Grasping Evil

Chapter 322.2 - The Remains of the Medicinal Garden

Chapter 322.2: The Remains of the Medicinal Garden

“With your identity, why are you still interested in seizing the emperor’s star? According to my knowledge, while the emperor’s star might be an inheritance from the Celestial Emperor, there’s not much of its power that remained now after going through a long period of time. At most, it could only let a Divine Transformation Realm cultivator improve by a small cultivation level. Depending on your strength and power, you don’t seem to be needing this item which is just like chicken ribs1 to you…”

“Chicken ribs?! You call the power contained within the Star of the Celestial Emperor chicken ribs?! You don’t seem to know the uses of the Star of the Celestial Emperor before coming to the Heaven Hall to compete for it with others!”

Upon hearing Ning Fan’s words, Yuan Yao felt angry and sneered. However, after looking at it from another perspective, Ning Fan could not be blamed for not knowing the true power of the Star of the Celestial Emperor.

“If you don’t mind, how about enlightening me the true uses of the emperor’s star? Of course, if you consider me as an outsider who is unworthy of knowing any secrets, then you don’t have to tell me anything. After all, in my eyes, the emperor’s star is merely a tool for me to increase a small cultivation level. That’s it.”

Ning Fan gave her a mischievous smile. That harmless and innocent smile on his face, however, caused Yuan Yao to subconsciously avoid his glance. Biting her lips, she hesitantly spoke, “It’s not impermissible to tell you about it… After all, it’s quite unlikely for you to acquire the emperor’s star in the end… In the eyes of ordinary Divine Transformation Realm cultivators like you, this item only has one use and that is to increase one’s cultivation level. However, in the eyes of some True Immortal Realm experts and seniors, there are still other uses for it…”

“The second use of it is comprehending the ‘Black Star Technique’ of the Celestial Emperor. However, the power stored within the Star of the Celestial Emperor has been severely depleted. Unless one has extremely great luck, the success rate of comprehending the Black Star Technique using this tiny emperor’s star is not even one out of a million. Hence, there aren’t any True Immortals who would get into a fight for just a mere remnant Star of the Celestial Emperor… I, on the other hand, came here to seize this star for this particular reason.”

“I need the power of the black star. I don’t need much of it. A single trace of it would be enough… With this power, I should be able to help my d… my sister to control the killing qi of her Gui Veins and severe her scarlet dragon. Then, she won’t have to experience that embarrassing trouble anymore…”

When Yuan Yao mentioned Bei Xiaoman, she unnaturally changed the way of calling her. She did not address her as her daughter but her younger sister instead.

Without knowing why, she was unwilling to let Ning Fan know that she was already a mother. Perhaps she was afraid that after he knows about it, he would look down on her.

“Oh? So you’re doing it for your younger sister?”

Ning Fan nodded his head. He had guessed that Yuan Yao was Bei Xiaoman’s elder sister.

So, according to what she has said, the reason why she came here to seize the Star of the Celestial Emperor was just to help that unruly mistress Bei Xiaoman stop her menstruation…

Severing the scarlet dragon. The scarlet dragon actually meant menstruation. Other than Bei Xiaoman who was an exception in this case, ordinary female cultivators would have already severed their scarlet dragons as soon as they started to cultivate. Otherwise, how could they enter into secluded cultivation as they had to experience menstruation once a month which would cause them to be in pain for six to seven days?

If it was not because she was troubled by the problem of her menstruation, Bei Xiaoman would have already achieved the Late Divine Transformation Realm with her natural talent for cultivation. Otherwise, how else would she be so weak that Ning Fan was capable of bullying her?

“If I acquire the Star of the Celestial Emperor, I will give you a trace of the black-colored star power so that you can treat your younger sister’s ‘wounds’…

“You?” Yuan Yao was slightly astonished hearing his words.

This man is willing to help her?

“Although I don’t think you will be able to kill the Void Refinement Realm wolf demon and obtain the Star Palace Key, I am still very thankful for your kind intentions…” A hint of warmth surged within Yuan Yao’s heart.

With her identity, there were naturally countless people who act good and friendly to her for all sorts of benefits. However, their friendly acts lacked sincerity.

Her cultivation level was too powerful while her status was too lofty. As the sages say ‘it is always cold at the top’. She rarely had any true friends let alone someone whom she could trust.

She had never once relied on others for anything. Every time, she would face everything on her own.

Currently, however, because of the seals on her cultivation level and her severe injuries, she was unable to recover her original cultivation level. Thus, she needed Ning Fan’s protection anywhere she goes.

This kind of feeling really made one feel reluctant to lose it…

“What is the third use of the emperor’s star?” Ning Fan asked.

“The third use is to unlock the secret hoards located in some sealed areas of the Ancient Heavenly Court. Of course, the power of the emperor’s star has already been greatly reduced. With the weak star power within it, nothing much can be done. Therefore, there won’t be any overpowered True Immortals purposely descending to the mortal world just to acquire this star.

If the power within this emperor’s star was in perfect condition, there would not be just a group of Divine Transformation Realm beings competing for it.

However, it was because the emperor’s star had become defective that Ning Fan had the possibility of obtaining it.

“So that’s how it is…”

Ning Fan no longer spoke much as he was rearranging his thoughts.

Since the key is already in my hands, I can choose not to deal with Tan Lang if it isn’t necessary. I can directly intrude the Heaven Hall and take another path to secretly obtain the emperor’s star.

However, before that, I can first lend a hand to Wu Yan and her group.

“Based on the information given by the two generals, it mentioned the remains of the medicinal garden… Perhaps you will be able to find the medicinal ashes that you need there. With these, you will certainly be able to satisfy the Spirit King after you and Xi Ran return to the Spirit King Palace and obtain quite a handsome reward.”

“Are we going to visit the remains of the medicinal garden? It’s the place where the generals were targeted by the Wild Beast. Wouldn’t it be dangerous?” Wu Yan felt a little worried. She was afraid that she would expose Ning Fan unnecessary danger because of her own mission.

“Don’t be afraid. If it’s just the incarnated soul of Tan Lang…”

Ning Fan’s eyes flashed with cold light.

There was one more thing that he did not tell the group of women.

From the jade slip which was given by the two star lords to him, it mentioned one thing.

In the past, the Star Lord Tan Lang disappeared and entered the Heaven Hall. His purpose was to search for Demon Marshal Lu Wu’s corpse to devour it and assimilate it so that he could break free from the body of star spirit.

Po Jun and Qi Sha didn’t think that Tan Lang would be able to succeed. However, faced with factual proof, he knew that Tan Lang had actually managed to pull it off.

Only Ning Fan knew that the wolf demon who had devoured Lu Wu’s corpse in the Heaven Hall and caused innumerable deaths within was the one and only Tan Lang!

Currently, Tan Lang had formed his own demon egg and was slumbering within the egg, trying to break free from his star spirit body. Hence, he was not someone Ning Fan had to be afraid of at the moment.

If it was just his Late Divine Transformation Realm incarnated souls, no matter how many of them came, he would slay them all!

The ship flew straight at the peak of the silver river, entering the Star Gate.

As soon as it landed on the ground and before Ning Fan could even store his ship, countless demon beasts which were at the Gold Core Realm and above immediately discovered them. Letting out bizarre howls and shouts, they initiated attacks on the ship from all directions. There were at least thousands of them.


Ning Fan’s sword sense swept across the area. In an instant, all the Gold Core Realm demon beasts were shredded to pieces by his black-colored sword sense, filling the air with the stench of blood.

After keeping his ship, he cast his gaze to the northern direction. It was a place with innumerable ancient trees towering to the skies. In the deepest part within the forest, there seemed to be some kind of hidden historical remains.

“Is it right there…”

With a flick of his sleeve, Ning Fan displayed the divine ability of teleportation. Carrying every woman with his arms, he flew straight to the historical remains.

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