Grasping Evil

Chapter 316 - Harming Someone with a Kiss

Chapter 316 Harming Someone with a Kiss

The intruders from the Purple Robe Palace had all been eliminated. After getting Ning Fan’s approval, the group of sea beasts of the Star Sea began to leave one after another.

The old bear’s injuries might be severe, but after he received a Sixth Revolution Pill from Ning Fan as a gift, his life was saved. It was just a matter of time for his wounds to heal. Once his injuries completely recover, he could then attempt to break through the bottleneck of the Void Refinement Realm.

“Lu Bei! This old man risked my life and gave my best to help you. If you get any benefits, you must not forget about me, alright?!” The old bear laughed craftily. The current him was not simple and honest at all.

“…” Ning Fan did not reply to him and but also didn’t he deny the old bear’s request.

On the star island, millions of sea beasts prostrated themselves on the ground at Ning Fan’s direction and their facial expressions were filled with humble reverence and respect.

To Xi Ran and the other women, that scene was something that they would never forget in their whole lives.

In this battle, Ning Fan managed to parry a Mid Void Refinement Realm sword light. That is to say, even if he faces the attacks from two other star lords, he might not necessarily be defeated. He might not necessarily be unable to win the fight too as he could depend on his Inlaid Star Compass to block their attacks.

There was nearly no one else who would doubt Ning Fan’s qualifications to be the star lord of the Greedy Wolf Star Sea.

Even if he did not have a powerful cultivation level, with his unrivalled speed and incredible defense, he was already standing on the ground of invincibility.


When Ning Fan gave that order, countless shadows of sea beasts left the star island. Once again, the southern part of the island became silent and tranquil.

It had been three days since he returned to the island. Currently, he was regulating his breathing and magic power, trying to recover his peak state.

He stayed within the immortal’s abode which still remained after the battle. The walls of the cave were adorned with moonstones. The gentle rays of light which were refracted into the cave made Ning Fan suddenly become absent-minded.

Quietly, he walked out of the cave and gazed into the vast sky dotted with sparkling starlight. Then, he gently let his eyelids fall, covering his eyes.

“It has been thirty years since I left the Yue Country. Prosperity and decline never last just like how the saying goes, ‘Fortune was in the east of bank thirty years ago but turns to west when thirty years passed.’…Is Zhihe still doing fine…”

“To mortals, a period of thirty years is equivalent to nearly half of their entire lives. To cultivators, thirty years are just considered as entering into a slightly long secluded meditation. Along the path, killings and massacres never ceased. My hands are already stained with blood and countless sins. However, I have no regrets. I have no qualms. I’d rather take the lives of others than letting others take mine… This is the cruel reality of the cultivation world!”

“Back in Yue Country, a Tenth Level Vein Opening Realm cultivator was regarded as a talented being; a Harmonious Spirit Realm cultivator was considered as a proud son of heaven while a Gold Core Realm cultivator was recognized as an old ancestor figure. Currently, however, I am recognized as the master of the Star Sea with hundreds of millions of Gold Core Realm beasts’ lives in my hands. I am unstoppable in any low-grade cultivation countries. As for mid-grade cultivation countries, I can flatten any one of them with just a single palm. In high-grade cultivation country, any ordinary Divine Transformation Realm old ancestors would have to take a detour away from me upon seeing me. Besides, in the Rain Palace, I can even be promoted as a revered elder of a division. However, it’s still not enough!”

“I’ve been through a lot to forge the Inlaid Star Compass. After sacrificing one million magical treasures, only then could I fully activate the defense of the star formation. That Zi Chuan, however, possessed ten pieces of sword crystals in his hands and could use all of them without any reservation… Comparing myself to those experts who are regarded as the proud sons of heaven in the Upper World, I am still lacking the support of a powerful background. But they are not someone that could compete with me! I have my Dao. Although I am weak, my Dao isn’t. With my Dao, I was even daring enough to crush one of the Immortal Emperor Zhang Qing’s eyes!”

All of a sudden, a bleak and lonely aura surged around Ning Fan’s presence. Within the loneliness, there was an unbending conviction.

The Great Dao was like a cage while the cultivators were the prisoners. Some of them were trapped to death while some continued to fight.

Ning Fan then opened his eyes and spoke with an indifferent tone without turning around.

“Aren’t you going to take a good rest? Hmm? You have opened a portion of the seal, recovering your cultivation level to the Late Nascent Soul Realm?”

“Thanks to your care. Three days later, I should be able to recover my power to the peak of Nascent Soul Realm. Ten days later, I can nearly regain my Divine Transformation Realm power. Once I reach the Divine Transformation Realm, I should be able to protect myself depending on my own means… After entering the Heaven Hall, I will leave so that the Realm Beast which might still be lurking around in the dark won’t target you…”

Yuan Yao’s gentle footsteps stopped beside Ning Fan, stepping on a few pieces of fallen leaves and her eyes glittered like water.

“Regaining your Divine Transformation Realm power within ten days? I can help you lift some of the seals and make you recover your Divine Transformation Realm power within one night. However, due to the restriction of my cultivation level, I could at most help you recover to the Early Divine Transformation Realm. It’s still up to you for the rest.”

“Do you really want me to leave earlier?” Yuan Yao bit her lips.

She lied. In actual reality, she only needed three days to lift the necessary portion of the seal to regain her Early Divine Transformation Realm power.

The reason why she decided to leave Ning Fan after attaining the Divine Transformation Realm power was because she was unwilling to owe him any favors.

However, she deliberately delayed the time for her to regain her Divine Transformation Realm power. She just felt reluctant to leave him without her knowing the reason behind her feelings.

Perhaps she just cherished the moments when Ning Fan helped her keep out of any troubles because she had not been protected and cared for by anyone before.

Perhaps she was unable to truly forget about that absurd one-night stand at all.

She could not be certain. The only thing she had in her mind right now was her determination to leave ten days later.

But Ning Fan said that he could help her recover her Divine Transformation Realm power within one night. Did that implicitly mean that he wanted her to leave?

“Fine… After tonight, I will leave… Y-You! What are you doing? How dare you!”

For no reason, Yuan Yao suddenly felt a hint of disappointment. However, just as that feeling of disappointment filled her mind, her tender hands were grabbed by Ning Fan.

Instantly, her heart was filled with a hint of anger. She was angry because of Ning Fan’s impudent action. After all, with Yuan Yao’s original identity, how could her skin be touched by a man?!

Despite that, there seemed to have a trace of hesitation within her anger.

Ning Fan’s grip was not tight. She could have easily withdrawn her hands from his but she did not.

“What am I doing? Since I’m a practitioner of the Yin Yang Transformation, the method to help you break the seals is of course dual-cultivation!”

As if he was doing it intentionally, he gave her a frivolous look and then pressed his lips against Yuan Yao’s.

“You! Impudent!”

Yuan Yao had the arrogance and loftiness of standing above thousands of powerful experts. Her arrogance might allow an outrageous accident once, but it would not tolerate being violated a second time.

That kiss made her heart unsettled and her mind confused.

Forcefully, she pulled out her wrists and bit Ning Fan’s lips.

After breaking free from Ning Fan’s grasp, she hurriedly retreated until her back was against the stone wall. Her chest was rising and falling rapidly and her angry face turned rosy.

“Do you think you can beguile me after that absurd incident? How shameless you are! It is impossible that I would practice dual cultivation with you again!”

“I’m just kidding… Actually, it doesn’t need to be dual-cultivation to help you break the seal. You’ll just need to borrow the power of this Poison King Token… Well, I didn’t expect that you would detest me so much. Your bite is really hard and cruel.”

Ning Fan withdrew his teasing look and bit a glittering jade piece with translucent carving between his teeth.

This item was the item that Ning Fan inserted into Yuan Yao’s body in order to suppress the Decaying Immortal’s Poison.

This item could be of great use in erasing the Realm Beast’s seal. Hence, it was taken out by Ning Fan through a kiss.

However, on that piece of small token, it was stained with blood traces from the wound on Ning Fan’s lips which was bitten by Yuan Yao.

“I’m sorry. I didn’t know that you were extracting that token. I-I thought…” Yuan Yao’s was utterly perplexed. The current her who was panic-stricken was just like a child who had made a mistake.

“You thought I was going to rape you before your cultivation level has recovered? So in your eyes, am I a person like that?”

Ning Fan laughed mockingly at himself. Then, he produced a column of golden-purple wind and infused the Poison King Token with it. Afterwards, she passed it to Yuan Yao.

“This token now has one of my magic techniques which has a unique effect of breaking seals. Originally, I can erase the Realm Beast’s seal with just one flick of a finger. However, I’m worried that you won’t be able to endure your previous magic power as your injuries are not fully recovered yet. Hence, I didn’t do it all this while. It isn’t because I can’t do it. As long as your injuries are healed, I can help you lift the two seals within your body within one day and make you become the Shedding Void Realm True Immortal who stands high up in a leading position again! Moreover, you can rest assured that while I, Ning Fan, might not be a gentleman, but I am not a person with a vile character. I might not be kind, but I am not entirely evil. Once I have made a promise, I will never go against my words.”

“If it isn’t a Realm Beast who wants hunt you down but a Void Fragmentation Realm expert or even a True Immortal, once I have promised to keep you safe, I will never break my promise even if I will be crushed to powder! You don’t have to worry about it!”

Ning Fan’s facial expression was rather cold. Turning around, he went back into the cave, leaving Yuan Yao alone outside.

Under the moonlight and amidst the night breeze, Yuan Yao suddenly felt a hint of grievance.

She disliked Ning Fan who looked at her with an indifferent look.

“I didn’t do it on purpose… It’s you who was too reckless. You didn’t even let me know in advance first…”

When her voice fell, Yuan Yao suddenly became silent.

It was true that Ning Fan did not tell her that he was going to kiss her to extract the Poison King Token.

However, if he does, would she let him kiss her?

Perhaps with her supercilious personality, she would rather choose not to break her seal than being kissed by a man.

At this moment, she was no longer able to differentiate what was right and what was wrong. She just wondered whether Ning Fan just intended to obtain the token or he really had fallen for her while planting that kiss just now.

“Lu Bei. We just…can’t… This is wrong…”

After calming herself down and casting aside all of her thoughts, she eventually regained her composure and concealed her weak self.

At first, she would not have any fragile behaviors. However, after regressing seven massive cultivation levels, from Shedding Void Realm to the Nascent Soul Realm, it was difficult for her mind not to be affected. If her cultivation level recovers, she would not show even the slightest bit of weakness.

Gently, she pushed the Poison King Token into her mouth. Immediately, her cheeks flushed.

There was still Ning Fan’s saliva which was mixed with blood on the token…

Her action of swallowing the token was indirectly no different than another kiss.

If any member of the Four Heavens knows that the dignified palace lord of the Lost World Palace was actually a loose woman and the fact that she actually had intimate contact with an unknown man, she would certainly be dead…

Her action of biting Ning Fan was merely to protect herself out of instinct…

“Lu Bei… Even though it’s just a ridiculous predestined affinity for us to meet, I, Yuan Yao will protect you from any danger in this trip in the Star Palace…”

“I guarantee!”

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