Grasping Evil

Chapter 321.2 - General Bei, Save Me!

Chapter 321.2 General Bei, Save Me!

“Lu Bei, I have a recommendation. After you enter the Heaven Hall, help these two… two sisters, Wu Yan and Xi Ran to look for some remnant ashes of the emperor’s medicine and help them accomplish their mission…”

“Huh?!” Xi Ran was stunned upon hearing her words.

After all, she did not expect that Sister Bei Yao who seemed to beng from the divine race would actually take the Spirit King of the demon race into consideration.

“It does not seem appropriate for you to utter such words with your identity.” Ning Fan deeply stared at Yuan Yao. He did not know about the woman’s identity in detail but he could tell that she was probably a big shot of the divine race from the Northern Heaven.

As a long-standing enemy of the demon race, she would definitely not speak for the Spirit King, but…

Could it be that this woman who is cold and indifferent on the surface is worried about Xi Ran and Wu Yan?

“If you don’t listen to me, it’s fine. You can just consider that I haven’t said anything. You don’t have to deliberately make fun of me…” Yuan Yao bit her lips and turned around to walk into the cabin of the ship.

“Exactly. If the remaining ashes of the emperor’s medicine is truly important and if the Spirit King really has severe injuries… Little Cucumber, I think you better help the Spirit King out. Helping him means helping Sister Xi Ran, Sister Wu Yan as well as Sister Wan’er… Good or bad, you better listen to her advice!” Yue Lingkong spoke, trying to remind him.

“I didn’t say that I wouldn’t listen…”

Ning Fan was extremely intrigued.

There are just a few women gathered in this place and I already sense competition that would normally only happen in the palace among concubines…

In the past, the women that Ning Fan kept were mostly his human cauldrons. They were obedient in nature as he directly planted mental seals on them. Currently, however, the women on the ship were either a princess or a powerful expert that could command an influential force. None of them appeared to be obedient of him at all.

The good thing about this was that with the existence of this group of women, someone would provide a solution whenever Ning Fan faced trouble without needing him to use his own head.

However, the downside of it was that they might probably have a fight among each other, especially when their numbers grow in the future…

As for the latter thought, Ning Fan just laughed it away.

After their trip in the Star Palace, the women on board would part ways with him and return to their original homes.

Facing the dispute from the women, Ning Fan did not respond at all. This time, he felt that he should keep himself out of this.

If Yue Lingkong and Yao Yuan were to be absent from the ship, he would probably also suggest to help Wu Yan and Xi Ran complete their missions in gathering the remaining ashes of the emperor’s medicine.

However, with the presence of the two aforementioned women, Ning Fan did not utter a single word. However, the way he would deal with the matter would be the same. It was just that he had gained another kind of insight.

That insight was his comprehension towards the words said to him by the Celestial Emperor!

At this exact moment, Ning Fan seemed to have realized something. He took out that black-colored chess piece and stared at it with absolute focus.

“By detaching oneself from affairs, the way one looks at things becomes completely different…”

“I don’t know the method to cultivate the star technique. Neither do I know how to cultivate the Black Star Technique. But… if I change my perspective to view this piece of heaven, would I be able to see the black stars which are hiding themselves within the darkness?”

As soon as that thought arose within his head, the black chess piece in his hand gently trembled.

Ning Fan knew that he had found the key to comprehending the star technique!

The black-colored starlight does not shine openly in the night but conceal itself amidst the darkness. In order to comprehend the black-colored star technique, I must first find out the black star from the dark night!

Once I acquire the Star of the Celestial Emperor, it is very likely that I can borrow this tiny chess piece to learn the Black Star Body Tempering Technique of the Celestial Emperor!

At the other end of the silver river stood another Star Gate. After going through it, they would then arrive at the Heaven Hall.

Although there were still tens of thousands of li* (500m per li) away, he could faintly hear the sound of collisions of magical techniques which echoed from within the Heaven Hall.

Moreover, there were three panic-stricken shadows hurriedly flying out of the Heaven Hall. As soon as they caught sight of the Seven Apricot Ship, they immediately rushed towards it.

A silver-colored illusory shadow of a wolf was tightly following behind the three of them. It emanated the aura equivalent to that of a Late Divine Transformation Realm expert.

When the three experts scanned the ship with their spirit sense and recognized its owner was Ning Fan, their facial expressions instantly brightened up with joy.

“General Bei, please save our lives! We are the members of the Second Division, Thunder Water Tribe! Ahhh!”

Their call for help was passed to Ning Fan through telepathy from approximately twenty thousand li* (500m per li) away. As soon as their voices fell, one of them let out a painful yelp. The silver wolf behind them flew with an unimaginable speed and caught up to them, swallowing one of them alive.

The remaining two men who barely escaped with luck almost lost their minds. Without having the time to mourn for their comrade’s death, they desperately picked up speed, pushing their bodies to the limits in order to flee.

Despite that, their eyes were already filled with despair.

Their call for help just now was an act of desperation, just like how a terribly sick patient who desperately looked for a doctor. As Divine Transformation Realm experts of the Thunder Water Tribe, they of course knew that Ning Fan was just an Early Divine Transformation Realm cultivator. They were also aware that he had killed Wang Xiao, a Late Divine Transformation Realm expert. However, as they thought deeper at this moment, they felt that Ning Fan might not necessarily have the capability of killing the silver wolf… Perhaps he could rely on his refined corpse. Even so, the speed of this silver wolf was just too fast. It could probably end Ning Fan’s life in an instant before he could even summon his refined corpse.

“It’s over… Both of us are likely going to die…”

They turned their heads and looked at the silver wolf which was grinning hideously at them, losing all hope of survival.

However, what happened next made the two of them be filled with complete astonishment.

The shadow of a white-robed man emerged right before the silver wolf after taking just one step forward. A single step was all it took for him to travel across a distance of twenty thousand li* (500m per li).

As soon as he appeared, he threw out a punch. Compared to any ordinary expert of the Third Level of Jade Life Body Refining Realm, the strength of his punch was slightly stronger!


Upon receiving that attack, the silver wolf spurted out a mouthful of silver blood and was sent flying backwards for ten thousand zhang*. When it regained its balance, the hideous grin on its face was replaced with a solemn expression.

“Junior, you are not quite bad! However, this lord will only give you three breaths. If you don’t get lost within three breaths, you will certainly regret offending me, Tan Lang*(Greedy Wolf) in the future!”

“Tan Lang?”

Ning Fan’s eyes glinted with hesitation. To him, it did not seem worthy to offend Star Lord Tan Lang who was the previous star lord of the Greedy Wolf Star Sea for just two unfamiliar demons of the Thunder Water Tribe…

However, during the moment he stopped to ponder, it gave time for the silver wolf to enhance its aura. Its eyes flashed with ferocious light and directly opened its mouth, blasting out a column of silver-colored poison mist.

“So what if you are Tan Lang?!”

Ning Fan’s eyes turned cold. He was actually not afraid of him aside from feeling a hint of dread towards him.

He patted his storage pouch and a blood-red sword emerged in his hands. At the same time, he used his other hand to perform Soul Extraction. With enhanced magic power, he made a direct slash at his opponent!

An ear-piercing sword cry reverberated through the air. Countless traces of sword qi flooded the hollow space. The flow of the silver river was stopped by his sword!

The light of the blood-red sword caused the silver wolf to be surprised and made the two Divine Transformation Realm experts from the foreign tribe become filled with disbelief.

“Half-Step Mortal Void Treasure! It’s that sword again!”


The silver wolf shrieked painfully. Within the sword light of the blood sword, the virtual shadow of the silver wolf dispersed.

It died upon receiving a single sword attack!

However, before it died, it glared ferociously at Ning Fan as if it had etched his appearance into its memories.

As for the two Divine Transformation Realm experts who were on the verge of dying due to their grievous injuries, they were completely stupefied standing behind Ning Fan.

“Lu Bei from the Luo Yun Tribe has slain a Late Divine Transformation Realm being with just a single slash!”

This sword attack was not just a few times stronger than the one he displayed during the fight on the Cloud Platform! Besides, this sword attack did not leave any side-effect like the one he suffered when he wielded it on the Cloud Platform!

The current Ning Fan gave both of them another feeling: if he were to face Wang Xiao again, a single sword attack is all it needs to kill the latter!

“It has just been a few years but he has already gotten so much stronger. Moreover, why is there such a tremendous amount of Baleful Qi on his body… How many Divine Transformation Realm experts has he killed during the past few years?!”

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