh, Junior Ning Fan greets master!”

Ning Fan smiled bitterly. This was a marriage that he couldn’t shove off.

“Hehe, Fan Er, I heard that you are the descendant of Black Devil Ning, this is truly amazing! Come out Mei Er, what are you still hiding for? Go and have a chat with Fan Er. You youngsters don’t have to be shy.”

Sinister Sparrow moved aside and a girl in light blue slowly walked out from behind. The expression in her eyes was complicated as she looked at Ning Fan.

“Let’s go and have a stroll. I have things to talk to you…” There were some ‘I-beg-you’ expression in her tone.


Ning Fan didn’t imagine that Sinister Sparrow would actually bring along the troubling girl with him.

Ning Fan also looked at Nangong with an ‘I-beg-you’ expression but he gave a soft smile in return and replied via spirit sense.

“Why not go and have a nice stroll with miss Lan Mei? Don’t worry, the identity of ‘Black Devil Ning’ won’t be exposed with my presence here.”

Ning Fan looked towards Zhihe and saw her surrounding Su Wuxie. She was too preoccupied with the matter of Si Wuxie turning into an old man.

“Fine. I will follow you for a stroll just for a while. And before that let me warn you to not show your missy temper to me, otherwise I will leave immediately.”

Ning Fan said in an aggrieved tone as if he was suffering a loss, which had made Lan Mei knit her eyebrows. Her face was enough to attract countless of pursuers. It was rare to be able to have the chance to have a private walk with her. This Ning Fan was really a person who didn’t know how to value the invaluable.

If it wasn’t for a request, she wouldn’t waste the effort to have a stroll with him.

During the first time when she requested to discuss matters with Ning Fan, she was met by his cold eye expression and he left the auction place without turning his head.

The second time when she went to Mo Clan, she was chased out of Seven Apricot suddenly because of his anger.

This Ning Fan was truly overbearing. He had never given her the chance to speak.

As a matter of fact, Ning Fan’s coldness and domineering aura had made Lan Mei grow slightly fond of him. However, that wouldn’t affect her core as she had sworn that she wouldn’t fall in love with any man for the rest of her life.

According to the people outside, Lan Mei had high requirements and was very arrogant. She would look down on those who had low cultivation realm. In fact, this was merely an excuse or a pretense. She had always been unapproachable for any pursuer.

‘Ning Fan, we are not going to be partners…’ This sentence had a certain deep underlying meaning, but too bad, Ning Fan wasn’t able to grasp it.

Lan Mei followed behind Ning Fan away from the crowd, towards the maple forest. She bit her lips and wanted to say it out, but there were some words that couldn’t easily be said.

That was undeniably a shameful thing to say, how she could open her mouth…

‘Ning Fan, I am in fact a ‘stone girl*’. I don’t like men…We are not going to become partners.’

These words were circling within her forehead but she couldn’t muster the courage to say it.

However, if this message wasn’t spoken out and once Ning Fan went to Sinister Sparrow Sect, the marriage between them would begin. She couldn’t hide it anymore.

Not even her dad knew about this secret. ‘Darn! How am I going to open my mouth?’

‘Why do I have to beg for Ning Fan, this unpleasant and bad man?”

‘This hateful Ning Fan! He doesn’t know what an awkward atmosphere is and what a warm atmosphere is. This makes me can’t speak at all!’

“Miss Lan Mei, just tell me if you have any words to speak. Why are your face so red? Do you want to shit?”

Ning Fan frowned and said unconcernedly.

“You are the one who wants to shit! You…you are truly vulgar!”

Lan Mei’s face blushed and looked infuriated. She realized that Ning Fan was absolutely the worst man in the aspect of romance.


*Stone girl- a girl without vagina when born

All name of skills will not be capitalized as they are considered common nouns. Some terms are subject to change when better suggestions are selected.

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