Grasping Evil

Chapter 320.2 - You Are… Little Fan?

Chapter 320.2 You Are… Little Fan?

“Hehe! My Snow Sword Sect has finally entered this place. After the Purple Robe Palace, I believe we are the second party who managed to get into the Star Palace.”

“The second? What you say might not necessarily be true. The speed of my Shadow Valley Sect isn’t any slower than your Snow Sword Sect.”

“Hmmph! What’s the point of debating over this matter? In the end, we, the Insect Resisting Sect will certainly be the first to seize the Star of the Celestial Emperor!”

Three great forces which constituted hundreds of Nascent Soul Realm cultivators and nineteen Divine Transformation Realm experts had intruded this place!

These three parties might not be as powerful as the Purple Robe Palace, but they were not considered weak too.

Before the experts of the three sects could brag more, they noticed a man and a woman strangely floating in midair. The woman’s beauty was peerless. Besides, her body was covered with starlight and she was actually borrowing the power of starlight to heal her wounds.

As for the man beside her, his facial expression was grim and cold. As soon as he saw the arrival of the experts, he quickly patted his storage pouch and produced a blood sword which gave out a heaven-soaring blood qi. Holding that sword in his hand, he looked just like a devil. Without any hesitation, he performed Soul Extraction with his other hand and poured the additional magic power into the sword!

“Get back to where you came from!”

As he slashed, a blood-red sword light covered the sky!

Under the sword light, the Nascent Soul Realm cultivators of the three sects all died horrible deaths. As for the nineteen Divine Transformation Realm experts, before they could stabilize their stance, they immediately dashed out from the vicinity of the Star Palace regardless of anything, feeling utterly shocked upon seeing the blood-red sword light that rushed towards them!

11 Early Divine Transformation Realm cultivators who had already fled at their top speed were still unable to escape from having their physical bodies destroyed, leaving them with only their primordial spirits!

6 Mid Divine Transformation Realm experts who had already taken precautions against such a sudden attack were all grievously wounded with that one strike, coughing out blood incessantly.

Three Late Divine Transformation Realm experts whose cultivation levels were considered shocking to common cultivators also suffered certain degrees of injuries under the attack. After a strenuous effort, they managed to get out from the Star Palace. However, their faces were filled with absolute terror.

“A blood sword which is at the Half-Step Mortal Void level! This person’s cultivation level is obviously just at the Early Divine Transformation Realm. However, because of Soul Extraction, he now possesses Late Divine Transformation Realm magic power! If one wields a Half-Step Mortal Void Treasure with Late Divine Transformation Realm magic power, even Peak Divine Transformation Realm experts would be in danger! We are truly lucky for being able to escape alive!”

“This man guarding the Star Gate… Could he be the one who wiped out the experts of the Purple Robe Palace, Lu Bei?!”

The members of the three sects who had just arrived were already stricken with fear.

The danger within the Star Palace far exceeded their imaginations. Now, they suddenly realized that the Star of the Celestial Emperor was not something that they could contend for!

“Detestable! Let’s retreat!”

The Void Realm recovered and the passages vanished.

The experts from the three sects felt extremely dreadful towards Ning Fan and left as quickly as possible. Everything happened too quickly. To them, it was an experience where extreme joy begets sorrow.

Ning Fan kept the blood sword. His aura remained majestically vigorous.

With his current means, wielding the blood sword was no longer as strenuous compared to the last time he used it.

As long as he was here, he would never allow anyone or anything to interrupt the female corpse during the recovery of her Sea of Consciousness.

Time continued to slip away by seconds, minutes and even hours but Ning Fan stayed by her side. His cold merciless gaze would only become slightly gentle whenever he looked at the female corpse.

Waiting and waiting…

Ning Fan was waiting for the moment when the female corpse would awaken. Before this, the female corpse had been waiting bitterly for 150 million years for Ning Fan to reincarnate as a human from a butterfly.

No regrets. I have no regrets for stealing the immortal medicines and abandoned my marriage agreement for you.

No regrets. I have no regrets for slumbering within the green coffin and retained my original appearance.

No regrets. I have no regrets to have been turned into a corpse devil to meet you in your next life.

Amidst darkness, millions upon millions of doors seemed to have opened. Eventually, a ray of blinding sunlight shot into the female corpse’s eyes.

“It’s a little too bright… I must have been sleeping for a long while in darkness…” The female corpse’s voice sounded indifferent, as if nothing among all things on earth could make her feel happy at all.

Her eyes stared at the star above the sky. However, they were immediately filled with contempt and turned cold and still like an autumn pond.

However, when her gaze landed on a man who was standing in front of her, the calmness within her eyes immediately subsided. Her lips parted. Her eyes widened. She also found it difficult to keep her composure.

Without a doubt, the man before her very eyes was someone she knew. It was just that his current appearance had changed.

Doubtlessly, the man standing right in front of her was someone she knew. It was just that he had reincarnated into a different form.

Even so, she could still recognize him at first glance. Her bright, clear eyes were then filled with a hint of stubbornness and nostalgia.

“You are… Little Fan!”

The feeling she was experiencing couldn’t be put into words. After slumbering for 150 million years, her memories were recovered and she finally could meet the person whom she wanted to meet the most.

The rim of her eyes were brimming with tears. However, she held them back, not willing to let them flow down her cheeks.

The corner of her lips curled up, forming a broad smile. However, no laughter could be heard other than her own sobs.

Little Fan was the name for my butterfly…

He is… my butterfly!

“Yes. It’s me. It has been a while. How are you…”

Ning Fan’s face was still stained with blood from the people he killed just now. In spite of that, he was trying his best to smile composedly.

Indeed. It has been so many years…

“Little Fan! I’m so happy, so happy… but, I feel so tired…”

The female corpse’s brows were tightly knitted together. She felt a sudden sharp pain from her Sea of Consciousness, making her stumble and fall into Ning Fan’s arms.

The Star Tempering Purple Zoysia had recovered a part of the female corpse’s Sea of Consciousness. However, in order to completely heal her Sea of Consciousness and allow her to remember all of her past, no one knew how long it would take.

She needed rest. She needed a tediously lengthy time to regain her previous memories.

“I want to sleep. Please don’t leave me before I wake up…” The female corpse’s eyes which were filled with brightness just now had begun to turn blank and empty.

It was a method to protect herself. Before her memories are fully recovered, she would still need to seal up her broken memories in order to provide the chance for its Sea of Consciousness to heal.

As her eyes became blank, she became as dazed as usual.

“Light?” This name would only be used by the female corpse with low spirituality to call for him.

The female corpse was curious why Ning Fan was hugging her.

The female corpse was trying to ask what had happened just now and why there were blood stains on Ning Fan.

Ning Fan gave her a complicated look.

Perhaps he was going to respond to that name for a much longer time.

“Silly girl, let’s go back… Don’t worry. I will certainly cure you completely. I definitely will!”

“Hmm?” The female corpse tilted her head to one side, giving Ning Fan a confused look.

On the other hand, gradually, she was no longer that resistant to Ning Fan’s hug.

Besides, she even felt longing for his presence and became more dependent on him…

“Light… Sleep…together?”

The female corpse gave him an invitation which carried a dubious meaning.

“Silly girl, corpse devils do not need sleep.” Upon hearing her words, Ning Fan did not know whether to laugh or cry.

Apparently, even though the female corpse’s memories could not be fully recovered at the moment, her spiritual intelligence had significant improvement after consuming the Star Tempering Purple Zoysia.

She’s really not simple now as she even knows how to entice me. If it isn’t because I am in a hurry to enter the Heaven Hall, I would probably be very willing to sleep with her.

Back then in Ning City, I had no other options, so I had to make out with her because my life was at risk…

“Thank you for protecting me so many times. Zhihe, Weiliang…”

“Huh?” The female corpse’s large, bright eyes blinked with curiosity. She could not understand a single word that Ning Fan uttered.

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