Grasping Evil

Chapter 314.1 - Commanding the Star Sea

Chapter 314.1 Commanding the Star Sea

After Man Shan crushed the attacks from the Kun Wu Elders, he immediately revealed his original form by transforming into a three thousand zhang* tall (3.33m per zhang) silver-backed gigantic bear.

Man Shan might not have shown any weakness while crushing the palm attacks of the elders, but inwardly, he did not feel at ease upon receiving their attacks…

These two blind old men must not be underestimated!

“Half-Step Void Refinement Realm being!”

The two elders sucked in a cold breath together. Behind them, Zi Chuan and his group of purple-robed cultivators caught up with a cruel look.

Man Shan was strong. After the Greedy Wolf Star Sea had lost its star lord, he could be regarded as the strongest expert of the domain!

As Man Shan revealed his demon avatar, another two ugly women emerged out of nowhere, regrouping with the bear demon. Both of them immediately stood by Yue Lingkong and the other two’s side to protect them from any harm.

A moment later, multitudes of sea beasts began to surround the area from all directions.

Roughly, Zi Chuan scanned through the area and found that there were at least four hundred thousand of them. Moreover, other than Man Shan and his two ugly women, there were still seven Wild Beasts…

“Young Master, what should we do?!”

The Kun Wu Elders deeply regretted their actions. From their perspective, the group of three women were under the old bear’s protection. If they were to fight a hard battle with the sea beasts of the island, even if the Purple Robe Palace might win in the end, they would not be able to avoid grievous losses…

If we knew that it would turn out to be such a mess, we would have maintained a low profit and waited at the Star Gate without provoking those women.

However, since it had already happened and the two elders had also suffered some injuries, they would definitely not be willing to just make a compromise and leave.

“Deal with your own mess!”

Zi Chuan’s brows were tightly knitted together as he uttered coldly.

However, his words implied that they were allowed to do whatever they wanted to. Upon hearing that, the two elders immediately revealed a hideous look.

Both of them took a step forward and transformed into purple-armored giants which were each two thousand and five hundred zhang* (3.33m per zhang) tall.

A forceful aura began to spread throughout the place.

Since we caused this mess, we might as well slaughter the entire star island just like how that saying goes, ‘in for a penny, in for a pound’.

Our opponent might be a Half-Step Void Refinement Realm bear demon, but there is only one of them. After finishing him off, the rest of them are not a big deal!

“Get back!”

The bear demon, Man Shan ordered firmly as his eyes turned gloomy. He knew that the battle today was inevitable.

He could have chosen not to involve himself in such a matter at first and let the three women become captives of the foreign party. However, he made up his mind to save them in the end.

The main reason why he made that decision was because of the fact that Ning Fan had a Void Fragmentation Realm backer. To a certain extent, it was also because of Ning Fan’s devil prestige which had been widely spread after overturning the Star Sea. Besides, it was partially because he was quite fond of Ning Fan’s attitude.

He didn’t like to talk much or boast about himself. However, whenever he acts, his action would definitely shake the heavens and make the earth tremble.

“Lu Bei occupies the south and this old man occupies the north. Both of us rule the entire star island. Anyhow, he has been my neighbor on this star island for a few months. If you guys want to lay a finger on his women, then get permission from this old man’s punches!”

Man Shan unleashed his aura. Under the power of his aura, the wind and clouds moved in reverse while the mountains and rivers shook!

Countless sea beasts looked at the old bear with awe and admiration. It had been a long time since they saw the old bear so enraged from last time.

If it was not to consume the Star Tempering Purple Zoysia and break free from his star spirit body, he would never remain quiet and inactive in the Star Sea for so many years. Perhaps he would have already wiped out one of the Four Holy Demons and dominated the sea domain.

“Lu Bei?”

Zi Chuan’s brows were knitted together once more.

Where does this man come from? What is his background? How did he have three Divine Transformation Realm female cultivators as his wives? Besides, he even has Man Shan, a Half-Step Void Refinement Realm being who is so loyal to him!

As for the Kun Wu Elders, they did not think as much as Zi Chuan.

After taking the form of giants, both of them directly pushed their enormous palms out. Traces of soul power revolved around their fingertips. Eventually, they condensed and became a massive purple-colored palm imprint!

Purple light shone and flowed in reverse. Moreover, there was a terrifying aura which was seemingly able to suck out one’s soul power. When the palm imprint was formed, pieces of hollow space crumbled in succession and the entire star island shook violently.

“Great Profound Soul Seal!”

The momentum of the two soul palms pressed against Man Shan. All of a sudden, he let out a thunderous roar. The aura being emanated by his body rose and his body brightly glowed in silver light. Facing the two approaching palms, he opened his mouth and swallowed them!

“Mountain Swallowing Technique!”

After displaying this technique, his two ugly wives’ faces were filled with pride.

“Mountain Swallowing Technique is a technique invented by our husband by using the starlight to temper his internal organs. With that technique, he could swallow almost every attack below the Void Refinement Realm. No matter how many people you have, as long as none of you can deliver a blow at the Void Refinement Realm, no one would be able to hurt him!”


The Kun Wu Elders mocked and sneered. The power of their attacks could not be swallowed so easily like that!

After Man Shan swallowed the two palm imprints, he did not even take half a step back and his aura remained as sturdy as mountain.

In his eyes, Kun Wu Elders’ body refining realm was far weaker than his. As such, the power of their palms was merely ticklish to him.

However, when the palm imprints entered his abdomen, his facial expression immediately changed greatly. Although his internal organs were strong enough to block all kinds of attacks that were below the Void Refinement Realm, the power of the attacks from the two elders was too bizarre. It did not attack his physical body at all but attacked directly at his demon soul instead!


Having his demon soul grievously injured, Man Shan retreated one hundred li* (500m per li) continuously, breaking each of the mountains and rivers he passed through. Only then was he able to stabilize himself. His eyes blazed with rage.

“What a contemptible attack… Specially targetting the demon soul, huh?! Hmmph! But it’s still far from enough to defeat me with just this! ‘Star Healing Technique’!”

The old bear let out an angry roar. The starlight in the sky above the star sea immediately flowed into his gigantic body like a tidal wave.

The wounds which were originally on his demon soul was almost fully healed on the spot. Upon seeing that scene, the Kun Wu Elders’ faces changed drastically. Even Zi Chuan’s eyes widened slightly.

“A body tempering technique using starlight? No. It should not be… I wonder what kind of opportunity this old bear obtained that allowed him to borrow a trace of the starlight to heal his wounds. However, this isn’t the true technique. It’s just an imitation… Thinking about it in another perspective, it’s still because the Kun Wu Elders’ Great Profound Soul Seal isn’t at that level yet. Otherwise, this bear demon would definitely not able to recover easily!”

Man Shan was truly furious.

In the past, his ferocity was far beyond one’s imagination. Even when he was dealing with the Four Holy Demons by himself, he could still retreat safely without getting killed! Today, however, he was injured because of the sneak attack from these Kun Wu Elders. It was indeed a big slap to his face.

However, Man Shan could not help but admit that the Kun Wu Elders’ Great Profound Soul Seal were truly profound. Fighting the two of them alone seemed to be a little too taxing for him.

“My wives, take your weapons and help me kill them!”

“Right away!”

The two hideous women were the standard traditional women. In front of outsiders, without their husband’s command, they would certainly not make any decisions themselves. Of course, when they get back home later, the two women would without a doubt become the bosses.

After giving a response, the two women revealed their Peak Divine Transformation Realm aura, transforming themselves into massive bears which were two thousand zhang* tall.

Meanwhile, at the moment they transformed into their true forms, they surrounded one of the two elders.

“Mere Peak Divine Transformation Realm cultivators…”

The Kun Wu Elders’ eyes were filled with contempt. But in the next moment, the contempt in their eyes was replaced with disbelief.

The two ugly women might just be Peak Divine Transformation Ream beings whom the Kun Wu Elders could eliminate without much effort. However, after combining their attacks, the destructive power was definitely not any weaker than that of a Half-Step Void Refinement Realm expert’s!

Having been taken by surprise, one of the gigantic elders’ armors literally ruptured after receiving the palm attack from the two women. Moreover, the massive force of their joint attack sent the elder flying one hundred li* (500m per li) away.

Currently, Man Shan only needed to face one of the elders. He emitted a roar of anger which was mixed with a hint of pride. After all, he had never been afraid of anyone in a one-on-one battle like this!

“You! Let me send you to hell!”


Even if the remaining elder had already put on his guard, he was also directly sent ten thousand zhang* (3.13m per zhang) away by Man Shan’s fist!

The two elders had never thought that these two mere Peak Divine Transformation Realm ugly women would be so tough.

After suffering the losses which was due to their carelessness, the weaknesses of the two elders’ attacks were gradually exposed.

It was just a matter of time before the both of them were defeated by the bear demon and his wives.


Zi Chuan’s eyes turned grim.

These Kun Wu Elders are really incompetent bunglers who are not good enough to accomplish anything, but more than enough to spoil things…

If it was not because he still needed to rely on their power later on, the current him really wished that the two of them could die under the bear demon’s palm.

“Even if the members of my Purple Robe Palace are unworthy, they aren’t someone whom you beasts can bully! Sword Crystals, appear!”

Zi Chuan patted his storage pouch, producing three purple-colored crystals. Without hesitation, he crushed all three of them with his palm.

All of a sudden, three traces of tremendous purple-colored sword qi were unleashed, revolving around Zi Chuan’s body. In the next moment, they transformed into three peerlessly forceful sword light that rushed at Man Shan and his wives at an inconceivable speed!

Within the battlefield, everyone’s eyes were focused on Man Shan and the Kun Wu Elders. There was no one who actually noticed when Zi Chuan had acted.

This person was a Mid Divine Transformation Realm cultivator. His innate potential might be excellent, but his cultivation level was not worth mentioning at all.

But Man Shan and his group had neglected one point: Zi Chuan was a young master of an established and influential family who possessed trump cards that ordinary Divine Transformation Realm cultivators could never have.

Sword crystals! Besides, they were condensed by an Early Void Refinement Realm sword cultivator using his sword intent. Each of the crystals contained that sword cultivator’s all-out strike!

Three pieces of sword crystals meant three traces of Void Refinement Realm sword qi. At the place where the three traces of sword qi were unleashed, a whistling sword gale took form immediately. One split into ten, and those ten split continuously into hundreds. . After splitting into millions upon millions of sword shadows which were partially illusory and partially tangible, they sealed off all the possible escape routes of the three bears!

“Void Refinement Realm sword qi!”

Yue Lingkong and Wu Yan’s faces turned pale.

Sword crystals were condensed from sword intent. Each of them carried the power of a full-powered strike of a sword expert. It could not be any better to give them to a junior as trump cards for self-protection. However, producing the sword crystals consumed lots of mind power. As such, each of the sword crystals which stored Void Refinement Realm sword qi and above were considered priceless.

With just a piece of this sword crystal, it could grant a Vein Opening Realm junior the power to kill a Peak Divine Transformation Realm expert with one strike!

Despite the difficulty of acquiring such items, Zi Chuan actually possessed three of them. It was enough to see how important this man was within his family and his sect!

What was scary about his sneak attack was that Man Shan and his group were completely unprepared to face it. Since they were being pestered by the Kun Wu Elders while being attacked from behind at the same time, they were very likely to die under the sword light.

Yue Lingkong and Wu Yan understood that the reason why Man Shan chose to protect them was because in his eyes, they were both Ning Fan’s women.

They were not willing to admit that identity publicly. However, after going through so much with him, they more or less showed tacit approval to that statement.

If Man Shan dies under the sword light, how is it possible for the rest of us to survive?

If I were to fall into the hands of the perverted scums of the Purple Robe Palace, I will rather… die!

Yue Lingkong helplessly realized that if she were to be humiliated by the group of wicked lechers, she would not be able to act like how she did when she was sullied by Ning Fan by thinking she was being penetrated by a cucumber…

“So what if you have Void Refinement Realm sword light? This old man will go all out against you! Blood Ignition!”

It was not only Ning Fan who would be daring enough to ignite his blood. On the contrary, any demon who had the courage and will would be daring enough to ignite their blood to put up a desperate fight!

In front of him, there was a single palm imprint which was delivered from one of the elders. Despite that, Man Shan did not even cast a glance at it and received the attack head-on. Afterwards, he opened his mouth and swallowed that Void Refinement Realm sword light.

The Great Soul Palm Seal inflicted severe damage on Man Shan’s demon soul. As for the Void Refinement Realm sword light, it caused the defense of his internal organs which he always took pride in crumble. However, using the starlight which surrounded his body after igniting his blood, he forcibly suppressed his injuries. Flinging caution to the wind, he made a large step forward and opened his mouth facing the sword light which filled the whole sky, absorbing all the attacks which were directed at his two ugly wives.

This sword light was too fearsome! If he were to be sneak-attacked by the sword light, the only outcome he would have was to suffer severe injuries. However, if it were his two Peak Divine Transformation Realm wives who received that attack, they would definitely die!

“Throughout my journey in demon cultivation, I haven’t given any benefits to the both of you!”

“But I can’t let the two of you die!”


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