Grasping Evil

Chapter 315.2 - Purple Robe Straw Man

Chapter 315.2 Purple Robe Straw Man

Truthfully, if this Zi Chuan were to be proficient in the sword path, then the power of the sword qi in his hand would definitely not be just like this. Despite that, Ning Fan did not plan to risk his life subduing this sword qi.

The reason why Ning Fan was able to expel the sword qi within the old bear and neutralize it despite a direct confrontation was not just because he possessed sword consciousness or the incarnation. The biggest reason was because Zi Chuan’s level in the sword path was too weak!

He was not a sword cultivator. With the sword crystals, he might be able to deal with ordinary beings. However, when he met a true master of the sword path, the sword qi he displayed was full of loopholes. As long as one could grasp its weak points, it would not be very difficult to seize that sword qi!

“Incarnation! You actually seize my sword qi using your incarnation!”

When Ning Fan extracted the sword qi within the old bear’s body just now, Zi Chuan might still able to deceive himself by thinking that he succeeded due to sheer luck. But after witnessing Ning Fan once again subdue the Void Refinement Realm sword qi directly, he was no longer able to retain his composure.

Incarnation… Zi Chuan had no idea about a Void Fragmentation Realm divine ability like this!

Moreover, the Divine Transformation Realm experts who had comprehended the incarnation technique were extremely rare in the Nine Worlds. Above the Four Heavens, Zi Chuan had only met one or two of them. However, they were certainly not able to subdue a Void Refinement Realm sword qi depending on their Divine Transformation Realm cultivation level and their incarnations.

Hence, he guessed that not only did Ning Fan possess an incarnation but also a certain divine ability that had a strong restrictive effect over sword qi.

Zi Chuan did not think anything remotely close to sword consciousness. However, there was no need for him to think so deeply.

After all, the only thing he needed to know now was not how powerful Ning Fan was but… how he could protect himself from getting killed!

With his Mid Divine Transformation Realm cultivation level, he was strong enough to battle against even a Late Divine Transformation Realm expert. However, despite the amount of power he possessed, it was still completely impossible for him to escape from the siege of sea beasts.

“I still have three sword qi. I must use the one which contains the Mid Void Refinement Realm sword qi to protect myself… Fine! I shall use the two Early Void Refinement Realm sword qi to eliminate this Lu Bei! No matter how strong his incarnation is, he is still just an Early Divine Transformation Realm cultivator after all. If he can withstand the following two Void Refinement Realm attacks, I, Zi Chuan, shall then admit that I will never be his match in my entire life… But I don’t believe that I will lose to him!”

Zi Chuan’s eyes flashed with ferocity as he crushed the two pieces of sword crystals in his hands.

This time, he attempted to pull the sword light which was unleashed from the sword crystals into sword threads using his superficial cultivation level in the sword path.

Eventually, although what he had done seemed to be right but it was in fact wrong, two rays of resplendent sword became much thinner and their power became purer.

“Another two traces of Void Refinement Realm sword qi! Besides, this young man seems to have found the threshold of transforming swords into threads! He is indeed not simple… Should we help the star lord…” The three Half-Step Void Refinement Realm experts muttered. Unknowingly, the tone of their voice was imbued with a hint of fear. If they were to be asked to face the two Void Refinement Realm sword qi, they would never be daring enough to do so.

“What’re you all talking about! Let me ask you, if it were to be either one of the two other star lords, Qi Sha or Po Jun were to face this sword qi, what do you think would happen?”

“Well, it would of course be only a small matter to them, especially Star Lord Qi Sha! He has been cultivating the sword with his heart and soul. Why would he even place such an inferior type of sword qi into his eyes?” The three Half-Step Void Refinement Realm experts proudly replied.

“That’s right… Don’t underestimate Lu Bei. He is the person who managed to scare off the two other star lords based merely on his own power. Have you all forgotten about it?”

The old bear might seem to be silly and straightforward on the surface, but in actual fact, he was scrupulous at heart.

A real smart person would never display his smartness outwardly.

A truly ferocious person would never babble and gabble endlessly and released their domineering aura everywhere. Instead, he or she would behave just like Ning Fan, taciturn and innocent like a powerless victim. If he does not show his wrath, everyone would think that he is a sick kitten.

The old bear’s words made the three Half-Step Void Refinement Realm experts to ponder deeply. Looking at the battle happening between Ning Fan and Zi Chuan, their eyes became even more focused.

In the past, they had only heard of how powerful Ning Fan was. Now, it was their first time truly witnessing Ning Fan’s actions with their own naked eyes…

“What means will the star lord use to block the two Void Refinement Realm sword qi?!” They pondered as their eyes glinted with a hint of curiosity.

It would be really great if they were able to gain even a tiny bit of comprehension from Ning Fan’s means.

“Your sword is too weak! Threads Transformation Sword isn’t done like this!”

Ning Fan’s voice was cold like ice. Without hesitation, he broke the sword crystal which he acquired just now.

Using his incarnation to subdue the joint attack of the two traces of sword qi was impractical. Thus, he could not afford to be unwilling to use and feel heartache over the precious sword crystal he got earlier!

As the sword crystal broke, a sword light emerged and stretched in his hand. By pulling it apart like reeling silk from cocoons, Ning Fan created countless fine sword threads which densely covered the clouds above. Anyone who sees it would feel a tingling sensation running across their scalps, not knowing how to deal with that massive amount of sword threads.

“The true Threads Transformation Sword!” Zi Chuan’s eyes widened.

After having his pride crushed by Ning Fan multiple times, he was no longer as proud as he was when he first arrived.

After cultivating to the Mid Divine Transformation Realm before reaching the age of 700, I thought I was already unmatched because of my exceptional talents.

However, this man whose bone age has not even exceeded 400 years old has already learnt incarnation, Threads Transformation Sword and many other techniques. Moreover, he could command the Star Sea without having anyone defy him.

In front of this man, how can I even be regarded as an outstanding being?

“Even so, you will certainly be unable to withstand this…” Within Zi Chuan’s palm, he was secretly holding the last sword crystal.

It contained a Mid Void Refinement Realm sword qi!

Ning Fan showed no concern towards Zi Chuan’s provocation at all.

His eyes were gradually covered with the sword light while his body became straight like a sword.

At the next moment, he lifted two fingers consecutively.

The first finger, Mountain Crush; the second finger, Heaven Breaker!

Upon seeing the two fingers, Zi Chuan revealed a look of disbelief while Yuan Yao was utterly surprised.

“The art of Sword Finger! Among all the sword techniques passed down from the sword ancestors, only this technique, the art of Sword Finger was lost. It’s really unexpected that this technique would fall into his hands! Sword Finger… Five fingers could kill an immortal and ten fingers could destroy one’s Dao! The higher the cultivation level of this technique, the stronger its power… How did he actually get such a powerful technique? If he learns the third finger, he could even kill a Void Refinement Realm expert with a single finger at his current cultivation level…”

Unfortunately, Ning Fan’s current condition was far from enough to cultivate the third finger.

However, to neutralize Zi Chuan’s sword qi, it was enough!

The mountains and rivers on the star island crumbled!

The black sun which rose into the vast sky collapsed!

Powerful energy gathered on the tip of Ning Fan’s finger. Under the help of the Void Refinement Realm sword light, the power of the sword traces became unexpectedly terrifying.

As this finger was cast using the sword crystal, no one under the Void Refinement Realm could withstand it!

Comparing Ning Fan’s way of using the sword crystal to Zi Chuan’s, it was literally the difference between heaven and earth!

If one only knows how to rely on external items, one would never acquire true great strength!


At the moment when Ning Fan uttered that word, the two sword qi displayed by Zi Chuan broke and the sword light dissipated, congealing into sword crystals again. As for the innumerable sword threads produced by Ning Fan, they rushed towards Zi Chuan like tangled hemp, making him unable to avoid or escape.

“I’m not as good as him. I’m not as good as him!”

Zi Chuan gritted his teeth and took out a mauve jade plate which was delicately carved. Showing no qualms, he broke it.

Just as he broke the jade plate, a gust of purple wind rose suddenly in front of him, turning into seventeen layers of defensive barriers made of purple qi.

However, under the attacks of Ning Fan’s sword threads, all of the seventeen barriers collapsed without exception. The remaining sword threads bound Zi Chuan, enveloping him entirely in sword light.

Amidst the sword light, Zi Chuan’s whole body was bathed in blood. His spiritual equipment and protective armors were all destroyed and his appearance was disfigured beyond recognition.

As for Ning Fan, he composedly received the two pieces of sword crystals. After using one piece, he got two pieces in return. In actual fact, he made a gain out of this exchange.

“Lu Bei, I’ll remember you! You are indeed a strong person!”

Zi Chuan deeply inhaled and broke the last sword crystal which he hid under his sleeve!

He hurled his hand forward, unleashing the Mid Void Refinement Realm sword qi. However, in the next moment, Zi Chuan suddenly revealed a violent look on his hand and performed a hand seal, burning his own flesh and primordial spirit.

“Lu Bei, I look forward to have a fight with you in the Four Heavens! Life Burning Technique, explode!”

He detonated his physical body, bursting it into pieces while his primordial spirit was burnt to ashes!

Zi Chuan chose to detonate himself and inserted all the strength of the explosion into the final sword light.

Originally, his sword technique was not enough for him to completely activate the power of the sword light.

However, after making a desperate struggle by offering his blood to the sword, the outcome changed.

Upon getting into contact with the blood qi, the sword light was certainly not any weaker than a real fatal strike of a Mid Void Refinement Realm expert.

At the emergence of the sword light, the star island was split into two without any warning. Even the sea beneath the island as well as the sea where one’s eyes could see were split into two by the sword!

“It’s bad! This time, we really need to give Lu Bei a hand. Facing this sword qi, even the other star lords would find it difficult to withstand it!”

“No need! This sword light can be subdued!”

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