Grasping Evil

Chapter 4

Grasping Evil Chapter 4: You can cure my poison!?

Inside the Si Fan Palace, the icy palace of the old monster Han where he had always lived alone. No one had ever been allowed to step inside, but now Ning Fan was an exception.

Ning Fanpushed the door to come outside where the moonlight shined andstretched his back.

Wearing a white robe and cloud shoes with his hair tied upward and covered by a black dao cape. A clear juxtaposition between black and white clearly accentuated his handsome and noble appearance.

He was clearly a young man, but in his eyes contained the gleaming hint of an old monster.

He closed his eyes to remember the Immortal Emperors inheritance. Inside were many clutter manuals that he could study, but there was only one orthodox cultivation merit law.

Yin Yang Transformation left behind by the Immortal Emperor, Ancient Chaotic Grand Emperor in the legends!

This merit law was divided into ten levels, separated into yin and yang, and he needed to cultivate those two together. After a completion of one level, ones cultivation would increase by a huge amount. With the magical property of the Yin Yang Locket, when performing dual cultivation with a female, one could improve their cultivation as well.

Ning Fan estimated that if he cultivated step by step, he would need several dozen years to reach the Harmonious Spirit realm. But if he used Yin Yang Transformation and have s.e.x with women, then he would be able to reach the ninth level of the Opening Vein realm in less than half a year. And if he successfully completed the first level of Yin Yang Transformation, then his cultivation could even reach the Harmonious Spirit realm.

Ning Fan opened his eyes containing flashing brilliances. With the Yin Yang Locket along with the Yin Yang Transformation, he would one day become a Void Fragmentation expert, and rampage freely in the Rain World!

In order to cultivate the Yin Yang Transformation, he needed to dao combine with women. On one hand he needed to devour flames and use yang to feed the yin, to achieve a harmonious balance.

The first level, he only needed to freely perform ninety nine s.e.xual intercourse with women along with swallowing nine different mortal flames.

The second level required ninety nine sessions with Nascent Soul cultivators, as well as devouring nine hundred and ninety nine mortal flames.

The third level dictated for him to have s.e.x with Void Fragmentation cultivators ninety nine times, along with obtaining nine immortal flames.

After reaching the third level of Yin Yang Transformation, he could use the sealed world within the Yin Yang Locket the Xuan Yin World.

The mysterious girl was trapped inside the Xuan Yin World. Once Ning Fan reached the third level, he could free her. However, Ning Fan didnt think that he could reach the Void Fragmentation realm within several hundred years, so to be able to have s.e.x with Void Fragmentation cultivators was impossible at the moment.

He smiled and lifted his finger. It emanated a black flame along with the roar of a dragon. This flame was the combination of several hundred mortal flames, becoming a fire dragon, but it was killed by Ning Fans locket at the All Pleasure School.

This flame belonged to the old monster. Even if Ning Fans cultivation was still shallow, with the help of this flame, he could still easily kill cultivators below the Harmonious Spirit Realm like killing insects. This was a hidden ace card, and he couldnt easily let others find out.

At the very least, he didnt need to worry about finding mortal flames before the second level. What left was the intercourse with women then he would successfully breakthrough the first level.

Ning Fan turned around, and Zhihe was still sleeping. He was hesitating in his mind.

Intercourse with Zhihe would allow for me to breakthrough the first level, and my cultivation would greatly increase, but she is still too young

After his experience witnessing cruelty and murderous scenes, his heart already became stone. But Zhihe was the one who saved him twice during his despair. How could he be willing to hurt her?

I will not leave this girl for the rest of my life. But there are matters that cant be rushed, I need to wait till she is a bit older

Ning Fan contemplated outside while Zhihe was waking up and started to quietly cry.

She finally woke up. She saved Ning Fan twice, the first time was with her jade locket and buns. The second time, she lost her purity.

But when she woke up, she found that Ning Fan had left her alone, and felt a bit uncomfortable. As for the reason why, she didnt know. She was captured by the All Pleasure School when she was nine, so she had no contact with men and didnt understand romance. Today she was twelve, and lost her purity with Ning Fan. It had nothing to do with love, she just didnt want to see Ning Fan die.

But when she opened her eyes and didnt see him, she was annoyed. Ning Fan should be here with her at the moment, but so what if he was, she already lost her virginity, and it could never come back.

Confused and lost!

Zhihes figure was slender and white yet covered in wounds. She gently pushed away the silk pillow and left the bet. However, her lower body was in pain and she couldnt stand straight and fell to the ground.

Watch out!

A thin person caught her. She was naked, but the other party didnt have any s.e.xual desire.

Just woke up?

Ning Fan warmly smiled.

Ah, big brother, do not look! Im not wearing clothes!

Zhihe was flustered being in Ning Fans embrace. Her originally weaken body became even more powerless.

She didnt understand or know why romantic love was a wonderful enjoyable thing. Last night she was only left with mere painful sensations.

Okay, I am not watching.

Ning Fan closed his eyes, and carried her back to the bed, while his fingers were groping her body.

Ning Fangs gentleness comforted Zhihe. But being groped by him, she was very embarrassed and said:

Big brother, dont dont do this.. Zhihe is becoming strange

I am healing your wound and opening your veins so that the bruised blood could travel freely. Sleep well and you can walk again tomorrow.

This massaging technique was from the third memory of the Immortal Emperor. It was meant to massage women who just had their first s.e.xual experience, allowing their blood in their lower body to move as well as removing the swelling and pain.

Ning Fans technique was extremely magical. If the old monster was here, he would surely be shocked. In the time it took to for one incense to burn, Zhihes face was flushed red with strange breathing. She felt warm throughout her entire body, and the pain near her groin was slowly lessening.

She looked at Ning Fan and thought it was an illusion. After one night, Ning Fan became different,but now he exuded an aura that made others feelsafe.

Big brother, you are kind

Zhihe comfortably fell asleep with a sweet smile.

Ning Fan covered her up with the silk blanket, and carefully observed her features for the first time.

Her young hair style representing her virginity was disheveled. Her oval face was somewhat feminine, causing others to adore her. Under her lashes were a bright closed eyes, in deep sleep.

Without her, I would have died twice. This Ning Fan, this worthless life is unable to return the favor. I can only promise you that as long as I am here, I will protect you, no one in the Rain World will ever hurt you!

His palm gently caressed the sleeping face of Zhihe in a gentle and loving manner.

He had just finished speaking, an unrestrained laughter came from the outside:

Haha! A true man, worthy of being my disciple! Those last words, this old man likes them a lot. My veins were destroyed, and in this life I cannot breakthrough to the Gold Core. However, my disciple will one day rampage this Rain World! Haha, truly an interesting young guy, rampaging the Rain World!

Ning Fan frowned, the one laughing loudly outside was no doubt the old monster Han. He did not have a favorable opinion towards him. However, he didnt have any hateful sentiment for him either.

He opened the door and came out with eyes as calm as the water surface. This gaze was met by the old monster, and he became surprised. This calm person staring at him was not a young man, but also an old monster. An old monster stronger than him many times.

Strange, this little son of a bitch, since when did his eyes became ferocious like the little girl Dugu!? Could it be that he is also from the Sword World? How is this possible, haha, I must be imagining it.

The more he stared, the more satisfied he became with Ning Fan. With both arms clasped in front of his chest, he continuously nodded his head:

When I said I wanted to kill you, do you bear any grievances towards me?

How could Ning Fan dare to hate master.

Even though Ning Fan had the memories of an Immortal Emperor, but his cultivation was still shallow, and naturally he didnt dare to provoke the old monster. Plus, he was also speaking the truth, his hatred towards the old man was non-existent.

Aizzzz, dont hate this old man. This is the rule established by the master of my master established by our Black Evil Sects ancestor. My cultivation merit law is called the Black Evil Law, an Immemorial Merit Law, only Immemorial Evil Vein could cultivate it. You are also an Immemorial Evil Vein, once you reach the Harmonious Spirit realm, I will pass this merit law to you.

The old monster laughed while Ning Fan frowned. Could it be that this old monster really wanted him as a disciple?

Remember, the Immemorial Evil Vein is a secret, and cannot be leaked out. Back then, I was young and foolish. I relied on my Immemorial Evil Vein and caused trouble everything, and was crippled by others. Same as dying Hmph, anyway, you cannot let other people know about the secret evil vein in your body. Otherwise, I will not care for your life.

The old monsters expression was cold, but it also had a glint of hidden sadness. Ning Fan had the insight of an Immortal Emperor, so he was able to discern.

Remember, you need to protect women who have slept with you well. Dont learn from me This little girl was poisoned by the female scorpions of the All Pleasure School, and it is quite a dangerous poison. This is the antidote, wait until she wakes up and feed it to her. This old man had to kill all the way to the righteous Great Void Sect, and was chased by those idiots for three days just for your woman We wont talk about this anymore. Oh right, last thing to remember, Seven Apricot Manual, you better return it to me soon after reading it. If you ruin one page, I will chop you into mincemeat!

He threw a small jade container to Ning Fan, and laughed then turned around and left. But his shadow carried a faint sense of loneliness.

Ning Fan accepted the jade container, and opened the cork to smell the pill energy inside. He was a bit surprised:

Void Origin dan? This dan could cure all poisons of the Gold Core realm!

Ning Fan did not expect that the old monster Han who kept saying that he would kill him would run all the way to the Great Void Sect to steal such a valuable antidote to cure Zhihe.

Running away for three days The old monster said it like it was nothing, but Ning Fan knew how dangerous it was. By stealing this dan, he probably was chased by Gold Core experts for several days.

This old monster was a merciless killer, but in the end he was quite good to Ning Fan.

Ning Fan didnt believe in that the old monster consider him as a disciple in first sight, so there had to be another reason.

However, since the old monster showed kindness to him, he naturally wanted to do a thing or two back.

Wait a second.

Ning Fan called the old monster back.

What? I have to go recover. Wait till tomorrow.

The old monster was quite impatient.

I have a lost method, it could cure the poison in your vein.

Ning Fan said calmly.

What did you say?

Shock appeared in the eyes of the old monster. He only told Ning Fan that his cultivation was destroyed, how could Ning Fan know that his cultivation was destroyed because his veins were poisoned?

He joined the Sinister Sparrow School because the school master was a talented doctor. But after healing him for dozens of years, he could only suppress the poison and not complete detoxification.

This poison was like the maggots in his bones, even a Gold Core Void Origin Dan would not be able to cure it, how could Ning Fan have the ability to cure him?

The old monster glared suspiciously at Ning Fan, with his thoughts spinning.

But this brat knew that he was poisoned with just a glance, too strange. Maybe Ning Fan actually have a way to cure his poison.

This felt ridiculous, but what if it was true

The old mans thoughts were rotating everywhere. He looked at Ning Fans eyes, and it was as calm as the water inside an ancient well, and did not look like deceit or arrogance.

Havent met him for three days, how did this brat become a calm old monster like this

The old monster was still hesitating, but Ning Fan spoke again.

Absolute Yin, an immemorial poison, harmless to ordinary people and only work against the Immemorial Evil Vein. The poisoned ones veins would be shut. Starting from the initial poisoning, their cultivation would continuously decrease until death. The early stage of this poison would allow one to be very spirited, then their personality would slowly become ferocious, and cannot be quelled without killing. In the end, the Yin poison would devour the heart, and even the devils and gods would not be able to save them.

Ning Fans voice was calm, but to the old monster, it was as if the thunders were exploding. His poison, even the school master of the Sinister Sparrow didnt know about. How could a junior like Ning Fan recognized it with just a glance.

He didnt know what Absolute Yin poison was, but Ning Fans description of the signs were exactly correct to his own situation!

You can truly cure my poison? Who are you in the end? How do you know a secret that even the school master does not?

The old monster gripped Ning Fans shoulders, and his voice became emotional, while remaining alert.

I am an Immemortial Evil Vein, and knew some immemorial secret writings, is this really so strange? Dont look at my shallow cultivation. Before I was captured by the All Pleasure School, I was a renown doctor and have cure many immortals. If master doesnt believe me, you can look inside my soul memories

Ning Fan slightly smiled.

Soul memory reading was a technique used to read someones memories. But it had many adverse effects, it could cause someone to become mentally damaged or even turn them into an idiot.

Ning Fans words were to test and see if the old monster was truly kind towards him or if it was all pretension. If the old monster truly read his soul memory, then he had a method to make the old man not even have time for regrets.

Because he knew the weakness of the Absolute Yin poison. Under the moonlight, the yin force was at its strongest, and he could not use his energy.

The old man at this moment only had the power of an eighth level Opening Vein. If this old man tried to kill Ning Fan, then he could use the black fire and kill the old man at any time!

Ning Fan does not want to owe anyones kindness, but also didnt want like to be calculated against!

But the old man having heard Ning Fan bringing up the soul memory reading, he calmed down and his expression sank like the steel. He trusted three parts of Ning Fan while didnt believe the other seven. But he couldnt soul memory read his own disciple. This was not something he could do.

I am a disciple of the Black Evil Sect. If our disciples do not follow the evil dao, the masters can kill. But if the disciples follow the evil dao, the masters will not hurt the disciples. Since you are my disciple, and if you dont listen, I will immediately kill you. But you have not made a mistake, so I will not read your soul memory. If someone even dare to make a move against you, I will protect you! Because you are my disciple!

Finished speaking, and saw that Ning Fan was smiling without saying anything. He was a smart peson, and immediately understood the intention of Ning Fan, so he started laughing as well.

Little brat, curing the poison is really important to me I will take revenge for her vengeance for her If you really have a way to cure my poison, go ahead and tell me your demands!

I want to become the young master of the Seven Apricot City!

Ning Fan smiled. Since he had decided to cultivate the evil dao, he would start cultivating at the Seven Apricot City.

So be it! From today on, your words are everything in the Seven Apricot City! Nine thousand seven hundred fifty two evil cultivators will be control by you. Medicinal dans, magical treasures, cauldrons, immortal jade, you can use freely!

The old man agreed, and his heart was even more satisfied with Ning Fan.

Dared to make condition with him, just like a devil! Unfortunately, Ning Fan was still a little cautious of him, and there was still a distance. Aizzz, it seemed like it would take some time before he can really view me as a master.

But maybe, I have gotten quite extraordinary genius for the evil dao! Half a year later, during the entrance examination, Im afraid these other old men will drop their eyes to the floor! Haha, just thinking about the shocked gazes of those old men, I am quite excited! But, why this this little son of a bitch want to become the young master of the city, what is he trying to do?He should be able to manage those bastards, right?

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