Grasping Evil

Chapter 308.1 - Extinguishing Southern Prison Country!

Chapter 308.1 Extinguishing Southern Prison Country!

The Old Bear was dreadful of Ning Fan’s refined corpse, his ancestor blood as well as the Void Refinement Realm expert backing him.

However, it was still the bear demon’s first time feeling fearful of Ning Fan’s capabilities.

At least, the Old Bear reckoned that it would be a nearly impossible task to kill Zang Long even though he might be able to defeat the latter.

Now, Ning Fan had just done something that he could not do himself.

Apparently, I was still underestimating this man in the past.

The bear demon Man Shan remained silent, as if he was contemplating something. After a while, his face which looked simple and honest revealed a hint of determination and passed a command.

“Pass my orders. The operation of attacking the Four Holy Demons will be abandoned!”

“What?! Abandon the operation?! Kun Mo and his group intended to assault our star island! Why shouldn’t we take the lead in making a counterattack and crush them one by one? Are we just going to wait for the four of them to assemble their forces and besiege our star island?” One Wild General voiced out in confusion.

“They won’t send their troops to surround our star island… You just wait and watch. It won’t take long for them to just beg for their lives. Sending troops to the star island? Even if I lend them my guts, they won’t be daring enough to do it! I just wonder… how many of the Four Holy Demons would be able to survive in the end…”

In Dragon Burial City of the Southern Star Sea.

Three hundred thousand sea beasts, one Mid Divine Transformation Realm cultivator and two Late Divine Transformation experts surrendered while the others were all slaughtered…

All the demon blood and demon pills were congealed into blood crystals by Ning Fan with a flick of his sleeve and he swallowed them down.

When Qing Xuan and the group of surrendered generals from the Dragon City saw the city which had already been turned into a wasteland, all of them sighed in relief. They felt fortunate that they raised the white flag just in time and managed to protect the members of their families from being involved in such a disaster.

Meanwhile, they also clearly understood that after taking a break, the demon troops of the Dragon City would be under Ning Fan’s command and become his force to dominate the Star Sea.

Stone Warrior was busy gathering demon souls. As for Xi Ran, she obediently returned the Inlaid Star Compass to Ning Fan.

All the scenes of killing and slaughtering had made her originally weak and delicate heart to be filled with more strength and perseverance. However, she was still not daring enough to face the bloody sea. Knowing her phobia towards blood still existed, Ning Fan did not force her to do so.

“Is this how Lu Bei tempered himself from each of the bloodsheds and massacres in the past…”

Xi Ran sighed to herself.

Compared to his hardships, all the petty grievances I suffered in the past were nothing at all.

Recalling every time she cried and also the time she was scolded by Ning Fan, she could not help feeling that her previous actions were rather laughable.

I think it’s time for me to grow more mature…

Ning Fan’s demon power had been completely depleted. However, after igniting the ancestor blood, as long as the blood was not completely used up, Ning Fan would then have an inexhaustible supply of demon power.

In fact, under the ignition of the ancestor blood, the level of his demon power had attained the Half-Step Void Refinement Realm!

I have to eradicate all my enemies before the ancestor blood is completely used up!

Almost without making any adjustments on the troops, Ning Fan grabbed Xi Ran flapped his purple wings. He then soared into the sky after seizing all the spiritual herbs and treasures in the Dragon Burial City.

Behind him, three hundred thousand sea beasts which travelled in formations and 19 rays of moving light transformed from the Divine Transformation Realm experts were closely following him.

The ten million li* (500 m per li) sea domain around the Dragon Burial City was already lit up with beacons.

Countless minor forces were rushing to that city to have a look, attempting to find out what had happened to the Dragon Burial City.

However, when they noticed that massive group of demon troops and the frightening battle array of Divine Transformation Realm experts, many of them did not dare to linger around that domain.

Especially Ning Fan who was leading in front of the troops. In his demon avatar which had a pair of purple wings, he looked exceptionally peculiar. Around his body, black flames revolved and burned bizarrely.

The unrelated individuals had no idea that Ning Fan had ignited the ancestor blood. When Ning Fan fluttered his wings once more, he went out of sight, appearing once more one hundred thousand li* (500m per li) away.

The current Ning Fan had the power equivalent to a Half-Step Void Refinement Realm expert and also the speed comparable to a Void Refinement Realm being!

Charging in front of the troops, Ning Fan left the sea domain of the Dragon Burial City, rushing right into the territory of the Southern Prison Country.

His terrifying battle formation was already enough to intimidate everyone in the Dragon Burial sea domain, making no one dare to provoke them. However, as soon as he entered the frontier of the Southern Prison Country, he immediately received assaults from innumerable sea beasts which charged towards him in groups.

Among these sea beasts, some of them came for Ning Fan’s Evil Cold Worm while some were striving to get his ancestor blood!

The two remaining elders who survived and fled to their country instantly requested assistance from countless sea domains and declared that Ning Fan had seized one and a half drop of ancestor blood from Zang Long after destroying the Dragon City.

As for the matter about him igniting the ancestor blood, the two of them would of course keep it a secret. Otherwise, who would be so foolish to lend a hand to the Southern Prison Country for the ancestor blood that no longer existed, let alone fight a madman who had been blessed with an endless supply of demon power after igniting the ancestor blood?

The Evil Cold Worm could help a cultivator improve his spirit sense to the Peak Divine Transformation Realm. If it was just to acquire the Evil Cold Worm, there would at most be Peak Divine Transformation Realm beings hunting Ning Fan down.

However, if it concerned the ancestor blood, even Half-Step Void Refinement Realm experts would also come to join the hunt!

Countless old monsters who had been hiding themselves from the outside world travelled to the Southern Prison Country in groups. Moreover, there were even old monsters from the other Star Seas.

Facing these group of beings, Ning Fan gave no qualms and killed every last one of them!

Urgent reports spread throughout the Star Sea like sleets and snow: Southern Prison Country was already a sea of fresh blood!

Seventeen minor tribes including the Flying Fish Tribe had gathered 31 Divine Transformation Realm experts with Peak Divine Transformation Realm experts being the strongest and nearly one million demon troops. However, all of them were turned to ashes by Ning Fan with nine steps!

The six massive demon countries including the Red Bone Country had assembled 42 Wild Beasts and one and a half million demon troops. Such an enormous amount of troops were wiped out by him with a sword!

The reinforcements sent by the Star Dragon from the east and Kun Mo from the west consisted of 17 Wild Generals and seven hundred thousand demon troops. Facing this group of demons, Ning Fan transformed into his gigantic demon avatar which was nearly five thousand zhang* (3.33m per zhang) tall and brutally devoured every one of the demon beasts alive!

Military Breaking Star Sea…

Seven Kills Star Sea…

Such bloody massacres had been going on for six days. None of those who dared to stand up against Ning Fan was spared!

On his body, the cold qi and the flames of the ancestor blood blended together. Above his head, a column of blood-red clouds emanating immense Baleful Qi accumulated from the blood of more than three hundred Wild Beasts condensed!

Multitudes of sea beasts from the Dragon Burial City behind him were shivering in fear.

Along the way, they did not need to act at all. Afterwards, Ning Fan ignited the ancestor blood even more crazily. At this moment, he was just like a being who had attained the Void Refinement Realm!

“He is Lu Bei! He came from the Luo Yun Tribe. He is a devil lord who washed the entire Star Sea with blood! We must run! We must not go against him!”

“He has eaten nearly one million sea beasts alive! He is a complete madman, a true monster!”

All kinds of rumors spread throughout the Star Sea. Eventually, those forces without a Peak Divine Transformation Realm expert no longer dared to offend Ning Fan at all and retreated from the Southern Prison Country as quickly as possible.

Even if Ning Fan really has ancestor blood with him, no one would be brave enough to seize it… The mountains of innumerable corpses and the sea of blood were obvious proof that this man should not be offended!

“He is a madman! A devil lord who kills people for fun!”

Only Xi Ran who was snuggling up in Ning Fan’s arms understood that he did not have the slightest bit of joy throughout the process.

Killing someone was never an enjoyable matter. However, most of the time, one does not have any other choice. If one becomes softhearted and timid to even wield a sword, he or she would never be able to protect anything. If one backs off for just a single step, the people behind them would then be harmed…

“He is actually… a gentle and tenderhearted man…”

Sniffing the heavy manly smell from Ning Fan, Xi Ran felt safe and at ease.

She just had a feeling that this man would never allow even a single hair of her to come to harm.

In the province of the Southern Prison Country, the current situation was a mess.

In the main hall, the Second and Third Elder were like ants on a hot pan.

They had of course heard about Ning Fan wiping out the troops with the ignited ancestor blood. Each of the forces which were not any weaker than the Southern Prison Country and the Dragon Burial City were easily annihilated by him.

While the man was getting closer and closer to them, the final reinforcement they had requested had yet to arrive…

“Detestable! Why haven’t the Star Lord of the Military Breaking Star Sea and the Seven Kill Star Sea arrived yet? Didn’t they promise to help us eradicate this Lu Bei?!” The Second Elder’s hands were trembling.

Today was the seventh day since the complete annihilation of the Dragon Burial City. Today… Ning Fan was already very close to the province of the Southern Prison City!

“They might be planning to let us perish together with Lu Bei… After all, both of them are the Star Lords of their respective domains. How would such venerable beings be concerned about us demon tribes from a foreign domain… Outwardly, it might sound pleasant that they said to come help us. Inwardly, aren’t they coming just for the ancestor blood…”

When the both of them exchanged glances, they could notice the fear residing in each other’s eyes.

If their plan does not work out, the only option they had was to abandon their solid empire on the Southern Prison Country and go somewhere else.

Since the Star Sea is vast and boundless, no matter how powerful Lu Bei is, how could he find us if we simply hide in a remote corner?

After all, the Southern Prison Country is recently in great chaos. It has caused countless sea beasts to be afraid and escape. Currently, the devilish reputation of Lu Bei has reached to a level where everyone would panic just by hearing his name in this Star Sea.

Devil Lord. These two words comprise the new title crowned upon Lu Bei by them!

“Reporting to Country Lord! Even the four hundred thousand demon troops from the Purple Cane Country were eliminated… According to rumors, the king of the Purple Cane Country, a Half-Step Void Refinement Realm expert… was eaten alive by that Lu Bei! Country Lord, please give us orders on how to resist the ‘Devil Lord’, Lu Bei!” One Wild General ran into the main hall fearfully to report.

That information made the two elderly men to feel even more terrified.

“What?! The king of the Purple Cane Country is dead?! Doesn’t that mean Lu Bei has already breached into the vicinity of one hundred thousand li* (500m per li) within the province?! It’s bad. We have to flee now!”

The two of them did not even have the intention to pack their belongings and bring their family members with them. Immediately, they rushed out from the palace and were about to vanish into rays of light. Both of them intended to flee to the west.

However, just as they came out of the palace, a purple-colored demon shadow carrying a young girl emerged above the sky.

A single teleportation was all it took for the current him to traverse one hundred thousand li*. (500m per li)

“Lu Bei?! H-How did you arrive here so fast?!”

“It’s bad! Hurry up and activate the defensive formation of the province!”

It was already too late for them to flee!

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